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0145 When your strange
S-8 into WNY

0108 ACTUAL frequency is 6950.5 AM. S-6/8 with QSB into WNY.


Then your post is incorrect. Please go back and correct the heading in your post to reflect the actual frequency.  There is no "OFFSET" as you say.  You posted the wrong frequency.

Captain Morgan is on 6950.5 just didn't put the offset. Someone else did though

0108 To late???

S-6/8 into WNY
Captain Morgan as I posted earlier

Nope, new station, new frequency.

0121 Old man
Big signal into WNY, good audio

0108 To late???

S-6/8 into WNY

0106 Just got on for sign off.  Asking for support.  Nearly S-9 into WNY

0105 S-8 to +15 with quick QSB  Woman narrative.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 AM 0030 17 APR 2024
« on: April 17, 2024, 0031 UTC »
S-8/9 into WNY Heavy static crashes tonight.

0105 Guitar, Drum solo, Strong signal +10/15
0130 Foxy lady

0049 Some oldies. S-9+10 into WNY
0056 Birds chirping...My cats are looking around...
0057 Suddenly off

0047 6941.66AM 10 to 15 over in WNY Screemo music
0051 "No more censorship".
0112 NOW AM with suppressed upper side band
0122 Transmitter is having a smoke.
0123 Switched to AM with suppressed lower side band
0124 Switched to AM W both side bands

Audio sounds great here Tune to 6941.66AM

0042 Lots of static crashes tonight but you are making it over them. Song from Mannford Man (Bullet hits the bone)?

0112 Station ID S-9 into WNY Narrow audio deviation.

Good signal, S-9, can hear talking but cant understand the audio. 73

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