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Solid S7-S8 signal in NY at 2338 UTC with "Let's Go Round Again" by AWB.  48 meters is definitely open now.

2315 tune in during "The Bottle Let me Down", S6-S7 in NY.
2323 UTC "I Need You" The Webb Sisters (nice song).
Good audio on the Johnny Cash tunes.

Hearing the Hawaiian music at 2230 UTC tune-in.  S7-S8 in NY.  Announcement at 2232 that I couldn't copy.  2232 Hawaiian music with vocals.  2235 Quick announcement, then Hank Williams "There's a Tear in my Beer".
OK, ID at 2236, it' Radio Abu Dhabi.

Funny, to hear classic country and western music, we have to tune to Dutch pirates!  I'm enjoying the music, Johnny Tobacco.

Thanks for the greetings at 2246 UTC.  We have very bad storms and static crashes here, so it is making reception difficult.

I also thank you Daniel; you are our number one source of information for Brazilian pirates.  It's interesting that so many of these stations use WhatsApp as a way of contacting them.

Thanks to your excellent list, I will keep trying to hear these stations.

Thanks Daniel for keeping us all updated on the latest news from Brazil.  It seems free radio is alive in well in Brazil!

Can you please provide a complete list of all the free radio stations currently on the air in Brazil (and their contact information if you have it)?  (Thus far I've only heard Radio Casa on 8000 kHz via a webSDR).


QSLs Received / Re: Quadzilla Radio eQSL
« on: April 12, 2018, 0004 UTC »
Same e-QSL received here.  Thank you Johnny.

2051 UTC "So Long" Fischer-Z.  2052 UTC "Rock Me Baby" Johnny Nash.  S4 in NY with fading and atmospheric noise.  2057 "Sylvia's Mother" - Dr. Hook. 2105 "Big Bamboo" - The Merrymen.

S5 in NY, with some atmospheric noise.  2045 UTC "Mad About the Boy" Dinah Washington.

2041 UTC tune-in, "If You're Not the One" by Daniel Bedingfield in progress.  "Coast FM" ID when song ended.  S5-S6 in NY with some fading.

Tuned in at 2339 UTC, strong S9/+10dB signal in NY.  Quick voice-over ID.

Tuned in at 0002 UTC, while "It's My Life" by Talk Talk was playing.  Surprised the band hasn't closed yet.  S5 in NY.

QSLs Received / Re: Beautiful Music Harmony Radio eQSL
« on: April 04, 2018, 0053 UTC »
I received mine today for my report from March 30 on 6375 kHz.  Thank you Harmony.

"Take My Breath Away" at 2235 UTC tune in.  S7-S8 in NY.

Was tuning around to try to hear RFW on 6950, which was inaudible for me.  But 6930 is coming in well for me in NY.  Barry White "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" when I tuned in at 2104 UTC.  Believe is was DJ Koot with talk after, then the Doors.

Hi Chris,

It's a bit early at the moment here for reception.  Another 3 hours until sunset.  But I do hear you well on an SDR in Ireland.

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