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Instrumental music at 2245z. SINPO 43343. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. Strong static crashing at the moment.
2258z - QSL info. Station ID. Relayed by Cloudsplitter Radio.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Anyone else have the bass underneath it?

Carrier and occasional faint modulation at 2200z. SIO 322 trending 321. Airspy HF+D and 148' loop-on-ground.

Strong static crashing, but otherwise about "par for the course" for Indy Radio at my QTH in the late afternoon to early evening hours.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

2115z - Music. SINPO 55233. Peaking S9+ via Airspy HD+D and 31' vertical. DSB sync tuning. Some fading at times. Frequent intense strong static crashing from storms in the Southeast US.
2121z - Station ID
2128z - SINPO 54233. Peskies noted on 6950u. Switched to LSB ECSS.
2142z - Peskies noted on the LSB side, plus some whistling from them a few minutes ago. Switched to USB ECSS.
2148z - Peskies now back on the USB side. Anyway. Clicked the LSB button.
2151z - "This now concludes Stern Radio...." and QSL info.
2154z - Peaking over S9+10 on the outro anthem. Strong modulation.
2156z - Off air

Static crashing from storms aside, I can report wide audio with good modulation.

2206z - Back on air. "Transmitter is smoking...." 6949.4 AM. Airspy HF+D and 148' loop-on-ground. LSB ECSS tuning.
2211z - Peskies seem to be gone. Back to DSB sync tuning.
2211z - Station ID
2255z - Off air?
2257z - Back on air. Music.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

ID at 2100z into music. SIO 444 trending 433 via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. Some static crashing and fading, but generally a decent to good copy.

WRMI being in South Florida is close enough that is not always a great copy at my QTH, especially if a band goes long.

Shortwave Broadcast / CRFX Toronto 6070 AM 2037 UTC 11 FEB 2024
« on: February 11, 2024, 2041 UTC »
Talk format at 2037z. SIO 222 trending 221. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. DSB sync tuning. Very rough copy, but it is there. Verified against online stream.

CRFX  is a CFRB 1010 AM relay. Reportedly 1KW.

Carrier and light musical modulation at 2230z. SIO 222 trending 221. Airspy HF+D and 148; loop-on-ground. Rough copy at the moment, but it is there.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

1939z - Music. SIO 333 trending 322 at times via NA5B WebSDR in Washington, DC. Some band noise and moderate fading. Not an easy listen at times, but generally copyable for the most part.
1947z - Station ID
2001z - Off air

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Nothing locally here. Not too surprising considering the current solar weather conditions.

(click to enlarge)

10/11 meters / 11m Band Activity 10 FEB 2024
« on: February 10, 2024, 1215 UTC »
Traces of 11m DX from Europe well before 1200z on 27540u, 27555u, etc. England, France, etc. popped above the noise floor after 1200z, plus DX activity starting on the usual 11m CB frequencies.

1230z - 27000u - Ongoing SSTV traffic from Europe and Mexico
1233z - 27700u - Venezuela op calling CQ
1925z - 27385l - Hawaii op working DX

MSI SDR and 18' end-fed vertical.

(click to enlarge)

ID at ~2322z into music. SIO 433 via MSI SDR and active miniwhip.

Thanks for the broadcast and shout-out! :)

Equipment / Re: Cre 8900 10 Meter radio
« on: February 06, 2024, 0200 UTC »
Probably around 2-3 watts to limit splatter from clipping, though AFAIK and like many other smaller "10m" amps, most of those RMI amps are spec'd at ~5w max.

This radio is not a big AM swinging radio.  If you lower the deadkey down to 1 watt the radio will only swing to around 5 watts.

Source: https://cbradiomagazine.com/cre-8900-10-meter-ssb-export-radio/

Appears more than sufficient on AM. You *might* get away with an extra watt or few on SSB, but seriously take care. Do not opt for overdriving the amp even if the output falls somewhat short of 100w. More than a few watts into most of these smaller amps and your signal will likely clip into splattering; that is assuming overdriving the MOSFETs or whatever transistors in the amp's output stage do not fail first.

If you do not have a watt meter to measure the radio output, find one, even if it is a loaner from another area operator.

BTW, I assume you are referencing one of the regular RMI models and not the rather expensive MLA100 with selectable filters. If so please put a 30MHz lowpass filter after the amp to limit harmonics. You can often source older Drake, Johnson, or similar 100w (or higher power) 30MHz lowpass (TVI) filters for like $15 to $30 at eBay. Probably even cheaper at a local hamfest.

Intermittent waterfall carrier and occasional faint traces of modulation mostly in the noise floor at 2026z. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical.

Music at 2208z. Off air at 2210z? SIO 332 with fading. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

I caught the last few seconds of an anthem and then off air. Apologies for no stats, but it was nonetheless copyable. Airspy HF and 148' loop-on-ground.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Equipment / Re: Best MWDX antenna?
« on: February 02, 2024, 2004 UTC »
Some longwave NDB loggings as well:


An outdoor remote-tuned ferrite loopstick probably would fare even better at longwave and below, but a simple vertical with even limited RF grounding tends to suffice at low frequencies assuming it is not completely swamped with local RFI/EMI.

I remember my 31' having quite impressive (to me anyway) low-frequency performance with a YCCC preamp. Instead of outright gain, the YCCC feedpoint preamp is designed to improve matching an electrically short antenna to a low-impedance coaxial feedline. Worked nicely for that, but it overloaded on some HF bands. It was not intended for a 31' vertical with a radial field back when I have that antenna ground mounted.

Occasionally I think about redeploying the YCCC preamp, but with a 9' or an 18' vertical element over a single ground rod as intended by the designer.

Equipment / Re: Best MWDX antenna?
« on: February 01, 2024, 0639 UTC »
Audiophile and SBC enthusiasts have driven up demand for 5v linear power supplies. There are lots of new models from China flooding into the market in recent years. My concern is the specs, or more often like the lack thereof. "Low noise" does not mean much IMO, and reviews can be all over the place as well since parts can change from production run to run.

Anyway, yeah, I am with ya'. At least the older supplies for lab, plc, and other precision uses are typically "known quantities" with often many years of stabilized designs.

The Lambda LCS-CC-5-O I ended up ordering is older and used, but I suppose if it does eventually need work like new caps at least most of the parts are probably through-hole. SMD parts and my hands really do not go well together anymore.

Speaking of linear power supplies, I recently moved my cable modem and network router to one. Probably no real difference, but it eliminated two more switchers.

Seeing as my 31' vertical seems to be doing decent at lower frequencies, I took a skim of VLF frequencies after midnight EDT.

18.3 HWU Le Blanc, France
21.4 NPM Lualualei, Hawaii
23.4 DHO38 Rhauderfehn, Germany
24.8 NLK Seattle, Washington
25.2 NML LaMoure, North Dakota
40.0 UNID (seriously doubt JJY Tamura, Japan ;p )
40.7 NAU Aguada, Puerto Rico
45.9 NSY Niscemi, Italy
52.0 UK Navy?
60.0 WWVB Fort Collins, CO
62.6 FUG La Regine, France
65.8 FUE Kerlouan, France
77.5 DCF77 Mainhausen, Germany
162.0 TDF / ALS162 Allouis, France
198.0 BBC4 carrier / UK-AMDS

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