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ok it was relayed via us (FM 93,5) Now own px on usb- mode.... Hoping someone can receive it???

European Pirates and Private Stations / Super Boers now on
« on: March 29, 2013, 1217 UTC »
Hello I can hear them on 6250 kHz and also on 15845 USB at moment. Also said to be on 99.5 MHz

Very nice that some new heard us! Please drop few lines to our e-mail for QSL?  Audiofiles and/or Youtube videos are great!

 8) Dick

ok, you got us, Steve :D

right george- i think we are easily separate from bc station, because dance-mx we play now...

we have a little carrier with- but usb

Many thanks for quite many logs.... Wishing really to be stronger in States, but had to accept situation- we are weak little station...

Anyway, please all put reports to us. And specially glad I am from posted reports to:
Radioo Spaceshuttle Int.
P.O.Box 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

address in Holland, station in Finland

ok- nice to see even few posts concerning our transmission on 15880 usb.... I have received 3 reports from USA of this transmission- all correct.

I would like to encourage everyone to make recordings and send them to our e-mail/ or link to audio. So we could listen them here- I am pretty sure I can hear even from poor reception is it us or not.

That's all

Lets rock!

Dick of Space

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