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Hearing this station via E-man remote in Michigan with n"Werewolfs of London" at 2312 hrs...signal noisy
but punching thought !!

checked on the Drake and the longwire and actually getting a carrier with bits of audio..whoa..good conditions tonight

6923 USB hearing from 2122 with 'Good vibrations' from the Beach Boys, Eagles at 2125 with 'on of these night's', station ID, gave frequency as 6923 in Upper Side Band, and the fact it's high-speed pirate radio, and the Halloween Special
Great signal (5x5)via remote at Hanson, Mass........

Okay not from my location here in Alberta.....
Edward Kusalik

on of the great selections by Blondie 'Heart of Glass'
Many thanks for the Hallowe'ean Special BCB..thumbs up!

6925U Oct.23 ...hearing a unidentified station playing big band music 0150 hours...this via remote site at VE6JY St.Paul.
caught a cw ID for Radio Zed (0202), then into big Band music by the Jimmy Dorset Band, more followed with
great clarinet lyrics @ 0207. !!

Yes, the signal has improved by 0206 hrs...much better now...great show..do enjoy that Big Band Music of long ago.....
0226 lively Beer commercial aired....
gone at 0240 ...GREAT SHOW..thank you!

hearing this station via the remote site at st.Paul (VE6JY) with the pop song 'those where the days my friend' then some sort
of skit with unidentified language ...just audible 0120 into another selection......

at 0125 eastern Europe  folk balled by group but gone at 0127 hrs....

gone at 0109 hours after taking the record needle off......

6925 USB at 0102 with some big band music, AD for KENT cigarettes at 0105, then into more
blues music..nice signal into Alberta using the remote site at St.Paul (VE6JY)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 02:25 UTC 9/25/16
« on: September 25, 2016, 0234 UTC »
coming in great at my location (s-5 to s6 level on the inverted V)with the Perseus and the Drake, plus at VE6JY remote
Lamont site with a s6 to s7


6925 in am mode April the 17th noted with ID at 0401 with rough copy of the signal, lot'sa band noise made copy
some what difficult.....

6930USB noted at 0300 letter Z in CW, station ID, then opening comments.
0302 BIG BAN MUSIC such as Glenn Miller "In the Mood"
 0305 The Hit Band "Chattanooga Choo Choo",
Nice signal into Daysland Alberta tonight !!

0315 Into a commentary about the Democracy of Eastern Europe sand Germany, War of Words between the
the powers produced by the Columbia BCB Station, then another Band Melody theme from the Land of Oz

Noted to 344 sign-off with 'that's it for tonight'  a quote from Count Basie

Nice to hear some great music from the BIG BAND ERA such Glenn Miller and others...
thanks for the show....

Edward Kusalik

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6940 USB 0102 4/2/2016
« on: April 02, 2016, 0159 UTC »
just managed to hear "Telstar" @ 0153 and then gone @ 0155 hrs...to bad I didn't get to the radio sooner....
rats....just the same the signal was well heard here into Alberta.

6935 USB Mar.26 0215+ hearing this station up here in Alberta with some sort of heavy metal music, keeps cutting out as if transmitter problems, or reduced power output...playing some sort of hip-type of Balinese music at 0230....I'm a man 'cause love you so' by the Spencer Davis Group n@ 0232....

tuned in at 0339 with the end of a pop selection, then two fellas with a dialogue, talked about "somewhere down the road", after the ID for 'Burn it down Radio". one of the DJ's was Josey Sparks. Talked about conspiracy theories, National park, There where two fellas and a female guest, talking on the radio.
0349 something about the antenna used but really bad band conditions made copy rough @ times......
0357 American Pie by Don McLean -signal improving to a s4 to s5 level now.....0400 a whooping signal now....0414 figuring on what was the name of the movie, by the two DJ's and female guest....0424 finally comments and Billy Joel 'only the good younbg, and finally ID FOR bid AND THEN OFF @ 0430 utC

Thank you for the show "Burn it down the Radio"

Hearing just above the noise floor, with marginal reception from 0142 hrs...not much to get a decent details, but
conditions where better then a better signal here into Alberta....

Using a GAP In line Noise filter and it's making a difference....

to the station..thumbs up for the effort.....

coming into Daysland, Alberta with a booming signal...just pumping that RF out with 'walking' theme songs, from 0125 tune-in
with ballads such as Walk of Life by Dire Straits (one of my favorites), Walk away Renee, way the go Wolverine Radio on that massive signal
and audio quality

Edward Kusalik ;)

ID's given as "WPOD - White Punk Radio..... North American Service to the World"... CW ID @ 0143 hrs. and comments by female voice...hope you enjoy the show' and then Interval signature of WPOD ..white punk ____ Show...repeated shows. 0150 Rock'n'Roll Radio show followed with Pop song 'Video Killed the Radio Store'

Nice signal.... clean audio...great show !!!

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