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a little weaker than normal. Audio is still very good. S7-9 tonight.
Young Blood - The Coasters

Thanks for the show

S9+ with very nice audio.

Playing Craker - Be my Lover

Thanks for the show

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 0310 7/4/15
« on: July 04, 2015, 0312 UTC »
S9-S9+ With good audio

Somethin Stupid - Frank Sinatra
Wave - Frank Sinatra

Thanks for the show

S9+ with very good sounding audio
0203 - Got a Date With an Angel

Thanks for the show

Heard weather. Winds south South east 10-15 knots. Scattered cumulus.
Now CW. Poor decode on CW here.

S7 with some fading. Good audio

Power of Love

Thanks for the show

0140 caught partial of SSTV with a picture and words Leonard Peltier. Partial capture because I did not have the SSTV program up and running.

Since then S7 with the noise level I have been hearing some music. Unable to make out the songs. Only to tell there is something there every now and then.

The SSTV signal was just a little stronger.

Tough copy S7 with the static and noise crashes
Music OM This concludes our radio transmission.
Unable to ID.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Santa Cruz 6134.8 AM at 0120 utc
« on: June 23, 2015, 0141 UTC »
Tough copy. S5 with the noise level, and static crashes.
Spanish?? sounds like commercials.
Back to music now.

Thanks for the show

S7 with my noise level. Hearing music, but unable to make it out. Very tough copy.

North American Shortwave Pirate / WREC 6950 USB 0400 6/20/15
« on: June 20, 2015, 0435 UTC »
Hearing some skits. Sounds like Dr. Demento stuff. S7 with the noise level

YL giving address to PO Box
Playing Happy Trails to You
0438 off the air.

YL gave email address to send reception reports. Too fast, and too much static for me to make out.

Thanks for the show

S7 with the noise level Audio is a little off. Tough copy
Weather forecast
Singing ID PIG

Thanks for the show.

S9 signal with very good sounding audio.
Playing Ryan Gestwicki - A New Beginning??
0112 SSTV with RGI in the corner. Then PSK transmission. I totally messed up on trying to decode the PSK, and missed it all.
Off the air

Thanks for the show

S6 with the noise. Lots of static crashes due to approaching storms as well. Rough copy.
Sounds like some ad parody

Thanks for the show

S8 here with the noise level. Tough copy. Heard a song, and I think the signal just dropped bellow the noise level, Very faintly hearing music now I think.

a series of Black Coffee tune clips??
Now Helloween tunes?
Led Zepplin - Moby Dick
Led Zeplin - Night Flight - Peaking S9-S9+
Led Zepplin - The Rain Song
Led Zepplin Sick Again
Led Zepplin - Over The Hills and Far Away
Led Zepplin - You Shook Me
Metallica - Hit the Lights
Metallica -Whiplash
Metallica - Phantom Lord
Metallica - Blitzkrieg
Metallica - Pulling Teeth
Neurotic Outsiders - Feelings are Good
Neurotic Outsiders- Union
No Doubt - Detective

It sounds like they play a part of song, go off and then come back on. At times reaching S9 with good audio, and then abruptly off. Could be really bad fading. The songs seem to change each time though.

No doubt they are playing short clips of songs going off, and coming back on with a new song.

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