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Tuned in at 2300z great signal to central illinois
Christmas music. Glory to the new born king.
2318 Noel

Thanks for the show!

Great signal to central illinois.
2240 The Seasons upon us
Silent night and Christmas tunes. Frankie Sinatra.

2232 Black Betty
2234 Hang on Loosely
2238 American band
Fading signal in Central IL. S-3 signal

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6876 AM 2203 22 Dec 2015
« on: December 22, 2015, 2308 UTC »
The Crystal Ship
Nice s7 signal into illinois at 2246 utc
2246  Love child
2248 Wiid then to Walter Kronkite and the presidetial primary
Reports on Mccarthy and obby kennedy and a speech by bobby kennedy.
2259 Groovy now
2302 id TCS Echos of 1968
2305 reporting while kennedy was hot

Thanks for the show!!

First time hearing you. Great signal into Central, IL. Great show!!

0308 heard email given
WABC IDís since I started listening about 0240
0310 Digging up bear. Bama bashers song. Sounds like Randy Travis singing Digging up bones.
0313 9 after 9
Hearing some oldies I have not heard in a while. Live it!!
0314 Love made a fool of you
0315 golden extra car commercial
0316 WABC ID Russ knight program Thanksgiving weekend.
Disco era 1977
Boogie man

Thanks for the show!!

Nice S9 signal here in Central IL. Sounds like you are in my back yard.
0114 Get it on
0117 XFM ID giving ID.
0118 Black Sabbath request

Great to hear you tonight! Thanks for the Halloween Show!!

I am listening to the TCS Halloween Playhouse show 10/27/15 6850 AM 2308 utc
Hearing a male telling a spooky tale s-7 with fading. Hard to understand what is being said.
2321 laughter and sounded like ID.
2323 Another story taking place on the ocean. Sounds like a good one. Lost 100 men. A Pirate tale maybe? :)
2329 music, Run with me.
2333 Male telling another tale talking about swallowing a capsule and going down in each otherís arms.
2335 good tune. Donít fear the reaper. Havent heard that one in a while. Thanks!!
Thanks for the show! Always good to hear you on the air!

Darin Theobald
Central IL
Icom R75, Dipole antenna

2248 Van Halen Running with the Devil
2252 Hells Bells AC/DC
2259 WREC ID

S3 signal fading here but I can still hear.

Thanks for the show!

Great s-9 signal here as usual Wolverine!!
Tuned in at 0242
Sounds like an oldies show tonight. Awesome!

Thanks for the show!!

S-5 signal into Central IL @ 0115 Jul 5
DjDickweed giving ID and email
Post to HF Underground.
Going to song form Dandelion in 1995. DIdnt catch the name.
0119 Station ID and into another Rock song Incubus Make out Party.
0127 5705
Giving shout outs.

Thanks for the Shoutout!!

Thanks for the show!

Signal improved to s-7. Hearing great audio.

Hearing the Crystal Ship on6876 AM with a s8 signal here in central IL. Nice signal. steady.
Good tunes.

0118 Van Halen- I cant drive 55
0120 not sure who sings this one or the name. Always sounded like her tits are shaking to me. :)
Woman talking
0124 Jesses girl

Cranking up the Icom R75 here! Thanks for the show!!

2344 Man talking after music.
I had to switch to LSB to hear anything. Noise on AM in IL.
2346 now is a good signal on AM with fading.

It sounds like I am picking up 2 different transmissions. 1 on LSB and the other on AM. One is music on AM and the other is talking on LSB.

Almost sounds German but I cannot make out the language either. AM is just noise now.

Good signal here at 1310
Some noise and crashes due to storms moving through.
Germany Calling ID with email at 13:13

News report talking about Belgium, Britain and France and fighting the German Army.

Thanks for the show!

Nice strong signal here! Good to hear you Wolverine!!

Thanks for the show!

I hear someone talking at 0130. Weak signal. Unable to make out what was said.

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