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Other / Re: Nonsense on 14313 USB
« on: December 17, 2015, 2246 UTC »
The mills of the gods grind slowly....

In the case of KZ8O/nd8v:


12/08/2015    Offlined for Alert List Review
12/08/2015    Offlined for Alert List Review
12/08/2015    Redlight Review Completed

In my case 15 years -- but better late then never....

And while we're at it, take a look at K3VR's ADMIN History:


01/17/2015    Offlined for Alert List Review
01/17/2015    Offlined for Alert List Review
01/16/2015    Withdrawal of Application Received
09/15/2014    Offlined for Enforcement Bureau Action
09/06/2014    Offlined for Alert List Review
09/06/2014    Offlined for Alert List Review
09/06/2014    Redlight Review Completed
09/05/2014    Payment Confirmed
09/05/2014    Modification Received

FYI The immediately above noted "Modification" was K3VR's application for the Vanity call-sign "N0NAL" -- which unfortunately for him was superceded by the FO early this year -- hence the "Withdrawal of Application"....

And "N0FO" phonetically 'NO -- Fuck Off' was a non-starter, since it's already taken, HI.

As we used to say in the Service, for both LIDs: Wait for it!!!

Other / Re: Nonsense on 14313 USB
« on: October 28, 2015, 1922 UTC »
FYI So as to nail the two related coffins shut, even though the nonsence continues, see the two latest FCC FOs:



And don't forget to carefully also read the two underlying NALs -- note particularly that FN #11 in BOTH refers to the occasionally herein maligned Karol VE7KFM -- and FN #16 in the Brian CROW K3VR NAL tells the LIEing HAMereekan Psycho tale:




North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925U Unid 0125 01=30-13
« on: December 26, 2014, 2036 UTC »
SDR catch here, seemed to start at 0124z with music, maybe with some CW mixed in? Fairly weak, S4 to S5 on peaks. Then recordings of an OM mixed in, presumed recordings from the 20m band.


I just tripped across this....

Go to the head of the class!

For the latest 'fall-out' from the purveyors of this Memorex, peruse:


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 0059 UTC 27Jan14
« on: December 26, 2014, 1932 UTC »
Found some old HF posts too http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php?topic=5043.0


Just tripped across this [and the other thread to which I replied] today....

Go to the head of the class, HI.

And for the 'rest of the story' read:


P.S. to Chris:

Wesolych Swiat i Szczesliwego Nowego Roku.

Other / Re: Nonsense on 14313 USB
« on: December 26, 2014, 1925 UTC »
For the 'rest of the story' read:


I doubt Canadian shortwave pirates will have anything to worry about as long as Karol Madera is doing his part to defend the HF spectrum from Industry Canada.  Tough job but someone's gotta make 20m entertaining and respectable.


I just came across this thread….

As a thinking CDN and otherwise, I wish to thank you for ~appropriately recognizing our Karol VE7KFM a.k.a. “The Canadian Army of One” and the important/effective work he has been doing, for over a decade, not only w/ our IC, but also w/i the HAMereekan ARS, for an example of which explicitly, inferentially and otherwise, see/read the slightly foreshortened and spelling/grammar-corrected missive from Laura SMITH, SCARE of the FCC, to Randy BEST W7CPA, dated 3 Mar ’09 to be found near the bottom of the Front Page on Karol’s ONLY website:



North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 14.313mhz usb ? 2:18utc
« on: September 15, 2011, 2151 UTC »
Yes, 14,313 kHz is where "The Voice of Canada"  Carl - VE7KFM  has been hanging out lately,
along with all his enemy's.   They record him, and replay it, as well as some other jamming.
And Carl - VE7KFM asks for more.  -   http://ve7kfm.com/   is  a site made by his enemy's
from the U.S.     Could be entertaining to listen to sometimes.   He likes to use
the word "rectum" in many of his jokes.  Guess he has a fetish.
And he likes to bash Americans.

And I believe he speaks Polish, and has some Polish language net with some
U.S. Hams in the mornings.   Possibly he was born in Poland.

