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Solid S9 into Southwest Michigan.  Some fading but very nice audio. 54444.  Listening on an OCF dipole at 35 ft oriented SE/NW.

I always like your shows. Great music! Thanks a ton!


I've been listening for a while. 

2229 - Just Another Rainbow

54444 in SW Michigan, audio is very nice.
Great music today, thanks!


0156 - Rush Bangkok

0157 - Closer To The Heart


Great signal and show!  55555 on 6850 and 20 over on 4180.  6850 sounds better though in SW Michigan.
Your playlists are the best.  Great production and show!!  Thanks for the music.  I always look forward to your broadcasts. 

Thanks again!

Great signal into SW Michigan.  I've been listening since Glenn Miller.  55455 +10 
National Anthem @0047


2346 - Long Gone
2350 - My Enemy
2355 - Losing My Religion
2358 - Night Dreamers

S9+ 55444 and getting better.  Thanks for the music!

2307 UTC - Electronic music.  S7-9 55444.  Drifting on occasion.

Great signal into SW Michigan.  55445  Solid S9 and nice audio.  Thanks for the music!  Never heard that version of Godzilla. 

Solid S9 on a G5RV half laying on the ground 55555.

2212 - Angel by Costa and Elara
2213 - ID Black Swan International
2213 - Carry my Love Costa and Esmaye
2218 - ID, Distant World
2219 - Explorer by Lurum
2222 - Space Bunny by Stoto

Thanks for the new (to me) music!  Great signal into SW Michigan.

4185 AM - 54444 Very nice audio as usual!  Some fading.  Signal on 5185 is not as good. 

Listening in SW Michigan on a temporary G5RV up at 20'.

Thanks for the music!!


Steady S9 in SW Michigan.  Nice audio.  55545

Thanks for the music! 

Nice signal into SW Michigan.  SINPO: 44444

How about Boys of Summer by The Ataris?

Thanks for the music!

Unid - Steady S9 in SW Michigan.  Some fading.  54444.  Thanks for the music!

Solid S9++ in SW Mich.  55455

2334 RFW ID
2339 Rockin shortwave

Audio is great.  Nice playlist as always.


10 over in SW Michigan.  55555 great signal as usual.  Thanks for the music and get well soon!

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