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Also hearing this in SW, FL at 2145 tune-in.  Fair signal, with occasional fading. 

Nice AM signal from the Captain here in Sarasota tonight at 2310 UTC, playing some sweet blues.

Tuned in at 2247 UTC, heard some commentary by a YL.  Cool song at 2248 UTC, reminiscent of the XX.  Shazamed it 3 times, each time resulting in a different song title and group.  Good signal in Sarasota, FL tonight.
2254 "Genesis" - Nightcrawler
2302 More electronica.  Pointless to Shazam some of these, different results every time for the same song.

Tuned in at 0120. Wow, that's a huge signal!  Easily the strongest free radio station I've ever heard here in Sarasota, FL.

Comedy skit when I tuned in at 0110 UTC.  Man interviewing a woman, she said her occupation is "barfly". 
Fair signal in SW FL.
0117 Signoff announcement for Radio Nonsense from Joe Momma.

0023 "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"  Good signal in SW FL.
Off at 0037, after "Monster Mash"

Lengthy talk when I tuned in, discussing last night's show.
0016 UTC B-52's "Planet Clare"

Fair signal on 4185 kHz in SW FL, much better than 5185 here.  Very nice sounding AM audio.

0052 Shoutouts to tonight's listeners, including me.  Thanks Redhat!

Tuned in around 2320, hearing techno music.  Fair signal in SW FL.  Happy to hear you again Captain!
2334 "Thriller"
2336 OFF

Very sorry to hear this.  My condolences to Lori and Kevin's family.

Presume this is Outhouse I'm hearing right now at 0252 UTC with some smokin' blues guitar.  Fair signal with good audio in SW Florida.

Audible in SW Florida, opened with "School's Out" followed by "Born To Be Wild".  Peskie QRM on LSB.

QSLs Received / Re: Voice of Pancho Villa eQSL
« on: March 01, 2021, 0422 UTC »
eQSL 28-21 received for my reception on 4060 kHz USB.  Muchas gracias Pancho!

Tuned in at 2025 UTC, with some smooth jazz in progress.  Very good signal and audio, with occasional fades here in SW FL.  Nice to hear a station using the higher frequencies.  2027 OM and YL announcer, mentioning George Michael.

Tuned in at 2312 UTC, with a song by the Police in progress.  Weak but listenable signal in SW FL.

Blues song at 2341 UTC tune in.  Fair signal in SW FL. Twilight Zone theme at 2345 UTC. Computer voice ID at 2346 then off.

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