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0031 Breaking the Law
0034 Pull the Triggers
0037 tent ID as "The Fox", Nature's Way
0042 another tent ID
0046 Message from our sponsor
0048 ID and addy for rpts, "Lawyers Guns 'n Money"
0052 Reynard repeating addy for all you QSL Whores out there
0053 off

Initially very weak, but building to an an S7ish signal now; thanks Reynard!

0159 came on with Boz Scaggs - "Lowdown"
0203 Chi-Lites - "Have You Seen Her"
0206 had a power failure here...

Good signal and audio here.
No ID heard, but suspecting Skippy Radio?

With an SSTV, but too weak to cap in the noise

0118 Scottie 1 SSTV

0128 Scottie 1 SSTV, poor copy here, but noting "6925" in the image

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 AM/USB 0100 7Jul16
« on: July 07, 2016, 0101 UTC »
w/ SFX

0101 now USB?
0105 sounds like it's off now

fair in hi storm QRN
I wasn't recording initially, so not 100% sure of the mode when I first noted it

Weak to fair.  OM talking over instrl mx.  This sounds familiar; possibly a KIPM relay?

0211 off


Good carrier, JBA mx here

0148 somewhat better copy now   ;D
0151 sounded like an ID, ment of HF Underground
0214 Point of Know Return

Thanks for the show; wish I had better copy here!

Longwave Loggings / Summer 2016 NDB Logs
« on: June 05, 2016, 0053 UTC »

Most antennas have been down for a couple of weeks for PM/upgrades.  Logs acquired while testing things out.

2016-06-08    0425    305.0    YQ  Churchill / Eastern Creek, MB, CAN  (1932 km)
2016-06-04    0510    329.0    YEK  Arviat, NU, CAN (2184 km)
2016-06-04    0510    329.0    YHN  Hornepayne, ON, CAN (864 km)
2016-06-08    0751    338.0    YPX  Puvirnituq, QC, CAN (2157 km)
2016-06-08    0445    338.0    ZEM  Eastmain, QC, CAN (1358 km)
2016-06-04    0605    350.0    NY  Enderby, BC, CAN (2557 km)
2016-06-08    0545    353.0    PG  Portage, MB, CAN (1193 km)
2016-06-04    0440    362.0    YZS  Coral Harbour, NU, CAN (2502 km)
2016-06-08    0910    379.0    DL  Duluth, MN, USA (660 km)
2016-06-08    0510    385.0    QV  Yorkton, SK, CAN (1525 km)
2016-06-08    0505    388.0    H7  Manitoulin East (Manitowaning), ON, CAN (663 km)

SDR-IQ, Remotely tuned shielded ferrite rod loop on a rotator
GSQ:  EN51xs

Shortwave Broadcast / RWM TSS 14996 kHz 1405 UTC 27May16
« on: May 27, 2016, 1412 UTC »
Being noted this AM with a good but fady signal.

May fave afternoon listen in at poor level as contrasted with the last couple of years which yielded reception often reaching S9+10 with the relatively higher sunspot activity.  Nevertheless, occasional peaks making soukous and East African rumba enjoyable while melting solder.

2000 5+1 TOH pips, pres ID (sev ments Tanzania), brief interlude of taarab, then YL talk
2020 Up to a respectable S7 now, but occas QRM from a wideband ute; program of classical taarab
2100 off abruptly per usual

SDR Recorder Catch (saw this last nite, but forgots to post it)

0035 "Rebel Rebel" heard here at about S6
0036 off

0106 instrl mx
0110 "Your selectors are locked, your channel is centered".  KIPM ID by AM.  Tonight's episode is "Pirate Jesus"
0121 Purgatory is like that class in 8th grade... (especially if you had nuns for teachers)
0135 it's a Baptism
0150 "The Cross...that symbol got out of control years ago..."
0158 ID, "KIPM Illuminati Prima Materia", "...I'll be back w/ another show..."
0159 "Hide My Heart", and 0201 off

About an S6; sounding good.
Thanks for the very engaging show!

0030 Just coming on w/ Linkin Park
0034 Bad Moon Rising - there was some OM talk over the beginning
0037 3DD - Kryptonite
0040 OP ment there's a rumor going around about some people wanting to hear some good old mx
0044 REO - Time For Me 2 Fly
0047 OP greets, IDs, Bon Jovi - "Wanted Dead or Alive"
0054 American Pie
0102 Playing a request for Joe Flips
0116 Hotel CA

S9+10 and sounding great!
Thanks for the show BID!

0014 one unid tune, then 0017 off

0020 Back w/ Born 2B Wild, Sweet Home Alabama
0027 Keep On Rocking In The Free World

fair sig; building nicely as the show progressed

Thanks Pee Wee!

Saw this last nite but no chance to report it.  Unid here for a time with an unid Heartbreak Hotel/Heartbreaker mash, then a frag of When the Levee Breaks.  Good signal.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0234 UTC 29Apr16
« on: April 29, 2016, 1305 UTC »
SDR Recording

0234 hearing unid instrl mx
0236 off
0241 back on w/ unid mx
0245 off or faded out

at the noise floor

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