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Since a number of experience listener's have been hearing this station's broadcast..any guess just who this might be ??
Still going strong at 0147 hours ++

Hearing this station via remote SDR at Shewsbury Vermont with a nice signal (s6 to s7 elevel) in USB mode @ 0052 hours. Some very interesting collection of old blues music to classical, thank you for this broadcast :)

 Hearing this station into Lamont Alberta (on the wellbrook loop antenna system)with a nice s6 to s7 signal at 0222 hours after announcer with comments..me thinks it;s a song by AC/DC at 0222 hours...
Interesting program !!!
Talked about goat cheese and the ingredients to make it

Edward Kusalik

6930 USB Caught a ID at 0216 as Sycho Radio by the announcer with comments, with weird music. Hearing via SDR site in
Massachusetts with with s5 signal
Possibly signed-off at 0230 hours with a final weird comment....

Just barely audible @ 22:35 hours via VE6JY's site at Lamont Alberta..here in Daysland..not a peep too early for propagation to the west...

currently listening (2245 ++)via the Perseus into Detroit Michigan site with s5 to s6 signal..

GREAT Program and thank you for the entertainment !!!

Edward Kusalik

signed-off at 1245 UTC

Hearing this station again into Lamont (VE6JY's site) Alberta CANADA with a s4 to s5 signal @ 0155 hours...here in Daysland, just audible at best.. some pretty good reception tonight from the east .....

Nice signal into Alberta Canada at 0124+ hours, with s-reading of s6 to s7 via the massive antenna farm at VE6JY's on the loop. Here in Daysland, just s4 to s5 level, with some local noise.
Interesting program of up-beat music........thank you for the show!
Gave the e-mail address for reports too: twodogradio@gmail.com at 0132 hours.

Edward Kusalik

 this station broadcasting here at 0053, managed to catch a ID, lot'sa skids, this via sdr site in Milford ,PA..nothing out here in western Canada..at 0105 remake of a Beatles song, followed with comments by DJ Gave a mailing address as P.O.Box 452 Wellsville ..must be a relay of a old recording..

Hearing via SDR in SW Ireland with S5 to s6, manage to catch ID as Radio El Dorado at 1500 hours..then into  "Oh! Susanna" ..is this a relay or a station itself??

QSLs Received / 6285 AM Radio Enterprise QSL
« on: March 13, 2021, 1403 UTC »
6285 AM Enterprise Radio. QSL card with full data and stickers, via Postal Mail, for my November's reception. Located in north part of Italy, runs 400 watts, into a rotorable antenna. :)
Here is the link:

QSLs Received / Radio Jennifer E-QSL
« on: February 23, 2021, 1720 UTC »

Here is the reply I got from Radio Jennifer on the Test broadcast..

Hearing some kind programming at 1925 hours but very weak and noisy conditions via a SDR site in Fudla, Germany..too weak to ID or any thing else...
switched to sdr site in the Czech Republic (Marianske Lazne site) @1930 hours with a better signal

It's Radio Batavia with iD and e-mail address...

Massive signal into Alberta (Lamont SDR) at s9+ @ 0105 hours with another Bonnie song. S5 to s6 into Daysland, again a great reception.
Many thanks for coming out tonight's broadcast..

Edward Kusalik

closing comments and about program (Santana songs)and then sign-off at 0130 hours...

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