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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6945USB 01:13 09/28/13
« on: September 28, 2013, 0117 UTC »
0116   I can hear this too. USB best, S5
0118   Climbing in strength, modulation much better.. almost sound like  an old Mike Oldfield tune.
0121 New sound effect mix.. receive arrays put this SW of me
0122 ID, but didn't catch it
0127  Off, back on less strength.. "Deputy Dan Colouring book"...from old Firesign Theatre album, Dear Friends, I think
  (Strangely enough I have all of the Firesign  Theater albums.. one of my most valuable possessions)
 0142  break in music, back on with an Oboe medely , maybe a little low for an oboe.
0145  Hitting S8-9 now. Very good sig.
0204 SSTV pic
0206 SSTV end sig off

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6921 AM 2337- 09-22-13
« on: September 22, 2013, 2342 UTC »
Whatever this is.. booming in Halifax. S9+
ID at 2340.. missed the wordds from phone ringing ..drat.
Is this Radio Free Whatever ?
Ahah Radio Echo 1 ID at 2341

I tried to  open a new listing for this in Euro pirates, but seems to have been unsuccessfull.

Radio Echo 1 ID... this is a Euro pirate. Got a nice QSL from them last week.

Pirate themed songs
0005 ID repeated, email address
0006 "God save the queen" ( when I was a kid, this was our national anthem in Canada.. I remember thewords !)
0008 No audio, carrier off

S5 in Halifax.. excellent signal.
Quick ID "Wolverine Radio" at 0107
0109   "I saw the light"
0110  Boom boom, out go the lights

USB with a side of fidelity !

0114  Hitting S7-8 now, no gain on receive arrays.  
0115  ID  "Wolverine Radio"

RE: BW.. just fired up the R390A.....excellent on 8 KHz BW, not much different on 16 KHZ.. big change from 4 KHZ. That's a decent transmitter. S9+  with OCF dipole.

Great radio show !

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Echo 1 6920 AM 0101- 09-16-13
« on: September 16, 2013, 0105 UTC »
"Radio Echo 1" 0100
Lola 0104
6921 AM here
Calliope tune at 0110
SHould I stay or Should I go at 0115
Sig  just came way up, also nulled QRM with phased verticals
ID "Echo 1.. rpt  shortwave" at 0118
Barracuda  at 0119
ID at 0127
Hitting S9 +10 here now at 0130
ID and QSL email address at 0131
Steelers Wheel- Stuck in the middle

S5 to S8  in Halifax
"head" music, weird at 0052
Sounds like "Great White North" theme in background  0055
(Apparently a new station on here now, per postings, missed ID)
Air raid siren at 0108
War.. what is it good for ?
Dylan at 0112

Can hear an AM signal on 6920. S3 and down in the noise occasionally.. music.. can't quite get the gist yet. Been there for last 15 minutes or so. K9AY  helpful in West direction.

Maybe slightly better at 2320. Best SNR on DADFA ( dual active delta flag array).
Building at 2323

Blondie.. Number one.. voiceover at 2325

Still not great at 2341. DSP processing on IC7700  slight improvement over HDSDR and SDR-IQ.
Not what you call a booming signal. Still hear a bit of signal at 2343.

2357  Don't stop Believing
0007  Steve Miller Band  Abradabracadabra (oops, not 2307 !)

S6-S7 in Halifax this morning.. quite decent on R390A with ">fi" amp and speakers, good on assortment of antennas.

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