RadioAnarchy & HTP

Greetings, fellow Newbies….

I don’t know why HTP – w/ a dizzying 7 posts to his credit here – would START a thread about what surely has historically been and again is the cess-pool freq. on 20m in general and YOU mention my fellow CDN, Karol VE7KFM, in disparaging, inarticulate and mis-spelled manner in particular….

Didn’t HTP – and YOU, RadioAnarchy – read:


which was/is essentially on the SAME subject matter – and after an impressive ~380 reads – appears to have JUST scrolled off the 1st index page the other day?

Irrespective, let me simply serially correct YOUR [RadioAnarchy’s] errors:

It’s “RADIO CANADA” NOT “The Voice of Canada”….

It’s “Karol” NOT “Carl”….

Karol does NOT “hang out” on 14.313 MHz – his decade+ long interest on the 20m Band is ~14.272-.274 MHz for reasons for which, peruse:


Karol does NOT ‘ask for more’….

If you monitor/listen carefully, over an extended period of time – to what is HAPPENING, NOT to what his enemies SAY is happening on 14.313 MHz – you might realize that Karol occasionally defends himself, as is his Right, from your “enemy’s” [sic], the re-broadcasting, defamation and “jamming”….

And why did you post an ANONymous, UNattributed, CLOAKED and fundamentally FRAUDulent website by way of feeble justification for your throw-away “asks for more” comment?

The thread title is about a freq. – NOT about the only occasionally-heard/solitary VE7KFM – or a website ‘as if’ by VE7KFM !!!

Or, was THAT the object of your exercise?

FYI From my monitoring of Karol, he does NOT use the word “rectum” all that frequently in his admittedly usually piquant CDN jokes….

What you likely heard was Brian CROW K3VR’s artfully composed/executed/continuous-loop ditty entitled “Karol the Bath-House Sponge-Boy”:


which he & his mentally-defective sycophants now constantly play – w/o their ID – on 14.313 MHz whether Karol is on freq., or not….

So, pay attention when monitoring 14.313 MHz because things there are NOT as they appear at 1st blush, to Newbies like you especially….

BTW If you need MORE info. about who on 14.313 MHz has a demonstrated “fetish” w/ ‘rectums’ & related, simply peruse the EVIDENCE here:


and here:


but do keep in mind – assuming you have one – that reasoning, when connecting the dots, is required….

Karol does NOT like to “bash Americans”….

Besides your obviously having no way of definitively knowing what Karol likes, or dislikes, most of Karol’s correspondents are Americans, w/ all that implies….

Also, it has been my monitoring experience ~14.272-.274 MHz and even on 14.313 MHz that unless GROSSLY & REPEATEDLY attacked and/or provoked, Karol is the epitome of decorum/a model amateur radio operator 99+/100 times….

In conclusion, RadioAnarchy, you would do well to monitor/listen MUCH MORE and make silly 3rd-hand-based aspersions about someone you obviously do NOT know and may NOT have even heard, MUCH LESS frequently, if at all….



General Radio Discussion / Re: VE7KFM
« on: August 17, 2011, 1806 UTC »
I would appreciate it if a forum moderator could delete this post for me then.  I couldn't find a way to delete the whole post.  Seems I didn't know what I was talking about.  So feel free to remove this post from your forum.  I was mainly posting here to learn more about this 'person' I heard not to tell anyone who they were. I see now the call sign comes up with their name, when last night it didn't so it's all confusing to me.  


Thank you for your admissions against interest.

For what it’s worth, I’m ambivalent about whether or not you delete your OP and your subsequent comments in a similar vein.

Perhaps a better approach in the circumstances might be to ask the Mods to enable you to edit your posts, so as to bring them closer to the objective truth(s).  But, I’m a ‘Newbie’ here and no compu-geek, so I don’t know how feasible that is.

Since you are likely younger/less experienced/etc., allow me to make some critical CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions, should you choose/be able to edit your OP/subsequent posts and/or generally otherwise for the future….

