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9600 AM Religious station YHWH was heard again last night ( August 29th 14) from 03:45 to 03:52 sign-off. Heard the the transcript of Yehweh Personal Guidance for people who lead a normal life. Followed with the same haunting chant-like Harpsichord selection. Noted as "thank you for listening to YHWH ... love you ....and YHWH is now signing off ...." @ 03:52 hrs.   Nice signal tonight

Edward Kusalik

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 9605 Khz at 0305 +
« on: August 27, 2014, 1958 UTC »
9605Am Aug.27.14  0305-0402+  Heard YHWH, this  station with a decent signal (about s4 to s5 reading) on this night. The signal was best heard in Lower sideband to avoid a bad noise het. The program consisted of quotes from scriptures, Christian’s morals, One World Order and the Line of David, Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq ..the forces of evil, 10 Commandants of Yahweh, etc. Through out the broadcast the Operator kept thanking for tuning in. at 0358 there was a music selection by female chorus, with chant-like tones.  This broadcast seemed to be a repeat of similar broadcast, which I heard back in July. maybe a re-broadcast?  Re-checked at 0420 and still here…… still a decent signal dispute the noise level.

Edward Kusalik
located in Daysland, Alberta, Canada

E-mail replies too: radiobuff2000@yahoo.com

6925USB 0402 to 0411*  Noted a very nice signal with old time C&W tunes, followed with SSTV Pluses ( sorry no capabilities for SSTV decoding her..maybe I should) At the end of the Pulses, gave the K-C-P-R ID by promotion for the HF underground with e-mail address.  To bad I missed most of the program hope for another broadcast ?  Thank you.....

Edward Kusalik

6935U  Aug.3.14 0358-0432 sign-off.Tuned in to heard a strange science fiction broadcast of Dr. Peters and the Black Hole of the Cosmos Event, with travels into outer space, all from his radio room! Dr. Peters was involved with destroying the The Thing. In the end the DJ finds himself awaking in the chair of his room realizing it was a dream? At 0429 nice ID as "Voyage of the Illuminati" by Alan Maxwell ...see you again..the next time`. Which was repeated again and gave the old Elkhorn, Nebraska Mail drop..with sign-off at 0432 hrs. I vaguely remember this broadcaster ( via A*C*E*)but never had the chance to hear any of his broadcasts as good as this one.
To the Free Station who took the time to relay this..Hats off..and thank you for this Broadcast. Oh great signal and the audio was up there too.....

Since allot of us never had the chance to heard from this station, if by chance the station who relayed,  has any more of these broadcasts ..let`s heard some more!!!

Edward Kusalik

If you wish, PSE QSL via

Thank you

Lot'sa static from local T-storms...hearing a program from 03:15 hrs. but sounds like two stations here....one over the other..one playing sort of melody blues and the other up old time ragga music...

Time check as "53 minutes past UTC" and then Pop selection "Who can it be now" by the Police ( one of my favorites) Signal dropped some down to s2-s3 with fading ( sunset enhancement gone now) other wise still a decent copy....

Edward Kusalik

6925 AM Mode, Radio True North with a massive signal, just booming into Daysland, with some great music, gave an ID @ 03:03 hrs asking for reports/comments to this e-mail address: Radiotruenorth@gmail.com
Another great program from this station !

Edward Kusalik

Head this station on 6930 USB from 03:24 to past 04:10 hrs. Initially this signal was quite strong, about s4 to s6, then gradually deteriorating to S1-S2 at 04:08 hrs. The program consisted of a call-in program, many of the woman, such as Julie, Alia, Cat Girl, Sally from California and even one fella calling in, who said that 14 people where listen to this broadcast. The Op did give out a phone number 1-415-349-3566 and e-mail too:  loderadio.com (@03:40 hrs.) The range of topics was about his military service, Craig's list,visiting Holland, Germany etc. Some what a interesting program but would have been nice if the OP inserted some music to break-up the conversations?

Edward Kusalik in Daysland, Alberta......


My apologizes for posting this some what...............

Oh forgot the date...July the 12th..from 04:10 to 04:42 sign-off.UTC


9600AM  Religious Station, YHWH, was finally nabbed on this frequency from 04:10 to 04:42 sign-off.  The frequency was in the clear the signal was actually quite good, with a nice s3 to s6 and then after 04:32 up to s4 to s7 level. Preacher with religious text, talking about YHWH and salvation, the Ten Commandments, with station ID's as 'thank you for listening to our station, KHWH', "This is YHWH, thank you for tuning into our broadcast" and "YKWH is now signing off the air " (@04:42 hrs.)

This program was called 'Goodbye to Christians". Just prior to the close was sort of hymn, called "Starlight" played on a plucked sitar instrumental.  

This broadcast was done quite professionally and not at all like a 'fly by night' broadcaster. Now I just wish he would gave out a contact information ( via the internet?)

- Edward Kusalik- Daysland, AB, Canada.......

6945 in AM mode, slowly coming in during sunset enhancement with better audio by 03:17 hours +++, hearing lot'sa great music, ID's for "X-FM shortwave"  but local T-storms 03:25 T-check and Red Rider selection....
Many thanks for the first time hearing this station out here in the Prairies....

Edward Kusalik

Noted with a nice signal into Central Alberta w/ ID's and Hip Hop Music, followed with a Elvis Presley tune...
04:21 promotion for shortwave radio with classic rock followed.....

6940 in AM mode, from 0335 with a program of Latin Vocals (rumba and sumba dance lyrics)  a relay of a Latin with a ID at 0337 ..will try to get a positive ID of this relay  ...
nice signal with clear audio here into Central Alberta...always a great program from this free radio station !

Dr.Benway with a another great program (0233+)and the offer of T-skirts, giving his e-mail address...undercover radio@gmail.com...
audio hampered by local noise but best heard on the Inverted 3/4 wave 19 and 31 meter antennas....

6945USB Wolverine Radio a great program of great oldies from the 50's and 60's such as Crazy by Patsy Cline
at 0141....nice clean signal with great audio on the Hustler Vertical
Way to go Wolverine Radio on some of the greatest music from a by gone era.....................

Edward Kusalik

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