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 Great list btw,

during the  recent perseids shower i  pointed the aerial at 285 degrees (transatlantic) and recorded 87.75 overnight , nothing ventured nothing gained right?

i got  a blank carrier on 87.750, this time it definitely isn't local noise but is there any reason why anyone would be broadcasting a blank carrier?

it could be Italy off the back of the Aerial but nobody in Italy knows anything about it
another possibility is an Irish pirate

pretty much the only clear bit of band i have is 87.5- 87.9  which is why i'm trying 87.75 rather than something high powered
(though i do have some recordings of 91.7 still to check)

here's some  IQ files recorded overnight on 7th-8th august , the 87.75 signal is weak and best listened to in CW mode
rx was an Elad FDM-S2

for navigation purposes, i have a strong local pest on 88.0

FM Free Radio / Re: I/Q recordings of fm pirates
« on: August 17, 2019, 1336 UTC »
Remind me in half a year and I can make a recording of the semi local MW pirate that plays non stop Christmas music.  ;D

i like it!

iq file  (87.5-92.3mhz )recorded on Elad FDM S2


its very weak , you'll need to dial the bandwidth right down to 30-50khz

its the weak mumbling man i need to ID,
i'm really hoping its canada

I've ruled out the following stations:
RUV RAS2 (see 87.7 on the file)
BBC Radio 2
RTE Radio 1

i was beaming 290 degrees H POL

I almost posted this under sdr software but as this is probably in cloud cuckoo land I thought better of it.

You know how the signals from different radio telescopes are combined together to create the capabilities of a receiving array of huge dimensions. Well can we do this with our reception?

Obviously for run of the mill  tropo this would create a confusing pointless mess, but what about for extreme long haul dx maybe even EME on band 2 ?

I could imagine that being useful for transatlantic dx

How do radio observatories combine data streams? Do they use the normal internet to combine signals or some dedicated fibre optic cables with consistent latency they can work around?

Would we be better off recording IQ files and combining them offline?

Problems radio astronomers donít have that we do: lack of frequencies that are free in multiple locations. The further apart the receivers are the more of a problem this becomes until we end up limited to the bottom of the band.

That could change after The UK switches off analog, assuming weíre not the last country to switch off.

Could some of the sdr units capable of diversity reception be hacked into combining the required inputs?

PS: a Dutch radio amateur posted on a forum in 2016 that his next project would be band II EME.

I tried contacting him via qrz.com but the email bounced. His callsign is PE1BBI

no harm in dreaming right? ;-)

TV DX Loggings / Re: I miss analog TV!
« on: April 09, 2019, 1742 UTC »
2019 .. if it produces anything will likely be my last tv dx season

The Russian analogue switch off will not be complete by this years e season.
Theres also some Ukrainian txs around Odessa and some in Russian occupied Donbass.

There is the Afghanistan tx on 48.25 but i never  receive that, a friend in Germany does though

If its a poor season then 2018 will have been my final fling
I recorded lots of Russian TV signals in the 77-93 mhz range
As I/Q files

77.25 may be strong enough to recover a picture on playback with sdr# and the TV plugin.
My friend peter wilson is attempting it see skywaves forum-tv dx subforum- atv thread

Please feel free to experiment with my iq files

Some amazing dx from asia was logged on the Greece remote tuner last year by Australian dxer Todd Emslie. I think thailand has since gone off sadly

Are Philippines still on?

Thanks all,
Iíve reluctantly concluded it was a local interference source

Your help was greatly appreciated though

FM Free Radio / I/Q recordings of fm pirates
« on: April 09, 2019, 1713 UTC »
Does anyone want to trade I/Q recordings of FM pirates so I can tune them and imagine iím visiting your cities ? :D

Iíve got hours of i/Q Recordings of a short lived Romanian pirate on 87.5 from somewhere in England
And an Irish pirate from Cork heard during a lift on... you guessed it 87.5!

sadly I accidentally deleted my recordings of a local Polish pirate in which you could actually hear them blow out their amplifier stage!

