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2137 Thin Lizzie tune, PRI ID
2139 Stevie Wonder

S5, fades, clear audio, one of those "You can't have too many receive antenna moments", I can only get this clearly on my NE pointing DADFA.

2141 Rockin Robin

2155.. This isn't a strong signal. S3-5, rapid fades. I am probably getting it now as the rock I inhabit is parked out on the great circle path a little closer to Europe. Clear modulation though, music good, male anncr a little muffled sometimes.

2157  ID and closing down announcement, email address, may be on during the week.
2159  Gone

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6915.14 AM RPI 2321 Feb 28
« on: February 28, 2014, 2322 UTC »
2322.. weak, missed english ID, fading. Tune "You are so beautiful"
2324  .. something 'international'
2332 Might have been an ID, but I can't quite pull the words out. Best reception on DADFA to NE, so could very well be in Ireland or environs.
( really need my K9AY back online.. useful for quick direction finding.. it's undergoing maintenance right now, in the dead of winter. Not part of a good plan !)
2335 Moni Moni
2337 Groovy Kind of Love
2239 Getting killed bu UTE !
2240 Heard a "Radio Premier International' in email address, finally
2341 Audio improved drastically. Still hard to pull male voice out clearly, female singing quite clear.
2345 End of a gospel sounding piece.. carrier only now
( I happen to have access to an SDR in Europe.. just checked it and couldn't hear this station)
2346  Off

2154  "Eyes on the road" .. ( Doors ?)  noisy, S9
2157  Steve Miller - Keep on Rocking me
2200  Lead Zep..Black dog (?)  interupted with anncr  ID, but missed it,
2203  Radio Tidal Wave  ( had freq wrong... it's 6910, sorry, typo fingers)
( Chris.. I have 6910 on IC7700 and trust it's clock accuracy)
2206 disco sounding tune
2208  With noise and level of DSP I have to bring online, I am having trouble understanding the anncr, even though signal is strong. He is talking over the music.
2209  Female vocalist ( with bird calls over !)
2216  Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
2218  Petula Clark - Downtown
2219  Signal hitting S9+10 dB now
2221  Guitar instrumental
2224  Archies - Sugar
2228  Tune( I can't identify it)
2230  Anncr  "Good evening message", to listeners in Netherlands, shoutout to Chris Smolinski, others
2231  Email address,
2231  Cold Play
2236  Carly Jepson - This is Crazy  
2237 Radio Tidal Wave id repeated (in song)
2238 ID repeated
2240 Lots of signal, but very noisy copy now, some QRM from nearby utility.

I suppose this should have gone in Euro section, but got on a roll here.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 0628 UTC Nov 29 2013
« on: November 29, 2013, 0641 UTC »
0628  just cauht tail end of a spiritual sort of discussion , involving transmissions from space. S5, noisy, couldn't quite pull out    
an ID.
0638   Off

One of the recorder loggers may be able to ID this.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6933 LSB 0020 Nov 16, UTC
« on: November 16, 2013, 0021 UTC »
0021  Very strange random tones and music notes. Loud. S9. I think this is fishfone wannebe radio ?

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 AM, 0147 UTC, Nov 4, 2013 UNID
« on: November 04, 2013, 0152 UTC »
0147 Johny Rivers Secret Agent Man
0150 Mississipi Baby  S9++
0155 another blues tune ( a few technical difficulties ?)
0159 Another blues tune, sounds like Chuck Berry
0200 More blues.. Chicago Blues genre  theme, it seems ?
0204 Walk the dog.. cutting out occasionaly
0205...... off ?

0100 just came up, S9+15  very good audio.... (RE1 ?)
0101 RE1 ID
0105  "Justin Bieber has escaped ", ID  ( tnx RE1 !)
0106 Ghost Busters  theme song
0110 ID, Vampire tune
0112 Trick or treat song
0116 Monster Mash
0119  Report address, ID, fades now down to S5
0120 Justin Bieber is dead announcement, chorus
( I think this is a repeat program... am I the only one hearing this ?)
0126 ID  , deep fades,
0127 Put a spell on you ( not the CCR version)
0130 Dropped right down now... snatches of the FCC-FU song

This is like a personal broadcast... thanks RE1 ! The JB segment was heard quite well.
0137   Lost the path now... too bad. Get little snatches of signal
0142 ID GSTQ Anthem
0146  Gone for me

Thanks RE1 !

ID sign on  0101 loud, excellent signal here, S9+10 dB

0104 RE1 ID, Ocarina tune
0107 "non stop music" "free music radio, Radio Echo 1"
0110 Address for reports, ID
0111 fanfare tune, more ID's
0111 'Echo 1', repeated ( no question of IDing this signal !)
0112 Highway to the Danger Zone version ( from top gun)
Fired up R390A to hear this signal, it's excellent quality.
0115 "Not a test" "Free Music Radio", sounds like a Soviet marshal tune
0118 ID before/after every music selection,
0121 Hitting +20 over S9 now.. goodness !
0122 "Good morning Vietnam", Robin Williams, ID, some fading now
0123 Dropped down to S7, noisy now, tough copy.
0125 Back up to good signal +20 dB over S9
0126 ID,
0135 ID, spoof song to "God Save the Queen" score, about FCC, hilarious lyrics ( I am SDR recording this)
0138 ID, 1 year aniversary special, HFU shoutouts
0140 Champagne "pop"
0141 Announcement of Justin Bieber special (not !) on Halloween
0142 Happy Birthday tune, clarinet version
0144 ID, deep fade .....  off ? Lost signal here, but apparently broadcast ran to  0158. Sorry I didn't hear it all.

