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SIO 333

Wildfire Interval
Ballsmacker Radio
01:00 Wings - Silly Love Songs
01:05  Ringo Starr No No Song
Same Old Song The Four Tops
Killing Me Softly Roberta Flack

Just a carrier

SIO 333 Light
Guitar jam
Eagles Song
Low Rider War
Take it Easy The Eagles
SSTV Images talking n background

Music but tough copy
SIO 222
Some type of rap

SIO 333
WHIZ ID by male announcer
Back into music I am not familar with
What Skipmuck said...lol psychedelic indie
Sounds kinda 80s???? ok 70s too
Yes...your listening to WHIZ Radio by deep voiced OM
back to music
WHIZ with your radio ID
Off the air 02

Wildfire Interval
Goodevening Ham Samiches
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:00 The Most Beautiful Girl Prince
Another station mixing in
01:04 Its a Beautiful Morning The Rascals
Ballsmacker.net ID
01:07 Beautiful Day U2
01:10 The Most Beautiful Girl Charlie Rich
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:14 Beautiful Boy John Lennon
01:17 You are so Beautiful to Me Joe Cocker
Proton Mail Addy given for reception reports
01:20 Hugh Jackman?????? Come on! Retching on the floor...raaaaaallllllllppppppphhhhhhhh
Beauty School Drop Out Frankie Baby Avalon from the Grease Soundtrack
Ballsmacker ID
01:27 She's a Beauty The Tubes
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful Ringo Starr
When your in Love Beautiful Woman Dr. Hook
01:36 Beautiful in My Eyes
Joshua Kadison
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:41 Beautiful Life
01:44 Hey Good Looking Hank Williams Sr.
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:47 Retching again on floor....Raaaaaallllllpppppphhhhh Eaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrl Arrrrrrrrrrttttttttt
1:51 Beautiful Sunday Danny Boone
Ballsmacker ID
01:54 Beautiful Stranger Madonna

Rooster Crowing
SSTV Image
SIO 333

SIO 333

Word Gets Around
SIO 444
Sounds like a Plan
Days Move Slow
WTF Worldwide ID
Fade Into you
Chaize Lounge

California Girls Beach Boys
California Dreaming Mommas and Poppas
SIO 444
Wolverine Radio ID
I got to get to California Marvin Gaye
Got to get to Loa Angeles Arlo Guthrie
Going to California The Led Zeppllin
Wolverine Radio ID
California Joni Mitchell
Heart Attack and Vine Tom Waite

Rock Music
SIO 333
OM speaking
Lunatic Fringe
Mental Health Line with numbers for help The Mothership
SSTV image

SIO 333 some qrm
Soul music

01:42 Lonely Is the Night Billy Squier
01:47 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band
01:51 You Shook Me All Night Long
All Through the Night Cyndi Lauper

Yesterdays Kisses
SIO 444
Lets Live for Today The Grass Roots
I love you more than today then yesterday
Time has come today

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