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Just about even with my S7 noise floor here.  Hard to copy but occasionally rising to readable levels.  However, I enjoyed the live stream at ballsmacker.net and got this SSTV image.

Nothing at all here.  No hint of a carrier on the waterfall.

Strong S9 signal here playing music.

2033 Something about the refrigerator outside

Not a Grateful Dead fan so had to rely on Shazam.
Album is live from Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO 7/8/78
2107 ID and SSTV

2115 Signal is up to S9 +10 with clear audio
2133 SSTV Signal still S9 +10

2150 Clarification on the turkey image and thunder chicken
2158  sign off and SSTV

Back on the air in 10 minute intervals this morning with the same JFK format.  I did a search on the forum for 9025 and found this goes back to at least 2018.  Back then this station (if its the same one) was playing Calvin Coolidge clips.  Very strange things are amiss here!

S7 here.  Could this still be WJAN?
0208 Midnight in the oasis
0212 Unknown
0215 Georgia grind
0220 Unknown
0222 "Get that ticker takin care of" 

0157 Talk about fixing the turntable.  Judy in disguise
Signal plot shows average S7 signal.
0201 talk about the turntable again
0204 thanking everyone for the signal reports and sign off


quote added by Ray :
1523 Kennedy Speech
1527 off
1533 back again Kennedy Speech
1537 off
1543 back on Kennedy speech
1547 off
1552 back again Kennedy speech
1557 off
1602 back again Kennedy speech
1607 off
1613 back again Kennedy speech
1618 off
1623 back again Kennedy speech
1628 off

Signal weak but readable. S7 to S9 (S7 noise floor) on inverted L.
keeps repeating same J F Kennedy speech
9025 is the ALE frequency for the High Frequency Global Communications System.

This exact thing is happening again today.  On and off again just like before.  JFK inauguration speech.  Logged here from 17:20 to 18:42 3/29/23 until I got tired of it all.  Average signal of -89dBm.

id at 0026
Conditions not good here tonight with lots of static

S9 here  in Louisiana with great audio as usual.

Been a while since I checked in here.  Wolverine Radio just about even with my S9 noise floor here tonight.  

Been checking on this all evening and only getting small samples of audio as the signal fades up.
At 02:08 I can hear a Camel cigarette commercial.

Wolverine Radio id at 00:21.
S8 here with somewhat poor band conditions.  Lots of static tonight here.
Signal picked up to the usual S9 to +10 with "The Devil's Train".
Some deep fades but back to S9 +10 with "Love Train" at 00:59.
Signal still holding strong S9 at 01:32 with "Woman on a Train".

Thanks for the show.

01:05 GFR The Loco-Motion

S7 here with good audio

Pretty sure I heard Captain Morgan id.  And the off frequency would be right.

id at 03:46 Captain Morgan shortwave

Good audio on an S8 signal here.  
00:16 id into M83 Midnight City so says Shazam

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