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6925AM  Aug.3. 04:20-040 hrs. UTC  Another great program from this True North Station...Promotions for the Chat rooms and talks aboiuyt Free Radio. Gave a contact information  followed a pop selection @ n0423. Mentioned about Sky reports from Alberta, followed with a Led Zeppin Selection from the 25 single, followed with some AC &DC music @04:29. Lot'sa ID's for Radio True North and for Free Radio short wave Station. Sorry but I tuned out at 0440 hrs. Great audio, no problems with modulation and s-reading about s4 to s6 @ times....
only problem was some power line noise acting up tonight....
Thank you for the Broadcast!

Edward Kusalik
up here in Daysland, Alberta

Receiver: Drake R8A
Antenna:  Trapsloper for 6955 khzs ( 3/4 wavelength).

6940USB  Noted up here in Alberta with a strong (s4-s5) signal from 0337 tune-in with a great program. Dr. Strangelove with comments about the 80's program,pirate radio, Hollywood Bowel, Kristi Hand(?) gave a e-mail address ..something @yahoo.com ( but sort of missed that) Played a favorite form 80's by Simple minds 'Don't Fool..don't forget about Me' @ 03:48 hrs.  He also mentioned that this might be a QSL for this Show and went off the air @ 0354, then came back on and made a comment about all the reports posted, again mentioning the a 'QSL Show' gave Popular/Intensity Labs mention, and went the air @03:56 hrs.  Signal was massive but the audio was somewhat clipper on the voice but no problem on the mmusical side. otherwise a nice program and hope to heard more from RML at this hour ( propagates good to the western regions) TNX again Dr. StrangeLove!
Oh if you plan on sending out e-mail QSL's here is my address, sure would appreciate one!
Edward Kusalik :)

Receiver: Drake R8A
Antenna: trap- sloper cut for 6955

6925U  noted here in Alberta from 0239-0251* with a nice signal. Noted with swing music of the 30's and one Hit tune from the Young Rascals @ 0240. Noted with ID and then SSTV and sign-off.....
Dispute the summer static, and good s4 to s5 level on the trap-sloper.....

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