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Tuned in momentarily at 0038utc, weak signal, R8 and CB antenna which works surprisingly good on 7mhz, tuned back to Wolverine on 6940.
Edit: At 0110utc fair/weak sig, R-2000 and dipole. (The R8 and CB antenna in use for Wolverine)

Tuned in at 0033utc, good sig and audio, heard Wolverine radio ID, song "let the good time roll," R8 and CB antenna, now James Brown with "I feel good."
(edit) SSTV/FAX at 0141, off at 0143. Excellent program, thanks.

Barely hear carrier in ssb mode, RF-4900.

Tuned in at 0125utc, weak but clear, increasing to fair, punk rock or heavy metal tune, RF-4900.  

At 2352utc just barely heard a carrier when bfo turned on. Panasonic RF-4900.

I just tuned in to it at 0251utc, poor sig but I hear some audio, a male singing. R-2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0100utc, fair sig with some rain static, DJ=Dick Weed, various pop/rock tunes, R-2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0048 utc, oh great, as if there aren't enough religion/superstition radio and TV outlets in the USA already, I hear organ music, R-2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0001utc, fair/poor sig with some rain static, some selective fading, rock music, R-2000 & dipole. (edit) song "reelin' and rockin' " by Chuck Berry. 

Tuned in at 2352utc, fair sig with some rain static, heard end of tune, DJ = Dick Weed talking about bad memory, ID, new age pop tune, R-2000 & dipole.  

Tuned in at 0110utc, fair sig, heard blues (?) music, now SSTV/FAX, now more blues, R-2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0010utc, weak sig, moderate noise, hear music, R-2000 & dipole. I came back at 0145, hear Punk rock music.

Much static and I barely detect carrier in ssb mode. R-2000 and dipole.

Tuned in at 0215utc, hear nothing but low background noise, I hear the latin american stn on 4055am so I know the R8 and dipole are working.

Tuned in at 2345utc, fair sig with slight QRM de neighborhood digital crap, Wolverine ID, blues/jazz tune "shake baby shake," R8 & dipole.

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