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2348z - AC/DC. SIO 333 via Tecsun PL-330 and ~15' loop in a window. Some band noise, but a decent copy for a portable and indoor antenna here.

0005z - SIO 444. Generally good copy. Remoted to my Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical across the house for better listening.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Music at 2339z. SIO 333 via Tecsun PL-330 and ~15' loop in a window. Decent copy for a portable and indoor antenna here.

Thanks for the broadcast and shout-out! :)

MW Loggings / ZNS-3 Bahamas 810 AM 0318 UTC 2 APR 2024
« on: April 02, 2024, 0322 UTC »
Music at 0318z. SIO 544. S9+ via Airspy HF+D and 148' loop-on-ground. Typical multiple stations for an omnidirectional antenna on MW at night, but generally a decent to good copy.

Broadcasts from Freeport, Bahamas.

Religious format at 0242z. SIO 444. ~S8 via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. DSB sync tuning. A little fading but a decent to good copy.

Reportedly 100KW from Tajikistan.

Music into talk format at ~0230z. SIO 333 trending 334. Occasional S6+ peaks via Airspy HF+D and 148' loop-on-ground. Reported area MUF is 23MHz. Some fades, but a ,generally decent to good copy.

0152z - Music on ~6934.97KHz. SIO 322. Occasional S7+ carrier peaks via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. DSB sync tuning. Intense static crashing is making for a very difficult copy, but it is there.

0200z - Xerox ID. Switched to the 148' loop-on-ground. Slightly better copy, though still plenty of intense static crashing.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Equipment / Re: Best MWDX antenna?
« on: April 02, 2024, 0126 UTC »
My luck it could be a DIY install as there are are not many panels involved. I still need to check it further with a SA or at least a portable receiver, as admittedly, it might not be related given the number of new houses popping up in my neighborhood.

Perhaps 40 acres in a remote Wyoming location would be the better radio listening solution for me. o.0

Dropped my 31' vertical back down to the previous ground mount location. Same ~2.5:1 hybrid dual-core unun at the feedpoint. Just a ground rod without radials for now as it got dark outside. RG-11 back to the house.

The hybrid unun as designed was intended for a wideband end-fed vertical antenna with minimal RF grounding anyway. It seems to be doing okay so I might forget the radial field for awhile.

The noise profile already looks better IMO, though it is nighttime so I suppose the real check will be tomorrow during the day.

Skimmed multiple bands. I have WWV(B) time signals on 60, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000, and 25000 at ~1:30z using the 31' vertical. :)

KiwiSDR 2 at default dB calibrations. 31' vertical fed with a dual-core hybrid unun against a ground rod. -10dB shelf filter under 10MHz.

Acopian VA5H3200 5vDC 32A regulated linear power supply. Straight to the plug on each side. No extra mains filtering, ferrites, etc.

Only 15dB SNR during mid-day as I post this message, versus my Kiwi often reporting in the mid-30s at night even on its previous switching power supply. A loop with the HFDY LZ1AQ-based preamp I have on order might improve the daytime number.

I am using an old router running as a station bridge for testing the 5v PSU. It is on a 12v linear regulated power supply, but the router itself could be contributing to a little longwave noise. I did not bother with ferrites on the LAN cable, either.


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

269KHz is GN in Gainesville, Florida.

(click to enlarge)

40.75KHz is Navy NAU in Puerto Rico.

(click to enlarge)

Here is that "wonderful" 15dB SNR during the day. This is with noise blanking and tweaking the waterfall to better hide some of the noise. I have seen much worse, but yeah, it is not great IMHO.

(click to enlarge)

Again I am hoping the situation improves with a loop actually having moderate decent nulls. Also I still need to check RFI near that house with the solar install.

BTW, noise blanking is one area where I find SDRSharp excels with the Airspy HF+D. Really can comes in handy when needed.

Need to find one of my radial plates, but anyway, there are four ~31' ground radials now under the 31' vertical. It is start.