Always keep the distinction between OPINIONS & FACTS CLEARLY in mind when writing/editing.  And remember that there is no good writing – only good re-writing.

Most people and especially posters from the US on the World-Wide-Wasteland these days, think that they’re entitled to their OPINION, no matter what.  That is NOT so!  What they are entitled to is an INFORMED OPINION….  

So, what is an INFORMED OPINION?  Why, one ultimately based on objectively verifiable FACTS, which should be set out in the piece.

And what about FACTS?  FACTS are SACROSANCT, in that they belong to the World and are NOT to be monkeyed with!

And what about ‘supposed facts’ proffered by an ANONymous, UNattributed, CLOAKED and fundamentally FRAUDulent website hosted from afar?  Or, some DX Clusters, again from afar, full of psychotic ANONymous/FRAUDulent one-liners [search for the latest on your VE7KFM on http://www.dxsummit.fi/Search.aspx]?  They and similar ANONymous ‘writings from the edge’ should be your 1st clue that you’re on VERY thin ice, if you even partially rely on them….

Speaking of thin ice, remember also that generally presenting OPINION as FACT – and especially derogatory ‘facts’ that are untrue about anyone -- is actionable in defamation law [in Canada you have to prove the untrue ‘facts’ in order to have a chance at escaping liability]….

73 & GL

General Radio Discussion / Re: VE7KFM
« on: August 16, 2011, 2245 UTC »
I'm still new to the airwaves..., but I came across him on 20m tonight.  I was scanning around 20m... when I began to see people posting on the DX Summit about VE7KFM hanging out on 14.313mhz USB....  

Maybe some people here have heard him before.  From that page there's a link to some audio files at the end of it.  It was a bit disturbing to hear but the first time I heard someone on the 20m amateur band taunting the FCC.  He kept identifying as UR1FAG.  People on the DX summit kept identifying him as VE7KFM though....  


Since you’re apparently “still new to the airwaves” and might also be a Canadian, I’ll be gentle with you this time, despite your inappropriate, gratuitous attack on a fellow Canadian [licenced as VE7KFM].  

BTW Before going further, I strongly suggest that you at least review the 1st sentence of this Forum’s Terms of Use….

Addressing your OP from the top:

Are you sure that you heard VE7KFM ‘in the flesh’, so to speak and not copied/sliced/diced/digitally reconstituted “Memorex” being re-broadcast on 14.313 MHz as often now happens?  

The reason I say that is because VE7KFM is seldom heard generally on 14.313 MHz and virtually NEVER ab initio calling ANYONE there.  FYI VE7KFM has an abiding interest 40 kHz down on the 20m Band.  For the reasons why, either carefully monitor the frequency range ~14.272-.274 MHz or peruse:


The occasional time when VE7KFM is heard on 14.313 MHz it’s usually either after being DIRECTLY called thereon by 1-3 specific US amateurs -- or occasionally replying to their CQs -- but typically only if they have no other takers and/or are being maliciously QRM’ed, which unfortunately happens quite often to them there….

And BTW what do clearly psychotic postings about VE7KFM on the World-Wide-Wasteland supposedly “hanging out” on 14.313 MHz have to do with your “scanning” on the RADIO?  Do you always get your monitoring info. -- including sliced/diced/digitally reconstituted audio info. completely out of its all-important context -- from ANONymous, UNattributed, CLOAKED and fundamentally FRAUDulent websites?  That’s NOT very logical -- or Canadian of you!

Also, what’s this about VE7KFM supposedly “taunting the FCC”?  I understand that as a Canadian, VE7KFM couldn’t give a damn about the corrupt/discredited FCC….

And as far as VE7KFM supposedly ID’ing as UR1FAG while others so conveniently correlate that with VE7KFM…. All I can say is that I have monitored [as opposed to your “scanned”] 14.313 MHz and elsewhere, for years and UNLIKE many of the criminals now again resident on 14.313 MHz, I have NEVER heard VE7KFM identify as ANYONE other than himself.

All of which and more makes me think that instead of being IN Windsor, you’re likely looking AT Windsor, with all that implies….


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