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10/11 meters / 10m Detailed Reference List Nov2020 pdf// N6SPP-CM98
« on: November 21, 2020, 1958 UTC »

Hello group-
I've added a Dropbox link to my 10m Ref List here. This latest revision includes:  "How to Work 10m Repeaters".. Note- Beacons are tailored for the N.CA region. 73, Eric -n6spp


10/11 meters / Re: 10M FM repeater activity
« on: November 21, 2020, 1947 UTC »
Hi group-

I heard and opened the KQ2H/R a few times during the Spring (2020) Es Season.
73, N6SPP-CM98, nr SFO

10/11 meters / Re: 10m- Big Sigs de Asia - 4mar2014
« on: March 16, 2014, 0614 UTC »

Very cool.. Does your sdr unit decode different digital sigs, or do you use a different program for that?

You said you copied JM7OLW- I thought that call sounded familiar.. I've wk'd Suke a few times over the years!

Here's another screenshot of my log, of q's with him (+ his pic from QRZ.com).

-Looks like he "hangs out" on 28.019mhz  (cw).. hi.  Both of our qso's on 10m cw were on this freq. Sometimes a stn will favor a frequency for cqing.

(a few of my favorite digital programs are- FL-Digi(multi mode), wsjt-x, wspr-x, mmsstv, multi-psk, opera, hellschreiber-by iz8bly, wsjt9, and Argo)

 If you need a good (+easy to use) cw decoder, or if your cw is rusty- chk out "CW Get". INMO it out performs many of the other cw engines found in decoders like HRD and multi-psk.

73 Eric

10/11 meters / 10m- Big Sigs de Asia - 4mar2014
« on: March 15, 2014, 2053 UTC »
Reports of Cycle24 possibly peaking for a second time (?!)..

10 stayed open LATE, last week until about 2am local Alaska (1100z).. Condx into Asiatic Russia and JA were good. CW sigs de Europe were too light, so I switched to the weak signal mode JT65a on 28.076mhz.. this netted a few qso's.

Attached is a logbook screenshot of qso's to Asia, VK +ZL on 29.6 fm simplex.. Sigs were up to 60+ on our club's tribander! These 10m condx remind me of Cycle 20.. We were able to work dx stns (EU,AS,Oceania etc) on 28mhz all night (de Calif).

At home I have a 65ft loaded vertical wire and a Comet H422 rotatable (fixed n-s) hidden in a pine tree.

73 Eric

HF Beacons / 5.3518 mhz Long "T" bcn
« on: December 14, 2013, 0340 UTC »
While driving home looking for 60m amateur stns tonite, heard a long dash repeated on 5.3518mhz around 0430z.. Sig was 539 for at least 20minutes.

5.352 is between "ch.2 and 3" in the 60m (US) ham band..

Eric, anchorage
(ft857d/screwdriver ant)

Pope Jim-

What is your 137mhz setup rcvr/ant/decoder etc?

thanks, Eric
(I use to run the poes-wx apt decoder here..but its been a year now)

10/11 meters / Re: 29 MHz US repeaters, 10m open
« on: December 01, 2013, 0811 UTC »
Also, take a peak at:

29.6 FM simplex
29.01- 29.02 AM simplex
28.68 USB sstv  ("MMSSTV" decoder)
28.076 "jt65a"  (try "jt65-hf" for decoding)
28.12 "psk31"   (many programs... try "FL Digi" multimode decoder)

While rcving 10m AM/FM stns- try switching between a vertical and a horizontal antenna if you have these.
This helps with signals arriving out of phase and with propagation paths etc.

28.2 mhz cw mode: IARU global beacon channel network.. Listen here for about 4 minutes.. There are about 15 active beacons here that tx in a coordinated global sequence.
 Try the "W6NEK" IARU beacon tracker/map program. Its easy and fun to watch.

  73, Eric

Spy Numbers / Re: Most Common Frequency Range?
« on: December 01, 2013, 0734 UTC »
Hello group-

Here is an old program we use for hf propagation paths between two locations called "VOA Prop".. Right click in the map window to set your location.  The drop down chart will help with operating (or swl receive) prediction time and frequency.

The example here shows path predictions between England and Alaska. You can switch between the amateur and SW bands.


HF Beacons / Re: 28mhz Aircraft Bcn "A, N" info needed
« on: November 30, 2013, 2051 UTC »
Thnx skeezix for the info.

HF Beacons / 28mhz Aircraft Bcn "A, N" info needed
« on: November 30, 2013, 2008 UTC »
Hello group-

About ten yrs ago I read an article about an old beaconing system that small planes used for landing.

The letters "A" and "N" were transmitted at about 5 wpm consistently at a few watts with the transmitter and antenna located near the runway.

Miles from a runway, the pilot (using the plane's rdf antenna?) would hear the letter A ( . _ ) and adjust coarse until it heard the letter N  ( _ .) also.

  Flying straight at the tx antenna the A and N would "mix" together to produce a single long " __ " and the pilot new he was on coarse.

 I copied one of these stns on 28mhz a few times from N.Calif years ago. I think it was from the midwest according to the article.  I can't find any info on this.. I believe Youtube had a clip on it at one time too.

Does anyone have info on this old 10m beacon system.

 thanks, Eric


 RS-15 has semi-active telemetry reports lately 29.35, 29.39+-... I haven't heard this bird in a few yrs..

AO-7 is a good one to try for in Mode A:

 145.9 USB up/ 29.45 USB  down.... 29.45 is the middle of the passband.. Listen between 29.4 -29.5 for cw and USB "raspy/buzzing" phone signals.

 It has been switching from mode A to mode B (432.15 LSB up/145.95 USB down) every 24 hrs since early 2010.

Launched 1974
"Dead" 1981
"Alive again" 2002- present

We have an M2- 2m/440 array with az/el +pc control at our club stn.. However, I use a portable dual band ELK antenna and a wire for the 10m downlink fed into an ic-746 and ft857 for manual operation.

 To keep things simple for receive only, see what you can hear in the 29.45 mhz dnL area.

You might also try "FO-29" : 435.85 +- USB phone
"VO-52" : 145.9 +- USB phone
Both of these tx moderate sigs, and are usually easy to hear using compromised antennas if you have a vhf receiver with ssb.

 I use "Orbitron" for pc tracking, and "GoSatWatch" or Sat Tracker Plus" for the iPhone.

===Please see "OSCAR.DCARR.org" for live ham sat reporting===

   73 EricT

ps- i have an easy to read sat freq list that i put together. if interested shoot me a msg or email.

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