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Sounds like the lower sideband of a DRM signal running in its 5khz usb mode. I believe 7315 is a WINB frequency, and WINB uses that DRM mode...The screenshot sure looks like that, too.

S9+10 here in NY. Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Solid S9+10 here @ 0100z.

Looping a WGU-20 ident, occasional droning siren-esque sound

Off? at 0015z

listening on 4175. great audio as always, fair level of multipath fading though. S9+20.

captain morgan ID @ 0016z. S9 here in CNY

5165 S9+20. Sounding great!
4175 also S9+20. audio seems a bit tinny, highs are a bit too high maybe?

Good evening redhat!

S9+10 here in CNY.

Signed on with some relaxing techno/jazz fusion tunes.
ID at 0145z or so, now talking about the blockchain.

S9+10 - S9+20 here in CNY.

ID heard. S9+10 carrier but weak audio. Grateful Dead I think?

S9+10dB here in CNY. ID at 0041z.

No copy on 6880 but booming into CNY on 5150 all night!

S9+10 here in NY. sounding good as ever!

ID @ 0228z

Tuned in to ID and SSTV at 0228z
Nice wide signal!
Would love a QSL - my email is in my signature

Some dead at 0245z.

fair S7 into CNY with Journey around 1715z.
uttara-kuru at 1720z, some peaks to S8-S9

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