Tossed this small recharable hi-z preamp on the 15' loop in a window currently feeding my Tecsun PL-330.


Bought mine on AliExpress for ~$16. eBay was just easier to search on my tablet.

It is designed for impedance matching instead of any appreciable gain. Not sure it helps much on MW in a very quick skim of the band, but seems to be doing decent on HF in my limited testing.

An ETM scan of HF BCB bands returned 93 possible stations at 0139z. Noted an image at 2360, but that could just as well be the portable radio. Otherwise I have been listening to MRI, Wolverine Radio, and even some 75m amateur radio as I type this post. Not bad for a portable and indoor antenna IMHO.

Probably would be a decent addition to a small loop or wire antenna for portable HF listening at the beach, park, etc.

Received the LZ1AQ-based HFDY loop kit as well. Wanted to make sure the preamp board works. Deployed the kit in a window, set it to be a shielded loop, and powered it via a 9v battery. Hooked up to my Tecsun PL-330.

A skim of MW is pointing towards decent potential.

I will need to hookup a SDR to check LW.

At ~0500z....

Various European ops working 40m DX and whatever contest.

An op in the Canary Islands working 80m.

On a lark since the HFDY does not have a lowpass filter, an ETM scan of FM BCB band returned 82 possible stations compared to 67 on the radio's own whip.

Experimenting with a couple of TDK ferrite mixes. Trying a N30 toroid and a T65 toroid in series with 10 turns of RG-174 on each.


I should test the setup with my NanoVNA, but anyway, a quick waterfall skim of 0-30MHz looks decent for a common-mode choke without galvanic isolation.

Exmaple of lower LF with WWVB. Notebook on battery. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical.

(click to enlarge)

I figure this choke will end up near the feedpoint of my HFDY loop if/when I get around to deploying it.

I obtained TDK N30 binoc ferrites as well. I suspect they likely will compare well with my usual mix 73 binocs for 0-30MHz galvanic isolation chokes.

^Mutiple posts merged.

Talk at 1211z. SIO 232 trending 231 via Airspy HF+D and 148' loop-on-ground. Very tough copy.

What is vaguely copyable sounds like a typical AM radio or podcast political rant fest.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Logos 4810 AM 1048 UTC 31 MAR 2024
« on: March 31, 2024, 1051 UTC »
Music at 1048z. SIO 534. ~S9+10 peaks via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. LSB ECSS tuning, as there is a digital UTE on the USB side. Static crashing, but a decent to good copy.

Transmitter is listed as located in Chazuta, Peru. Reportedly 1KW.

Talk format at 1038z. SIO 322 trending 321. ~S6 peaks via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. DSB sync tuning. Moderate to considerable static crashing. It is a rough copy, but it is there.

Transmitter is listed as located in Fuzhou, China. Reportedly 50KW beaming at Taiwan.

Music at 1030z. SIO 32. ~S6 peaks via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. Not a great copy due to band noise and moderate static crashing, but it is there.

Verified against online stream.


The Transmitter is based in Huanta, Peru. Reportedly 5KW.

Talk format at 1015z, currently on top the usual NK jamming. SIO 433. ~S8 via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. Moderate static crashing but copyable.

Opposite situation on 6660 AM with mostly NK jamming and seemingly intermittent blips of VOTP.

Utility / XSL 6418 AM 1008 UTC 31 MAR 2024
« on: March 31, 2024, 1012 UTC »
The usual "Japanese Slot Machine" digital transmissions at 1008z. SIO 333. ~S6 via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical.


0954z - Music. SIO 322. Peaking ~S7 via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. DSB sync tuning. Not a great copy due to considerable static crashing, but it is there.

1000z - Probably not Radio Delta atr my QTH. It sounds more like CNR now. Oh well.

Sure enough, 9530 AM appears to be CNR for me:


Faint carrier in the waterfall at 0930z on ~6275.065 AM, though no discernible modulation recovery. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical.

Nonetheless, thanks for the broadcast! :)

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