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Great booming signal here as usual Wolverine!
0127 Can't remember the name of this song. Have not heard it in a long while.

Thanks for the show Wolverine!!

Nice strong signal here in Cen IL. The R75 is pulling in the tunes tonight.

Dickweed talking after playing back to back girls bands. 0200 utc

Thanks for the show!

Fair signal here. Fading with the noise.

Thanks for the show!

Awesome signal into Illinoise as usual.

Thanks for the show Wolverine!! Great to hear you tonight!

Fading in and out. Hard to hear what is being said.
Sounds like a woman speaking at 0022.

Thanks for the show!

Great signal as usual here!

Thanks Wolverine!!

Heard them for a minute. Faded out and noise now.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID, 6935 AM, 0206 UTC
« on: February 08, 2015, 0219 UTC »
Weak signal here in the noise.

Heard someone singing and they faded out.

First time hearing this one. Good signal with some fading at 0030.
Hoo hie Koochie.
Radio Clandenstine id at0045.

Thanks for the show!

I heard this on 11530 USB at 1730z January 25, 2015. Spanish numbers with digital tones. I tried AM and LSB but could not hear anything.

Great signal here in IL!
Up on the roof

Thanks for the show Wolverine!

Strong signal IL
Man and woman singing some oldies

Thanks for the show Wolverine Radio!! Awesome as always!!

0057 Hearing music under the noise. Silent Night
Now data bursts.

Thanks for the show!

0016z hearing WHYP in Central IL. Loud but with some fading. I am listening on a long wire with my R75.
Retro Christmas 2001
Listening to a horse whinnying.
Christmas music.

Thanks for the Christmas Eve show!!

2355z hearing Christmas Carols
Good signal here in Central IL with some noise on the wire tonight.

Grandma Got Run Over by a reindeer.

Thanks for the show!!

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