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On at 0000z with Foreigner "Hot Blooded."  ID at 0005.

"Bend Me, Shape Me" by The American Breed  at 0015.

About S9 here through static from local thunderstorms.

Thanks LLR!

Got them here as well with a huge signal.  Voice announcements are fairly clean but all of the music is extremely overdriven and distorted.

Signed off at 0225z.

S9 through much static here.

Peter Gabriel "Big Time" at 0112z.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Dayton Hamvention 2013
« on: May 16, 2013, 0049 UTC »
A ham with a parrot on his shoulder walk into a bar.

Barkeeper asks “where did you get that?”

“Dayton” says the parrot.

Very strong signal here, S9+20.

"Kick Out the Jams" at 0009z.

Thanks for the show!

Wolverine peaking at S9+20 with some great blues.

Thanks Wolverine!

On with interval signal.  Into Ten Years After "I Woke Up This Morning" at 0015z.  ID at 0020, announcing an Alvin Lee tribute.

S9+ signal.

Thanks RRS!

"And if I don't get to heaven
And I go down there below
Better be a guitar when I get there
Or, I will refuse to go"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6925 USB 2347z 3.10.13
« on: March 10, 2013, 2356 UTC »
"Rhiannon" at 2355z.  Signal S6 - S7.
Whispered ID at 2358 then off.

Very nice audio!

S8 on peaks, S4 on fades,

ID at 1141z.

Thanks Boombox!

On at 0037z with ID, into a vocal version of "In the Mood"

S9+10, thanks AATWR!

"All the Small Things" by Blink 182 at 0016z, ID as Voice of Alex, relayed by SDF1 radio at 0018.

S9+ signal.

Tuned in at 0641z per tip from #pirateradio.  Hearing bluegrass music with a banjo and fiddle.
BOR ID 0648, "Also Sprach Zarathustra" at 0652.  Either off or lost in the noise after that.

Signal about S3 - S4.

Thanks BOR!

Big S9+20 here tonight.

"Stars Fell on Alabama" at 0205z.

Wish I could stay for the show, but time to go to work.  :(

Thanks Wolverine!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6925u 2354z 02/11/13
« on: February 12, 2013, 0013 UTC »
Excellent audio, especially for USB.

S9+20 on peaks.

Thanks XLR8!

About S8 - S9 through the entire show. 

Thanks Wolverine!

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