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HF Beacons / "O" beacon 4103.8?
« on: May 31, 2009, 0537 UTC »
I ran across this tonight.  Not sure if it is a pirate beacon or not.  It has just enough drift down on the dash that I think iti probably is.

It is at 4103.800 and sending what sounds like the letter "O", three dashes over and over.  It is so far down in my noise I can not tell if there is anything else to it or not.  I left an RX on it for over an hour, but it never really came up any higher than in this picture.

In the headphones the three dashes were easier to hear than they seem in this picture.

HF Beacons / 4096 area beacons, 30 May 2009
« on: May 30, 2009, 2003 UTC »
Here is a shot of the beacons currently seen (daytime) around the 4096 area from my QTH.

Radio FIrst Termer 6925 USB from before 0400 to sign-off at 0445.  S9 or better in California, although faded to S5 near end.

Followed by Dead Cat Radio at about 0450.  Again S9 or a little better.

Mohave Desert, California USA

HF Beacons / Last nights beacons, April 26 2009
« on: April 26, 2009, 1231 UTC »
Howdy all, a few beacons logged last night, including a new one, at least for me.

3449.82  1120z  "OK"  Just above the noise floor but clear.
4060.94  0335z  "C"  This is the new one, more about it at the bottom
4079.65  0340z  TMP  Sent three dif temps, 64, 59, and 123, no def seq to them
4089.21  0356z  Dasher  Reported as 80/min but this is 89 / min, dash 125 msec, pause 550 msec, 675 msec total cycle time
4095.87  0405z  Coxie  Long dahser, dash 4.97 sec, pause 5.13
4096.27  0416z  Hexie Dasher, dash just under 1.1 sec, pause just over 1.1 sec
4096.62  0426z  Kelsie Dasher, dash is 2 sec long, pause is 2.4 sec
4097.43  1140z  "KX"  Deep in the noise floor, had to work at this one
4102.33  0431z  Wind  Sent "W" but no dits after, then again no wind here in the desert tonight
8211.94  0440z  "OR"

The new'ish beacon.  Around 4060 I have been hearing a new beacon, I first logged it about three weeks ago.  The frequency has ranged from 4052 to 4063 so far, and appears loosely tied to temp.  The cooler the day/night the lower the freq.  If that is true expect it to go above 4063 as the south west temp goes up.

Here at the house in the Mohave Desert of CA it can be heard nearly all the time, although it is affected by propogatoin, so it seems it is a 24/7 beacon and not quite as local as the 4096 group.

I am not sure what this new beacon is actually sending, I think it is supposed to be a "C", but the first sound is longer than a dit and shorter than a dah.  It could actually be "C", "ER", or "TR".  First sound (could be a long dit or a short dah) is 200 msec long, then there is a 200msec space.  The next sound is 100 msec long followed by a 100 msec space.  The next sound is 300 msec long followed by a 100 msec space.  The last sound is a 100 msec sound.  There is a 400 msec space before the sequence restarts.

Mohave Desert, California USA

(PS) After the Sun came up (and after my initial post) I grabbed a couple of the daytime only desert beacons:
4097.3   1549z   Inyo-whooper, dasher, 56 dash / min, freq sag at beginning of dash about 60 Hz
5205.3   1532z   Sally, dasher, reported as 100 dash / min but timed at 119 dash / min.  Freq sag on dash of about 100 Hz.  Very heavy QRM from CODAR.

I hear tell there is a new beacon around 6636, but I have yet to hear it myself.

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