Great show !  Nice production of FCC/FU song.

In a tip from RE1.. found choral version of the FCC song... here is a link:  http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/ME/FCCFU_TheAnthem_Choir.mp3

0006 Carrier and Dirty Water  tune just coming up here S9 here, a bit noisy, PRB ?
0009 "With or without you"
0014 C&W tune, female vocalist ( I have no C&W repertoire, so bad on tune ids)
0016 Another C&W
0020 PRB ID, address, echo affect. Harry Smith mention.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6933 LSB 2300 UTC Oct 18 2013
« on: October 18, 2013, 2306 UTC »
2300 moody piece of music
2303 Dance/ techno  type piece, voice over.  Is this a real pirate ? Or a wannabe ?  S5
Kind of sounds like spur of the moment wannabe from south of us.
I think this should be given a pass.
Or a real pirate should setup here with a good signal !
I suppose it's possible it's two signals. Yuch.
2315 Ms Menthol.. does this sound like one or two signals at your QTH ?
Mentholyptus: Thanks. I must have loud peskies here on top. I can separate them a little with phasor and two different receive antennas. Music is easier to copy now.
2322 Sounds like kind of music you hear on one of those Techno music playlists

I am begginning to think someone is trying to put the bricks on the peskies. Seems to be driving them nuts. Cool !  It's a radio cage fight !

2349  WITH PRB off, can make this out again. Ethereal tune, spanish voice.
2351  Flute tune

0002 Female vocal  , S9 signal , usual 6929.4 kHz
0004 What ?  Just heard Radio Echo 1 (female)  id !
0009 Real Music  Radio Echo 1 ID  ( I know this is supposed to be PRB, but I have heard two Radio Echo 1 ID's now)
0014 ID, email address,  S9 on loop, S9+10 dB on OCF dipole
(Thanks Ed Insinger.. I thought I was imagining things there , for a minute)
0018 Mention of thanks to Chris Lobdell, ID
0022 SSTV  Pokeman character ? Road, bright light(2nd frame) Union Jack (3rd frame) ( I stand corrected.. it is indeed the the Union flag, and Union Jack when on ship. I have heard it referrred to as Union Jack all my life, thanks Echo 1. And yes, Pikachu.. that's the one. My son was seriously into those things but I never learned all the names, except the Snorlax.. my favourite)
0026  ID,address, signal dropping
0027 God Save the Queen
0028 off

MAC golden oldies show, QRM from some utility sigs, readable. S7+
(just installed new homebrew active magloop..works great !)
1936 ID
1943  Gone..... drat!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Wolverine Radio 6935 USB 0026 Oct 8
« on: October 08, 2013, 0030 UTC »
0026  Testing 123 Can any body hear me.. repeated
0028 Wolverine Radio ID   +15 dB over S9  booming on OCF dipole !
0028 Satchmo tune
0031 "If you love me baby "  swing/ big band music, excellent audio, so good I am firing up the R390A !
0036 ID Wolverine radio,  blues program it seems, excellent.
R390A at 8 KHz ,USB .. wow, a good example of "medium-fi" from a SW USB signal. Amazing.  Decent bass line coming through even. ( No enthusiasm here !)
0044 ID
0049  Roy Orbison Pretty Woman
What a great show ! Thanks a bunch
0101 Hey we got "country AND western" to the show theme.
(Mentholyptus.. you must be too close to the lighthouse.. sorry you can't hear this, great show)
0108 first fade of the broadcast
0109 SSTV
0111 Looks like show over. Drat. Great radio !

0159 On  S5-6 on receive arrays
0204 ID  RFW
0208 New tune, (angry garage rock material)
0209 S9 now
0212 RFW ID, dropped back to S5-6 excellent SNR on DADFA (receive array)
0216 Commentary  RFW metal show, back up to S9
0222 "QRM"
Definately South of me, looks like SW per K9AY direction.
0225 RFW  rock rock rock
0230 Signal dropping to S2, almost in noise floor now, bummer, it was such a good signal !
0235  QRM commentary, becoming difficult copy, RFW ID
0242  Tough copy now, I am pulling the pin......zzzzzz

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6925 USB 0840 UTC
« on: September 29, 2013, 0852 UTC »
Hearing a station just starting to come out of noise at 0840
0840  music
0841  new song, female singer
0843 signal improving slightly. (DADFA array best SNR)
0844 New instrumental
0849 Short musical piece and muffled voice..could have been an ID, not copied
0850 New short instrumental piece
0850 Another instrumental, sig quality improving but still difficult.
0858 Same piece playing
0902 New piece
Still can't make out a lot of detail, and time to head off to another activity.(fishing)

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