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2357  Geeez.. worst reception I think I have ever had of RFW. Can't make out much.
0004 Cleared up, now very good. I think I was QRMed by an appliance !
0005 RFW ID

2241  Really good S9+, pop tunes ( don't know them)
2242 ID Radio Illuminati, email address

2354 Excellent sig into Halifax. S9+
2356 ID "Wolverine Radio"

North American Shortwave Pirate / unid 6935 USB 0012 Oct 27
« on: October 27, 2017, 0012 UTC »
0012  No idea what this is, very strange piece with bird calls, drumming, weird sounds
0014 Very strong here. off and on
0015 Off. Must have just caught the tail end

0124 YL id "Clever name radio", fade, audible.

2332  not strong, noisy, S5ish.

2245  Lucy in the sky Good sig.
2249 Any time at all
2306  ID by female voice, freq 6940, Clever Name Radio

2253  weak but readable.  Haven't heard RFW in while.
2307  Up to a nice S8 now, decent. Maybe DW can stay on a little longer ?
2310  Gee.. hitting 10 over now. This is why radio is so much fun.
2344  Still booming in Halifax
2355 Shoutouts..tnx.

0016  S9 great signal. Haven't heard comrade Weed in a while, nice to hear. Best "Hifi" USB signal around !
0025 mr Weed commenting, limited internet bandwidth problem, having some technical difficulties. Computer problems. "Royaly -Bleeped-. Computer toast, wrapped up show at 0027. Email address. Computer recovers... and not leaving after all.
0028  Hunting for song on computer, explaining artwork index system (!)
0030 Letter from the Moon, Mint (after ad)

2358  Barely audible in Halifax, noisy, music.

2348 Repeating announcement " Pls stby for clandestine transmission, Radio Illuminati is now on the air", interval tune. S8-9 , some rapid fade. Decent signal.
2355  Very short signal interruption
0003 Shook me all night long

2357 Music here with some French over top, 2 stations ?  Lady doing numbers at 2358. then off

2042 Big sig S9.  Big band selection. Mr. Weed certainly has eclectic programming taste ! Congrats.
2044 It's so good, moved over to R390A for some hifi
2045 Repro of Pearl Harbour  attack news.
2050 Repro  "declaration of war broadcast". Quite a good repro.
2056 RFW ID ( not DW)
2110 Dick Weed description of show .. Nice work guys.
2111 Off

2212  ID "Amphetamine Radio...  50 watts power"
2215  Weak but decent reception, S2

0100  great signal, S9 +
0108 Abrupt off

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