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Hearing  a great signal into central Alberta with a nice ID at 0026 hours for WOWL Radio, from tune-in at 0025 hours.
OM with comments under/over a selection at 0030 hours (QRM?)
S-reading at whooping S9 to 10DB's over S9 on the wellbrook loop antenna at VE6JY's antenna farm...
Some GREAT BLUES Music @ 0034 hours.....
Thank you for the show with Blues Nostalgic memories!
0057 - "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits      Great Band and  Great Song !!

It appears some one is trying to revive this station...

YES, hrd the same ID/address in NYC

Hard via sdr site in Holland w/ British accent DJ, songs Whitney Huston, ELO, some kind of contest rules, but no clear ID.

Noted from 2335 with this special Sci-Fi Program such as "Fantastic World"
and "Soylent Green" with Charleston Heston (great Movie but eerie)
S-reading at s4 to s5 at best...
Gee..another one called "Fantastic Journey" @ 2352 hours..
Sub-atomic injection  into the human body...
Edward Kusalik
DX'er since 1965

Received quite a surprise from a Pirate Station from Europe, by chance I was doing some band scanning and came across to a signal on 6280 AM. Posted the details on HFU Underground  listing as: Unidentified station playing some great music into SDR , in Holland.
1712 hours -Jim Hendrix
1717 hours- Beach Boys
1732 hours-Spencer Davis Group
Within hours, rec'ed a verification reply from Premier Radio International, Jimmy the operator sent a beautiful card, plus photo's of his console ( quite impressive) and the transmitter ( again quite a setup) See the attached photos. His e-mail address is premierradio@yahoo.ie and his website is www.premireradio.ie

Unidentified station playing some great music into SDR , in Holland.
1712 hours -Jim Hendrix
1717 hours- Beach Boys
1732-Spencer Davis Group

edit by moderator Ray : subject line from Unid to Premier R. (see below),
and reformating the subject line

Hearing this station into Alberta at 0133+ with Earth Wind and Fire Rock, via the massive antennas at VE6JY's site...  S-reading at s5 to s6 level....
Nice to hear stations making out this
 way...rock on!

Edward Kusalik

QSLs Received / Radio Johnny Tobacco 6285 kHzs,,
« on: August 21, 2020, 1305 UTC »
Here is the reply from the Operator of Radio Johnny Tobacco on 6285 kHzs..

here is the link:

QSLs Received / Zeppelin Radio 7695 kHzs
« on: August 21, 2020, 1300 UTC »

Here is the link for this prized QSL from this station, located in Athens, Greece..

Link: https://i.imgur.com/vOho4x0.jpg

Thank you to all who responded to my request..

enjoy the summer dispute the conditions world wide....

Edward Kusalik

Does any one know a QSL Address for sending a comment or a report too...

Thank you for this info...

Edward Kusalik

GREAT SHOW with some of the music that made the "rock n' roll era for what it was like!

Many thanks for a trip down the oldies show !!

Note at 0030 hours with "Only the lonely" and "Pretty Blue Eyes" and 0034 hrs.

How about "Big Bad John" and theme from "Summer Place" by Percy Faith ?

Edward Kusalik

Hearing this relay at 0101+ via the remote site at VE6JY antenna farm with a nice signal, s-reading at  nice s7 to s8 on the Wellbrook loop, as well, on the DKAZ loop towards  Europe, with the same s-reading.
Really a enjoyment to hear stations making it out here into Alberta !!

To Mix Radio, thank you for the show....

Edward Kusalik

Moved over from 6955 to 6960 in AM Mode...at 0126 with another GREAT Program from Ball Smacker Radio...nice signal into VE6JY's antenna farm up in Lamont, Alberta. S-reading of s6 to s7 with some static bursts...

Low Rider at 0130 hrs by WAR....followed by  Life is a Highway Tom Cochrane at 01:32
On the Road again by Willie Nelson @ 0151 followed with a classic ....'Mustang Sally' by Wilson Pickett

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