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0137  Haven't heard them in a while. Good signal. Still cleaning up from nearby lightning strike.
0138 Who
0143  Really faded..almost in noise

0058  Can hear this fairly well but SSB QRM, music.

2228  Two guys talking about commercial media .. sounds like some regular sort of discussion program.
Good signal, S8-S9   QRM from some ops on same freq.
2332 Stones

0112 Very weak here. can hear them but pretty arginal to figure out  any music. Voice at now.

0109  Pink Floyd  Decent signal, but weak.
0115 Must be a Pink Floyd theme tonight
0016 Off ? Nope.. more Pink Floyd.. Dark Side of the Moon
0117 Better catch on SW Pennant.. S5 now
0125 SSTV ID

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 AM 2135 utc Feb 18
« on: February 18, 2016, 2136 UTC »
2135  Music, good signal, S3-5
2141 Same unusual piece, strength has increased, S6-7
(Fixed date, sorry)
2158 Going out on a limb here, might be a different piece playing.
2204 Good solid S9 now. Wish I could tell you what was playing. Out of my depth.
2207  Morse id ( missed it) and off.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRMI 6915 AM 2356 UTC 16 Feb 2016
« on: February 18, 2016, 0047 UTC »
0046 Feb 18 (UTC)  Can hear these guys about S3-4. Sounds like some religious stuff/ hollering.. pretty unusual for a pirate.

2303 S4-5 in Halifax. Can't hear any of the reported relays here.
2306 SSTV   Nicotine/Morphine graphs.. Amphetamine Radio Id. A bit fuzzy for me
2308 Back to music SNR dropping.

2121 Really booming S9+10    off the wall monologue , hash  of Canada/USA references.

0148  Booming S9   Queen, Benway..good to hear you on again !
0153  Dr. Benway grooving with his DJ tools, American Woman, Guess Who.
Thanks for the shoutouts

0117  Can hear music hear, weak, S1-2, not sure if it's still XLR8

2318  Nice signal S9+
2336 Ghost Shortwave, echo ID, Halloween special
2336 Clap for the Wolfman song.

2309 Lot's a howling weird stuff. S9 +
2311 Wolverine Radio ID

2205  Can just make out some music here,  S3, building.
2210 SSTV.. sounds like two stations here

2016  Carrier OK, modulation not quite enough to catch full song. S5
2022  Mag loop brings this in much better. S8-9  now, don't recognize the tune, (Stones like)
2026  Heard It Through the Grape Vine

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