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6930AM   Radio Pirana International, from some where in South America. Nice two page up-date letter (in the past
I did correspondent with Jorge, then lost touch) and a Nice E-QSL of the country side and farm house (Transmitter location?)
This from my logging on March the 2nd, from 0229 to 0254 UTC.

Report sent to rpi@radiopirana.com
Jorge indicated that there is a possibility of a Easter Weekend BCB and to watch their website for further news (www.radiopirana.com) on
the frequency of 6945 with a power of 100 watts (rated at 130 watts AM, Class D (high efficiency), with a Inverted V Dipole for 43 meters,
tower at 24 meters.

 He and his wife communicate between Europe and South America, when available
he operates the station.
 Reply came in 38 days.

v/s Jorge R.Garcia

Latin American Pirate / Casa FM America 5800AM 2302-2332 UTC Feb.15.19
« on: February 16, 2019, 2006 UTC »
Hrd via remote site in South America, Casa FM America from 2302 to 2332 hours with a variety on EG Pop music with announcements in Spanish by male announcer; with several clear ID's for Casa FM.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio OZ-Viola 5825 AM 1300 utc 19 jan 2019
« on: January 16, 2019, 1501 UTC »
Received this advance notice after sending a e-mail on when their next broadcast would be scheduled
for broadcasting from Jan Steen.

It sounds both as an adventure and very exciting to broadcast.
I think of advertising or anything else that might indicate it was us,
because maybe we are not 100% alone on the frequency.
We have a new broadcast in the weekend 19 - 20/01 19, o'clock 13 UTC.

You can read more about us here: http://ozviola.dk/

So that's this weekend January the 19th and 20th at 1300 UTC.
The frequency is 5825 kHz. Power is suppose to be 150 watts AM
(600 watts PEP).

Edward Kusalik

Latin American Pirate / Radio Lupo heard in Alberta on 6973 kHzs.....
« on: December 28, 2017, 1905 UTC »
6973 AM   Argentina Pirate Radio Lupo heard on the 28th of December, from 0046 to 0112 hours UTC. Hrd the last two night's,
but this was best reception. Heard via Perseus at the remote site of Don Moman VE6JY antenna farm, on the wellbrook loop beverage.
Audio clip at 0046 at this link: https://app.box.com/s/1v2v7ybyyy34q2dfrjiaouxzxi9mho3y
or https://goo.gl/UHWZ1k QSL route via luporadio@hotmail.com

(Edward Kusalik-Alberta CANADA )

Shortwave Pirate / Radio Zed 6925 USB 0150 UTC 23 Oct 2016
« on: October 23, 2016, 0154 UTC »
6925U Oct.23 ...hearing a unidentified station playing big band music 0150 hours...this via remote site at VE6JY St.Paul.
caught a cw ID for Radio Zed (0202), then into big Band music by the Jimmy Dorset Band, more followed with
great clarinet lyrics @ 0207. !!

Yes, the signal has improved by 0206 hrs...much better now...great show..do enjoy that Big Band Music of long ago.....
0226 lively Beer commercial aired....
gone at 0240 ...GREAT SHOW..thank you!

Shortwave Pirate / Radio True North 6925AM Spet.19 02:15 +
« on: September 19, 2015, 0229 UTC »
6925 AM Mode, Radio True North coming in at 0215 with opening announcements @ 0221 hrs, with promotions and e-mail address as radiotruenorth@gmail.com. Welcomed comments and reception conditions. Beach Boys with 'Good Vibrations' @ 0224 hrs. Signal good (s-5-s6)tonight initially but fading out at times (by 0227) signal almost lost in the noise floor....must be strange conditions again tonight

Edward Kusalik
down here in Daysland..Alberta

Hearing a unidentified station on 6950 in LSB, with Rap/Pop music, just about the noise floor at 03:59 hrs....
It's 0405 and losing the signal .....

Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 9605 sign-on at 02:59 on Sept the 14th....
« on: September 14, 2014, 0311 UTC »
YHWH was noted signing on at 02:59 hrs with their sort of opening mystic type song sung by a female singer, followed with this   Thank you for tuning into Radio Station, YHWH" ..followed with some comments, then the rest of that haunting opening song. Went into text about the Bible and how to measure the truth....Then a commentary about the Post measures of God's Kingdom at 03:10 hrs. Seems to be a new episode being aired tonight's broadcast?
Really nice signal tonight, with a solid s4 to s5 level on the 3750 trap cans Inverted V dipole

Edward Kusalik
in Daysland, Alberta, Canada

e-mail: radiobuff2000@yahoo.com

Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 9605 Khz at 0305 +
« on: August 27, 2014, 1958 UTC »
9605Am Aug.27.14  0305-0402+  Heard YHWH, this  station with a decent signal (about s4 to s5 reading) on this night. The signal was best heard in Lower sideband to avoid a bad noise het. The program consisted of quotes from scriptures, Christian’s morals, One World Order and the Line of David, Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq ..the forces of evil, 10 Commandants of Yahweh, etc. Through out the broadcast the Operator kept thanking for tuning in. at 0358 there was a music selection by female chorus, with chant-like tones.  This broadcast seemed to be a repeat of similar broadcast, which I heard back in July. maybe a re-broadcast?  Re-checked at 0420 and still here…… still a decent signal dispute the noise level.

Edward Kusalik
located in Daysland, Alberta, Canada

E-mail replies too: radiobuff2000@yahoo.com

Shortwave Pirate / Radio True North 6925 AM 0311 UTC 20 Jul 2014
« on: July 20, 2014, 0311 UTC »
6925 AM Mode, Radio True North with a massive signal, just booming into Daysland, with some great music, gave an ID @ 03:03 hrs asking for reports/comments to this e-mail address: Radiotruenorth@gmail.com
Another great program from this station !

Edward Kusalik

Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 9600 kHz 0410 UTC 12 Jul 2014
« on: July 12, 2014, 1808 UTC »

9600AM  Religious Station, YHWH, was finally nabbed on this frequency from 04:10 to 04:42 sign-off.  The frequency was in the clear the signal was actually quite good, with a nice s3 to s6 and then after 04:32 up to s4 to s7 level. Preacher with religious text, talking about YHWH and salvation, the Ten Commandments, with station ID's as 'thank you for listening to our station, KHWH', "This is YHWH, thank you for tuning into our broadcast" and "YKWH is now signing off the air " (@04:42 hrs.)

This program was called 'Goodbye to Christians". Just prior to the close was sort of hymn, called "Starlight" played on a plucked sitar instrumental.  

This broadcast was done quite professionally and not at all like a 'fly by night' broadcaster. Now I just wish he would gave out a contact information ( via the internet?)

- Edward Kusalik- Daysland, AB, Canada.......

Shortwave Pirate / Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 0142 UTC 20 Apr 2014
« on: April 20, 2014, 0146 UTC »
6925USB Blue Ocean Radio came one after Hot Radio went off the air (with no sign of change in the signal strength) at 01:34 hrs, then theme song from 2001 Space Odyssey and open tune with ID's given by YL for Blue Ocean Radio, then into Hillbilly /Banjo Music at 01:42 hrs.   Me believes that Blue Ocean Radio was the relay'er for Hot Radio? anyway looks like a another great program from Blue Ocean Radio but I'm hearing another pirate coming in underneath as I am typing this.mmmmmmmmm

Edward Kusalik

Shortwave Pirate / Hot Radio 6925 USB 0017 UTC 20 Apr 2014
« on: April 20, 2014, 0051 UTC »
6925USB Relay of Dutch (?) Pirate Hot Radio noted from 00:17 with a special broadcast ranging from C&W tunes ( remake of old Susanna to Yoga Bear title ) and another "we don't smoke weed any more" Jame Brown tune at 00:43. Giving iD's as Hot Radio and a e-mail address as hotradio@outlook.com  Great audio and signal here into Central Alberta on the 6955 3/4 wavelength sloper .....this going at 00:52 hrs+++

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