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Actually this station is better in 6950USB and he's still on the air, with some sort of Rap skit at 04:08 hrs, then more music. Signal just about the noise floor.....

Hearing a unidentified station on 6950 in LSB, with Rap/Pop music, just about the noise floor at 03:59 hrs....
It's 0405 and losing the signal .....

Just caught the tail end of this broadcast..with "Feel Right" by Moonlight @03:53, followed with announcement and ID a and gone after the quick announcement....

Ah-some audio and signal into Alberta !!!

Edward Kusalik

Hearing this station on 6949.90 in AM at 03:48 hrs with Pop music, then into some sort of Indian Music by YL Signal unstable and losing at times....dropped off at 03:51 into the noise floor..

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: KCPR 6950 USB 2014Feb16 0242UTC
« on: February 15, 2015, 0314 UTC »
Noted after 0306 hrs with a decent signal. Noted a YL with promotion for www.highfrequency.com,which was slight distorted (2X) and then more music.....0314 Pop Music selection "Dancing in the Moonlight" noted....

Noted to 0335 hrs. sign-off with some comments or promotion but signal pretty much in the noise by now...any how a enjoyment to listen too after attend Church Service earlier...

Edward Kusalik

6950USB Wolverine Radio with another great program @0103 hrs.
MASSIVE SIGNAL into Central Alberta , S9 +++

Thank you for the show !!

Edward Kusalik
on a nice clear February evening !

02:03 - managed to catch the pop song by Terry Jacks and the Poppy Family "Season's in the Sun", followed with a Caribbean-clayso ballad by Dean Freeman.
02:10- SSTV signal pulses, followed with a short announcement at 02:12 by the announcer mentioning something about a "test broadcast" (audio really weak)  and then gone....

Good signal into Central Alberta dispute the high band noise.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6975 AM 0049 UTC 28 Dec 2014
« on: December 28, 2014, 0240 UTC »
coming it quite well here in Central Alberta dispute the noise pulse which plagues this frequency at my QTH.
Caught a nice ID @ 02:32 for "Music sounds best on  X-FM Shortwave "
Great Program ..thumbs up !!!

Edward Kusalik

hearing some thing on 6925 just above the noise floor...hope it improves....

Noted in on 6950 LSB from 0236 to 02:56* With a Great Program of songs featuring such as Total Eclipse of the Heart, Werewolf's of London and noted with a final ID and off with Broadway Musical.

Great audio and the fishes where doing there thing tonight!
Many thanks for the QSL and for the show...

Edward Kusalik
coming out of the deep freeze (finally)  here in Daysland !

6945USB Noted here in central Alberta from 0044 to 0108  hrs. A great signal (s4-s5 on 40-meter long wire with pi-type antenna tuner) with the usual FSK Utility in the background. Noted selections by Kick Drums, Poop Pirates(?) and Clyde with White Rabbit, with DJ giving out this info @0051. By 0105 the signal took a drop and by 0108 was just barely above the noise floor. Many thanks for the show ....

Edward Kusalik

trying to keep warm in minus 23 C temperatures.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Peskie Party Radio 6925 LSB
« on: October 12, 2014, 0218 UTC »
Noted here after 0207 with Lola and La Bamba...interesting choice of music tonight...
Band conditions a bit unstable but still a nice signal here into central Alberta....

Edward Kusalik :)

Still going strong at 03:28 hrs....static up a bit but not enough to hinder reception tonight....
There was some (slight) QRM from 9610 but gone after 03:30 hrs.   

On QSL's, I have not heard of any but maybe..just maybe this operator would consider the prospect of replying to some of us......in the future......

YHWH was noted signing on at 02:59 hrs with their sort of opening mystic type song sung by a female singer, followed with this   Thank you for tuning into Radio Station, YHWH" ..followed with some comments, then the rest of that haunting opening song. Went into text about the Bible and how to measure the truth....Then a commentary about the Post measures of God's Kingdom at 03:10 hrs. Seems to be a new episode being aired tonight's broadcast?
Really nice signal tonight, with a solid s4 to s5 level on the 3750 trap cans Inverted V dipole

Edward Kusalik
in Daysland, Alberta, Canada

e-mail: radiobuff2000@yahoo.com

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: KCPR 6925 USB 0236 UTC 06 Sep 2014
« on: September 06, 2014, 1343 UTC »
6925 Khz..noted a station @03:17 hrs. Noted a CW ID @ 03:18 for K-C-P-R then another pop selection which I could identify.
03:23 SSTV Signal was heard to 03:25 hrs when the signal stopped sending ...presume a sign-off....

Nice clear signal with very little static crashes... apologizes for tuning in earlier but I was watching the "Boob tube" ( television)

Edward Kusalik

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