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Hi Ray, many thanks of your report. Was nice to see you heard us again :)

Many thanks to all of you who succeeded to hear our last transmission here on 13600 kHz today 20th Sept. 2015.

Please send your reports to our Herten Box for printed QSL (3 us$ with)

Radio Spaceshuttle International
P.O,Box 2702
NL-6049ZG Herten
The Netherlands

Dick  spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com

 :) Many thanks for reports all- very nice that even few ghad our signal there in US.

Hopefully better conditions next time?


Many thanks for try- seems that at least you have received us there in States- hopefully many others as well.

Truth is that this was (most propably) our last transmission on this frequency. We might have a new one in use already next sunday and perhaps again a bit earlier tx-time... But lets see and wish that it's possible to pick us up also then.

Nice Sunday evening,


More music less talk is message for today ;D:
"Joskus ehkä sinustakin tuntuu, että lähes kaikki on nykyään viturallaan. Silti ei kannata vaipua epätoivoon. Sillä aina silloin tällöin ilonasi äänessä radioaalloilla on Radio Spaceshuttle International. Ja heti alkaa tuntua, että ainakin työvoima on valtiovallan erityisessä suojeluksessa."
Stay tuned and keep on listening....

 Sunday 24th of May 2015 on 13800 kHz 20:00-21:00 UTC
Radio Spaceshuttle

Radio Spaceshuttle International
P.O.Box 2702
NL: 6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands
A little fee (2 euros) for return postage (for full info printed QSLs) is needed! Quick responce and communication is possible by e-mail: spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com Best Regards!,
Dick of Radio Spaceshuttle

Please note, that we have gathered all reports in here for "One-time" posting after this transmission Season January to end of June.  So printed QSLs will be send after that (and e-mailQSLs as well)
Prizes for winners will be posted same time- For 3 most reports sent persons and to 3 winners picked By Madame Fortune. With prizes there are for example Radio Spaceshuttle T-Sirts, Caps, pens, stickers, magnetics,  strange music-cds  etc....

Hi, nice to see at least something is been able to reach :)  I am very pleased to read Chris detailed report of songs- amazing how they (names) nowadays can be found--- great

Hello boys ;D  Seems that everyone of you have heard something of our transmission. Of cource it is not much if heard carrier and noted that man was spoken at 21 UTC- and after that signal off- But that was what happened. Wish you have sent your reports to Herten?



European Pirates and Private Stations / Radio Spaceshuttle now
« on: August 04, 2013, 1225 UTC »
Hello, I wish this is ok- I put our stream link to here- so available SINPO55555 service now.
Radio Spaceshuttle- worldwide stream on now- varios not so much played music for u!

We have antennas down at moment but we shall return during few weeks from now to both 48 and 19 mb.

Best greetings,


Ok- yes that was Combination program of CoolAM- R Spaceshuttle.

By the way we have just now test tranmission going on- best Rock'n'roll on our Stream radio http://myradiostream.com/radiospaceshuttle
That's only info for check spaceshuttle quality.



Ok, I think only chances in NA woll be on 15880 kHz, because we shall have so low power on 48mb.

Teal fine work by you, gentlemen! :)

Hello ;D- last transmission of June 2013 of Radio Spaceshuttle.


We  might be on air as follows [depending how much responce we got- we do not transmit without listeners ! ]


from 20:30 UTC time on 15880 kHz (USB)

from 22:00 UTC on 48mb (hoping to have 6305 kHz if free- if not some other frequency ....)


Plese put some remarks of audibility to our e-mail spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com , please!


Reports welcome to


Radio Spaceshuttle International

P.O.Box 2702

6049 ZG


The Netherlands

Hello, we had to cut our transmission yesterday a bit too early because station was just rised up in Westen USA- California (got 1 message from there and was listened by "web-rx" from Europe as well.

So plan for today is to be on air from 14:00 to 15:30 UTC on 15880 kHz USB-mode.

First half an hour "Scandinavian Music Special" for Scandinavian listerners in area. After that normal "Breakfast Show"

Hope we can do it today. All messages to our e-mail spacershuttleradio@yahoo.com are very wanted right during transmission as well!

Happy Sunday day!

Radio Spaceshuttle

Right Chris L. :D

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