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Fair signal on the wire tonight through the storm here.

Thanks for the show XLR8!!

2315 hearing music fading in and out.

Thanks for the show!

Sounded like WRR ID and maybe gave an address.
Talking about audio.
Signal is getting stronger but still fading a little.

0015 heard Who Let the dogs out.
weak signal with static noise here in Central IL.
Hearing music now.

Good to hear Wolverine tonight!

Good signal into Central IL.

0127z My Heart Belongs to Daddy
0131z I Wish That I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate

Thanks for the show!!

6876AM 0125 utc TCS Relay

Good signal with a little fading into Central IL. Listening on my Icom R75 and wire.
Heard some Cars
Der Comisar

Thnaks for the 80's music tonight and for the show TCS!

I have them here with a good signal. Have not heard an ID yet.
Spiders and Snakes at 0217

Thanks for the show!!

Renegade Radio ID.

Thanks for the shout out!!

0218 z good signal
Heard some Stones.
Thanks for the show XLR8!

0350 UTC fair signal in IL
Blues music.
First time hearing BOR

Thanks for the show!

0121 set my soul on fire!
Born to booth set my soul on fire
Awesome signal Wolverine!

Thanks for the show!

0103 hear someone taking about Bea Arthur. Noise and fading on the pl660 tonight.
Mac shortwave ID
Thanks for the show.

Radio Free Whatever great signal on my pl660 tonight!
Talking about transmitter and assistant Steven getting a lap dance.

Thanks Dickweed!!
Awesome show!

Strong signal here with some noise @0108
0130 wants a bow legged woman
Thanks for the show!

0146 talking about what may sound like a CD but they are records. RPM. The records are in great shape.
0147 Benny Goodman
Great signal on my pl660
Radio Free Whatever ID again at 0154

Thanks for the show RFW!!

70's Jukebox Show
Good signal on my Pl 660!
0053 eagles
Sweet Jesus

Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Tcs 6851 2354z 4-8-14
« on: April 09, 2014, 0006 UTC »
0000 live for today?
0004 San Francisco song

Good signal on my pl660 with wire.
Thanks for the show TCS!

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