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6925USB Blue Ocean Radio came one after Hot Radio went off the air (with no sign of change in the signal strength) at 01:34 hrs, then theme song from 2001 Space Odyssey and open tune with ID's given by YL for Blue Ocean Radio, then into Hillbilly /Banjo Music at 01:42 hrs.   Me believes that Blue Ocean Radio was the relay'er for Hot Radio? anyway looks like a another great program from Blue Ocean Radio but I'm hearing another pirate coming in underneath as I am typing this.mmmmmmmmm

Edward Kusalik

Still going strong at 01:16+ with the Easter Music Special from Hot Radio.......
Surprising no one else is hearing this signal out east ?

6925USB Relay of Dutch (?) Pirate Hot Radio noted from 00:17 with a special broadcast ranging from C&W tunes ( remake of old Susanna to Yoga Bear title ) and another "we don't smoke weed any more" Jame Brown tune at 00:43. Giving iD's as Hot Radio and a e-mail address as hotradio@outlook.com  Great audio and signal here into Central Alberta on the 6955 3/4 wavelength sloper .....this going at 00:52 hrs+++

6930USB "W P O D ...Punk Radio"  0234-0302*  Noted this station with a program of Punk Rock Music by Groups , caught at partial ID at 0234 by a YL for "W P O D " and then again at 0240 as "North America to the World..this is W P O D .... Punk Radio" by a male speaker ( and again the same ID at 0245) Had a great signal ( and audio) till about 0257 hrs the signal began to deteriorate some what. There was occasional interference from a "Bubbles" jamming ( but strange only when the ID was being given?..especially at sign-off) At 03:02 the finally iD the announcer thank for the time for listening to this show, and gave the world wide net reference ( but e-mail address that I could make out) and the YL gave the finally ID and sign-off...

PLEASE QSL for this FIRST TIME Reception too:


OR P.O.Box 253
Daysland, Alberta
T0B 1A0

Thank you again W P O D for this Broadcast and your first show out here in Western Canada.....hope to hear some more alternate music....

Edward Kusalik

6925AM mode, caught the tail end of his broadcast with some Clapso /Caribbean music ( possible by Bob Marley) to 02:20 with a nice ID and gave the e-mail address as 'radiotruenorth@gmail.com' then sign-off followed...... A very strong and clear signal.......

6945 USB Massive signal with fantastic audio ..just booming in a with Trick 'n' Treat pop Selection @ 01:35, followed with a skit for Michael Jackson..and a nice ID for Wolverine Radio followed, followed with Pop tune about banning rock'n'roll... Thumbs up and thanks for the Great Show!

Just coming up over the noise floor here in Central Alberta..just getting some lyrics and music / songs @ 0014 hrs.++

03:05++ Another great program with host mentioning reports and a beautiful night, again frequency 6935 in Upper Side Band, Red Mercury Labs with time check.....

Not much out here.other then a bit's of audio, music or talk but nothing worth understanding....the sunset terminator is done but band conditions just not here yet for a 'good' opening.,,,,,

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6935USB KoolAM Radio on now....
« on: October 13, 2013, 0211 UTC »
KoolAM Radio went off at 02:08* hrs followed with Blue Ocean Radio sign-on with ID's by a female announcer. Signal up now to a solid  s7 and audio the same.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6935USB KoolAM Radio on now....
« on: October 13, 2013, 0144 UTC »
6935U KoolAM Radio hrd from 01:31++ hrs with kaleidoscope of Instrumental music to Peruvian flutes, gave the e-mail address for KoolRadio@hotmail.com, mentioned listener's all through out Europe. Great program of some Instrumental lyrics, not heard often. Audio just pouching through dispute the s2 to s4 signal strength.
Possibly a relay of this European Pirate heard last spring.....

6935 USB Noted with 0302 with Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior. Clean signal and best on the sloper with very little noise.  Audio up and clean.... thumbs up!

Great audio up here in Central Alberta with the following noted:
0157 Neil Young "Down By The River" followed with the hit from 1969 by Melanie "Lay Down"
Great show so far.... thumbs up !

In Upper Side Band, R with a nice signal into Central Alberta, Canada @0303 with mention of the number of people workinbg at the FCC.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925U, 09222013, 0232utc,s7/s8
« on: September 22, 2013, 0310 UTC »
Yes, Red Mercury Labs with a nice signal tonight......
Just caught the tail end  of Message in a Bottle by the Police, ID and mentioning about spending more time with the Bottle?
..all well some what ever then..

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