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Hearing a U2 song at 2205 UTC tune in. Strong signal and audio in SW FL.  ID at 2207 UTC as "Insurrection Radio", followed by discussion about today's political events. 

Indian song with female vocals at 2340 UTC tune-in.  Fair/good signal in SW FL on my Airspy HF+ Discovery and 50 foot random wire.

Blondie "Heart of Glass" at 2202 UTC.  Weak signal at the moment in SW FL, but the strong bass makes it easy to recognize this song.  I heard something here around this time yesterday, the signal is much better today.
2206 Ballad with male vocals
2210 Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me"

Hearing a blues tune at 0004 UTC tune in.  Decent signal in SW FL.

Tuned in at the end of the Sara McLachlan song, then shoutouts by the DJ at 0134 UTC.  Clear weak signal in SW FL at first, but signal has improved during the Procol Harum song ("Shine on Brightly") that followed.

A version of "Hey Joe" at 0032 UTC.  Good signal and audio in SW FL on my HF Discovery+ and LOG antenna.   Followed by SSTV.

Briefly hearing some thumping music fade up from the noise at 2308 UTC in SW FL. "Zombie" at 2343 UTC.  Presumed ID at 2344 by a female (possibly computer generated) voice.  Copied "Pandemic Radio transmitter number 2", then into "Sound of Silence".  2348 "Those Were The Days My Friends".  Carrier frequency is 6924.92 kHz. 2353 "The End of the World".  Off at 2356 UTC?

Here's the opportunity of a lifetime.  The "House of Horrors" on Manchester Drive can now be yours!


Great signal and audio in NY; sounds better than an international broadcaster.  1930 UTC "Scar" - Cloud Control.

Good signal and audio in NY.  I believe this is the first time I've heard Yeah Man; thanks for the early broadcast.  Usually this skips over me since the band goes long so early.  Playing some nice jazz at 1640 UTC, right after some shoutouts, and talking about getting stepped on the previous night. 

Thanks for the shoutout at 1653.

Playing some blues, good audio.  High local noise levels at the moment in NY.  ID at 1920 UTC.
1945 "Sweet Jane" - Lou Reed
2010 Wind effects, ID, then off the air.

Thank you Ray for the correction! 

Presume this to be Radio Harmony.  Rock music with occasional brief announcements.  Hearing them direct in New York using an Airspy HF+ Discovery and 78' loop on ground antenna.  Clear enough signal for me to copy the songs by ear.

0243 "From The Beginnning" - ELP
0247 "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" - Melanie
0255 Possible ID, sounded computer generated.  Then, "Life Is A Minestrone" - 10cc
0259 "Money" - Pink Floyd
0303 "Carpet of the Sun" - Renaissance (amazing to hear this, the last time I heard this on the radio was over 40 years ago!)
0307 "Shuffle It All" - Izzy Stradin and the Ju Ju Hounds (according to Shazam)

(edit by moderator Ray: ID from Radio Harmony to Zenith Classic Rock)

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