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Heard from 0120 to 0210 sign-off with these songs:
0120-Brother Louie
0124 - The Streak by Ray Stevens
0127 -Rock your Baby by George Crae
0131 -0 Love Train by the Ojay's
0134 = Theme from Shaft by Isaac Hayes
o137 - Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas
0140 - "will it go around in Circles" by Billy Preston
Signal improving to s6 now.
0144 - ID for Yeah Man Radio and the weekend dhow
0145- "love's Theme' by the Love Unlimited Orchestra
0147 - The Night the Light's went out in Georgia by Vicki Lawrence
0152 - Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin
0155 - Time in the Bottle by Jim Croce
0158 Sunshine on my Shoulder by John Denver
0201 Mentioned to have a Great Weekend and station ID, followed with American Pie by Don McLean
noted to 0210 hours sign-off UTC

Heard with a weak signal just above the noise floor out here in Alberta...@2217 hours, manged to hear a sort of a iD BUT got the e-mail address fir sure ..thanks for the show for what I can hear better switch to a SDR on the east coast now...

Switched to the Kiwi SDR in Free Union Virginia with a nice CLEAN Signal @ 2225 hours UTC

QSLs Received / Re: Witch City Radio eQSL 31 OCT 2023
« on: November 05, 2023, 0107 UTC »
Rec'ed the same verification for my logging..great graphics and THANK YOU OH so Much for your Reply...

QSLs Received / Enterprise Radio E-QSL
« on: November 01, 2023, 1306 UTC »
Here is the link:


Hearing a nice signal via SDR in Maryland.with Hallowe'en skit .nice to hear the activity in tonight's broadcasts.....OM mentioned his Halloween special with "Welcome to my nightmare" by Alice Cooper @ 2226 UTC..

Gave the old Wellsville Mail drop @2233..mmmmmm
BUT gave this e-mail address @2244 hours as 'witchcityradio@gmail.com" then sign-off at 2245 hours.....

Sent a report to this e-mail address ,which does not work (bounced) back...
Here was report:

2223  – Hallowe’en Special with a Skit, the Vampire’s Tale, then gave a special ‘welcome to my special’ then selection called “Welcome to my Nightmare” by Alice Cooper.
22.31-  after this selection scary laughing by your male announcer, gave the station ID as Witch City Radio. Followed with the old Wellsville Mail-drop, followed with the skit called “House of Usher”
22.38 - "Hear the noise", by Roderick played.
22.42 – This was followed with Peter Tosh - Dracula (Vampire sounds in background played.
22.44 – Witch’s laughter played then sign-off at 2245 hours…..

S-reading via Kiwi SDR in NW Ohio, as s6 to s7 level. Here in Alberta, nothing, not even  any audio.

QSLs Received / Radio Mordor E-QSL
« on: October 30, 2023, 1651 UTC »
Radio Mordor E-QSL 6281 kHz


Sending out to greetings to Erik and others in Germany form the operate (@1348) nice signal into NW Ireland...

Noted as well with "Rockin in the Free World" by Neil Young (1230), ID's and e-mail address given as radiomordor@hotmail.com  Blocked by severe noise pulser at 1236 wiping out the signal completely...........

ID as Radio Extra Gold with news at after 1401

0050 talk about 4th amendment right's via sdr in mid-west.
0102 Great song "go your own way"

Noted with nice signal in northwest Ireland. Guns and Roses with Knockin on Heaven's Door @1918 hours

6860 USB Khz from 2330 to 2344 sign-off into Coronation Alberta with a nice s4 to s5 signal...

WMR being just audible (at 0225+)here into Alberta via the KiwiSDR at Coronation Alberta, which is about 125 km's southeast of my location here in Daysland. This site has a 160 meter inverted V at 100 foot height, at VE6OK Farm....

Better audio by 0248 hrs with Latin Ballads and caught a nice English ID at 0250 hrs UTC

Back into the noise with just a audible signal @ 0305 hours...

Dispute sending two attempts to their e-mail address (   zeppelinradiosw@yahoo.com) keep getting back that
there was a temporary problem delivering your message .....will keep trying to get my report to them....any comments???
Edward Kusalik

was having transmitter problems, cutting in and out ...gone at 1932 playing "In the year 2025" by Zager and Evans (1969) Heard via the Kiwi SDR in Belgium. No sooner then posted back on with "the color of my Dreams" @ 1940 hours ..then no audio..me thinks he (the operator) is testing?

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