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0:30 UTC   The static is angry in Tejas tonight, my friends.... like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

Faint copy over S-7 static but a nice carrier seen on the SDR.   >:(

0:35  carrier gone

"...aluminum foil underpants..."

This is why I still tune the pirates.

Aluminum faraday cages have been proven in scientific studies to profoundly exacerbate Alzheimer's and other ravaging mental diseases and illnesses.  
Talk about going NUTS.....   :o

Re-post from another forum:

DA was copied on 14017 kHz here in west central FL two nights ago 0340-0405Z 05-29-2014.

IMO the signal seemed too loud for band conditions at that time to be Kazakhstan, unless it was quite a QRO station.

Perhaps someone would recognize the operators fist?

Listen to a sound clip I made on this link,


There's an operator on 15m lately using a legitimate Ukrainian callsign whilst proclaiming to be in the new Republic of Donetsk, the loudest signal on the band and the dirtiest with artifacts buck-shooting all over the place!


Short article.  http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2014/may/new_pirate_stations_in_ukraine_conflict.htm

New pirate stations in Ukraine conflict

Two CW stations have appeared on the higher HF bands, claiming to operate from Donetsk, as promoting a separatist 'Peoples' Republic of Donetsk', or 'NovoRossiya New Russia'.

The callsigns, D0A and 1C4M are believed to be two operators on the same transmitter. The callsigns are invalid and do not count for anything in ham radio terms.

While a QSL manager may be appointed shortly in Donetsk, communications are poor, and direct QSL is unlikely to succeed.

There is some doubt that the stations are really in Donetsk. There is evidence that they may be operating from Kazakhstan.


Can it block 14313 kHz?

I see what you did there!   ;D

I'm curious - I see OMCS listed in the hfunderground.com/wiki but nothing else found doing an internet search. 

Any information/legend on this station?

QSLs Received / Re: Orbital Mind Control Satellite eQSL
« on: May 20, 2014, 2041 UTC »
I'm SO jealous... what a COOL QSL card!   :'(

I must catch & log OMCS!

This is cool stuff - thanks for posting!! 

Strong DX pirates!   ;)

Spy Numbers / Re: Logs, S06s, G06, E07, V13 and XPA
« on: May 01, 2014, 1916 UTC »
Thanks, RW Observer !

01:42 UTC - Patsy Cline "Crazy - 5-9 into Tejas, great signal/sound   :)
01:43 UTC - James Brown "(Believe Me, I go) Crazy"
01:45 UTC - OM/ID "Wolverine Radio" - song, "Crazy Love"

Thanks for the great music!

04:36  S-3 into Tejas, rock and roll but unintelligible in Tejas
04:37  OM talking, static crashes wiping out signal, Hendrix "Hear My Train Coming"
04:49  Grateful Dead, "I Will Survive (Touch of Grey)"
04:55  ID/email - Didn't catch it, S-2 into Tejas - off the air

Thanks for the show, bad conditions here.   :'(

S-5 into Tejas - jazzy vocals
04:02  music ends
04:04  another song, jazzy unid music - signal 5-7 into Tejas, "Give it up or carry on" song
04:08  music ends
04:11  another song, jazzy unid, signal increasing 5-9 into Tejas
04:18  music ends
04:21  another song, jazzy unid - signal still a good 5-7
04:26  music stops abruptly - nothing more heard through 04:42
04:42  off

Whoever you are, thanks for the show!  Wondering if these songs are demos of the same group?

Bluegrass Music S-5 into Tejas - Blue Ocean Radio?  Saw a post earlier, perhaps same program.
03:40  Another Bluegrass tune
03:43 OM ID - Blue Ocean Radio - into another song - still S-5 and solid copy into Tejas
03:48 interference?
03:51 interference - pig/goat noises - over "Man of Constant Sorrow" song
03:53 OM ID - Blue Ocean Radio - into another song - YL ID - "the best of music, Blue Ocean Radio" during song
03:56 YL ID - Blue Ocean Radio - into another song

Thanks for the show, BOR!

S-7 into Tejas at 03:27 UTC
03:30  Station ID - "you are listening to Turtle Head Radio - Voice of the mentally ______"
03:31  "off"?

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