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WMR being just audible (at 0225+)here into Alberta via the KiwiSDR at Coronation Alberta, which is about 125 km's southeast of my location here in Daysland. This site has a 160 meter inverted V at 100 foot height, at VE6OK Farm....

Better audio by 0248 hrs with Latin Ballads and caught a nice English ID at 0250 hrs UTC

Back into the noise with just a audible signal @ 0305 hours...

Dispute sending two attempts to their e-mail address (   zeppelinradiosw@yahoo.com) keep getting back that
there was a temporary problem delivering your message .....will keep trying to get my report to them....any comments???
Edward Kusalik

was having transmitter problems, cutting in and out ...gone at 1932 playing "In the year 2025" by Zager and Evans (1969) Heard via the Kiwi SDR in Belgium. No sooner then posted back on with "the color of my Dreams" @ 1940 hours ..then no audio..me thinks he (the operator) is testing?

Posting this for review:

Date: April the 7th 2023
Time 0413 to 0444 hours uTC
Frequency: 7320 kHz 40:98

Music by SHAZAM is the best translation.

0413 – Paccmaatpnbad 3be3nbl by ATOW in Russian
0415 Another song by ATOW group
0416 Male speaker with announcements
S-reading only at s5 to s6
Then selection “Kopa6nn” by Vladmir Vysotsky and Melodiya.
0423 “Dragon flame” by Kiara Magic
0428  “He 6yaem npowatbcr” by Ploho
0431 The old Russian Interval Signal played, followed with “Aomon” by Elka
0425  Children with talks, followed with “Heyero xknat6” by Sizar
0438 “Nonet Ha Stenbtannche” by Valerity Leontiev.
0441 - The old Russian Interval Signal played again cutting through the noise floor
Another selection but signal dropped out, with poor copy to 0443 tune-out

This segment of listening done via the KiwiSDR site in Western Montana, with fair signal at best. S-3,I-5,N-3,P-4,O-3
0401 to 0412 hours was heard from Kiwi SDR site in Sundre Alberta with poor to poor plus signal. S-3,I-5,N-3,3-4,O-3/2

Audio link at this website: https://app.box.com/s/yumeapnpye3b2v1zifu2u89sqr4ugddk
For the 0413 to 0443 hours

My apologizes for the Russian text not the best at translation.

First time used this site south of me, I am not aware if the beverages can be switched....
it's possible..better to ask the Ham who has this site?

Switched to the Kiwi site (0425) in /at Stevensville Western Montana (at WOAY) with a much better signal..

Hearing this station into  Alberta @ 0346 UTC with the old Russian I.S. played..hearing via the beverages at Sundre...15 antennas covering nine directions...260 km's southwest of me...
Playing middle-of-the music and again the Old Russian I.S. at 0353 hours

Continental AM radio will be active this weekend at the following frequency:

Saturday and Sunday From 19:00 UTC to 00:00 (UTC), at 7585 kHz

Receipt reports can be sent to the whatsapp number: +55 77 9904 -o483

The station will be transmitting from the interior of the state of Bahia

Coming in very well by the Pardinho SDR site now at 2152 hours....

Some on is there on that frequency from 2052 hours with Latin Ballads cutting though the noise.At 2057 jumped in strength and heard Despedida de Solteiro ballad played ..coming through with a nice signal...

Latin American Pirate / Radio Continental 7585 AM 1912 March 26.23
« on: March 26, 2023, 1920 UTC »
7585 what sounded like a Latin ballad with a announcement at 1912 hours..played music than then gone..back on at 1917 hours with some kinda of orchestra music..then gone..this via the Kiwi SDR Pardinho..
You can just see on the spec RF the bar (vertical)
so the big question are they testing ??

If I am not mistaken the Interval Signal that I have been hearing (a few bars) one at 0300 hours the old Radio Moscow Home Service Melody...(?)

Have been hearing this station since 0215 hours and now the signal is nice s7 t0 s8 via this SDR at KFS. Some really nice Russian ballads, plus Interval Signature played at Intervals (0228,0232 and 0245 hours).......

Audio hampered by being in LSB from m1718 to 1750 tune-ot ..great songs !

Latin American Pirate / Re: AD149 6934.86 AM 0023 UTC 14 FEB 2023
« on: February 14, 2023, 0147 UTC »
After a series of SSTV Tones, noted sign-off at 01:45 hours.....

Latin American Pirate / Re: AD149 6934.86 AM 0023 UTC 14 FEB 2023
« on: February 14, 2023, 0125 UTC »
Thanks Walt for the 'heads up on this one'  have been chasing them for some time now.....

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