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0000 Just tuned into the end of taps, great signal !
0011  Jimmy Stewart Show, playlist, time check 0012 UTC ID Memorial Day tribute
0014 CW CQ  QRM
0022 Jimmy Stewart closing comments
0024 CW hanging in there, but just QRMing. Doesn't interfere with fine show, thank goodness.
0026 Last tune was Gordon Jenkins, a 78 RPM record
0031 JS show, MAC shortwave radio ID.
0032 Goodbye at 0032 UTC, last song is a "mood" song, Memorial Day weekend show
0035 anthem
0037 MAC laugh, off

Nice show, thanks !

0003  Can make it out in Halifax, not great, maybe S4-5

0155  Wow ! Great signal & +fidelity, in Halifax.
0204  Signal so good, worth cranking up a full complement of valves.. ( R390A) with big speakers

Great music program.. thanks Wolverine !

2346  RFW ID, Dick weed, very good sig in Halifax, S9, clear.
2357 ID
0017  Off

Thanks for the show.. fun as always !

0528  If this is same station, weak in Halifax but can hear music. (may 17)

0021   AM here, with QRM , maybe from a pesty.
0028   Music.. but not really clear.
0030  Must be off, but never really heard enough for an ID

0032  In the clear, excellent signal in Halifax, S6-7
0034 'Legendary host D Weed, and Stephen", RFW ID
0126 off

0047 RFW.. D Weed, and a very unidentifiable ( by me) tune. Sounds almost oriental. Weak S 4
0048 Off
0049 Voice.. "sounding good", off again
( RE: Mentholyptus.. I had a few emails from her.. she was having internet/wifi connection issues. Just sent her another one regarding your note on her absence)
0052 Back on.. sounds like a few technical issues.
0104  Signal improved some. S7 now.
0117 S9 now.. much better.. "Mentholyptus tribute show" !! Very nice of RFW to do this.

2318  MAC id, clear,  S8-9 in Halifax, James Stewart show

(Just in time for sign off.. rats !)

0016  Not bad signal, weak but clear. Instrumental
Technically, this is now 25, not 24 UTC
0020 Clarinet piece.. sounds like Benny Goodman maybe ? An instrumental of " That man of mine " ?
0028  RFW Dick Weed ID  ( Local pulse type QRN killing me here.. can't seem to null it with the usual bag of tricks, worse, it's +- 15 kHz of RFW ! Drat the luck. Best antenna is small mag loop)
0034 S7-8 now
0041 RFW RPM id
0050 off , carrier staying with us.

0141  Dick Weed ( and friend, Stephen), monologue ( dualogue ?) with Easter greetings RFW, Good signal, clear.

Thanks guys.. I will remove the question mark !

0144 RFW anthem.. very good  ( really enjoy your show !)
0147  QSL commentary.. excuses.. yeah, excuses.
0150 Lack of pirates comment !
0152 Music show started
HiFi USB signal.. per RFW standards.
0245 Email addr.. great show guys, thanks  ( Rerun.. but I missed it first time around)
0248 Shoutouts... audio is great guys. Hi fi (ve)
0257  Off... always a fun listen.

2347 Great signal in Halifax. Jimmy Stewart show, ID Mac shortwave, email addr.
2351 I've got you under my skin
2357  Ozzie Nelson.. Jersey Jive ( where are you finding these tunes ?.. very cool)
2359  Off

0100 Popped on with some smooth jazz.  S5, peskie interference

(a bit clearer in USB, can cut the LSB QRM down a little)
0106 Flip Flop Fly.. sounds like DownChild Blues Band
Lots of blues.. end for end. Good show

0108  Weak in Halifax, S2 can just make out audio/music

0039  'Bad Friday", over a tune, lots of peskie QRM, S5,... this msut be the same station,  repeating the broadcast ?
0040 Dylan,Wilburys "The walls came down"
0047 Bad monkey Friday, repeated
0051  off

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