I can make more recordings as stations pop up

My location allows reception of Pirates in the big cities of Liverpool and Birmingham

Rx is elad FDM-S2 ant is CLP 5130 Log period on rooftop rotator

FM Free Radio / Re: Question on pirate radio
« on: April 09, 2019, 1613 UTC »
@pigmeat congratulations on your part-15 dx itís probably a record.

medium wave pirates are active in Ireland but on standard inband euro. channels like 1395

Radio Britannia in yorkshire was on 1494 recently

Dutch pirates are alive and well in the 1600-1700 range
Including some in Belgium and Germany

Greece has an insane amount of piracy 1000-1800khz

AM is considered dead in many european countries so enforcement is weak to non existent

The AM band is considered dead

FM Free Radio / Re: Has anyone ever been an SCA pirate?
« on: April 09, 2019, 1554 UTC »
Is it possible to buy a minitx with sca so i can experimental with rxing the subcarriers?

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: part 15 distance records
« on: September 16, 2018, 0739 UTC »
I've imported a talking house tx to England, as a tech novice the auto ATU is a godsend.

The Stepdown transformer doesn't seem to have compromised the txs inbuilt earth system

I initially tried the top of the expanded band as recommended by the instructions but it's much happier lower down.

Yesterday I got 4 miles on car radio on 1440 which is currently empty in Europe but not for long

My goal is to have the carrier spotted as a trace by the carrier monitoring guys at DX distance with their ultra sensitive set ups

I guess you could call it a medfer with voice loop basically.

I'm a frustrated AM dxer, the band is lost to noise here but I still want to do something with this fascinating band before noise kills the hobby everywhere.

We're having somewhat of a LPFM boom in England right now, with most operating in the hazy area between I-TRIP and  0.5 watt pirate with an eBay tx

A few Sundays back I think we must have hit peak LPFM.
At a local hilltop the band was full of stereo blank carriers as well as the music pirates
From home the same day using an FFT display, I counted at least 5 permanently on  stereo carriers on 108 with associated stereo sidebands.

That seems to have been an exceptional day.
It's nice to see, none are strong enough to  interfere with dxing

It would be nice to get your part 15 regs pasted into UK law after Brexit, it encourages science and engineering skills and would provide relief from the hideously dull state of commercial radio in the UK.
Our community radio stations were supposed to do this but outside the big cities CR just copies commercial radio formats

likely suspect: CJOH-TV,  Deseronto, ON 10kw audio 

Hi Guys,
for 2 months  i've recorded 87.75 with an SDR while beaming at North America (my qth is Northern England) looking for   transatlantic meteor scatter
this morning at 0543 utc i *MIGHT have had something on 87.74 (i'm trying not to get overexcited!)
so who is still on in analogue mode with decent power on A6- on the Eastern Seaboard of North America?

are all the "Frankenstein FMs" in the US on 87.75 zero offset or are some on 87.74?

thank in advance

yours  excitedly :D

Tim Bucknall, Congleton Cheshire, UK

Equipment / Re: No DMR around? Roll your own!
« on: September 01, 2018, 1806 UTC »
from my experience with enforcement in the UK, the inspectors would not even be able to tell a drm signal from background noise so you could pretty much do what you want :-)

however its the am stereo tx that gets me excited , thanks for the link :-)

Equipment / Re: Cuthbert AM Stereo C-Quam Transmitter Kit! Finally!!!!!
« on: September 01, 2018, 1755 UTC »

No need for anything like this other than US??

Stereo on SW?....Hmmm......

if he does a constructed version that can be run right out of the box i'll bite for sure. just throwing it out there in case Cuthbert is reading this :-)

Fishing Drift Net Beacons / Re: Asian Drift Net Beacons 2MHz...
« on: September 01, 2018, 1723 UTC »
how much power do you think these things use?

theres too much noise on 2mhz here but i have heard the ones on 28mhz during the solar maximum

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