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Piece of My heart Janis and Holding Company
SIO 444

The Living Years Mike and the Mechanics
Oh What a Night The Four Seasons featuring Frankie Vali
Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:17 Reeling In the Years Steely Dan
02:22 Wait a Million Years The Grass Roots
Proton Addy Given
02:26 Year of the Cat Al Stewart
02:31 In the Year 2525 Zager and Evans
Ballsmacker ID
02:34 It was Very Good Year Frankie Baby
02:39 Still Crazy After all These Yesrs Paul Simon

How about Golden Years David Bowie?
Five Years David Bowie?
In the Year 2525 Zager and Evans?
It was a good Year Frank Sinatra?
Anything from Elton Johns 1970 Album?
1984 David Bowie?

Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:42 Golden Years David Bowie from Station to Ststion Album The Thin White Duke

Loosing Signal
02:45 Next Year Foo Fighters

ALE Broadcast digital signall

Ballsmacker Radio ID
1979 The Smashing Pumpkins featuring Billy Corrigan
02:54 Seven Year Ache Rossane Cash
Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:58 Through The Yesrs Kenny Rodgers
03:02 Summer of 69 Bryan Adams
Ballsmacker ID
03:05 New Years Day U2 featuring Bono
03:10 All Those Years Ago The late George Harrison formerly with the Beatles
Protonmail addy given for reception Report
03:14 Ten Years Gone The Led Zepplin featching Robert Plant

Music Guitsr Jam
SIO 333

Ill be home for
 Christmas David Caroll
SIO 333
Snowy White Snow and Jingle Bells
02:57 Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Blue Christmas
SSTV image

Wonderful Christmas John Lennon
I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas
Gayla Peevy
Proton Addy given for Reception Report
02:35 Christmas in Sarajevo TSO
02:39 Felice Navidad Jose Feliciano
02:42 Redneck Twelve Days of Christmas Jeffrey Foxworthy
Ballsmacker ID
02:44 Sleigh Bells The Ronettes
Hallalujah Andre Bocelli
Nuttin for Christmas Art Mooney
Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:54 Do they know it's Christmas? Band Aid
02:57 Blue Christmas The King of Rock n Roll Elvis with the Jordanaires

Story by an OM
Blood on his transmitter
Pirate Busters

Funky Little Drummer Boy
SIO 333
Christmas has been xed NOFX

An Angel Returned TSO
SIO 555
Oh Holy Night TSO
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman TSO
The Ghosts of Christmas TSO
Boughs of Holly TSO
The World That She Sees TSO
14:28 UTC Midnight Christmas Eve Remembered TSO
March of The Kings TSO
WenThree Kings TSO
14:43 Christmas Canon TSO
14:48 Joy of Man's desires TSO
14:51 Find Our Way Home TSO

SIO 555

SSTV Image Thunder Chicken
SIO 555

OM speaking with Euro accent
555 Maybe the Qrm?

Wildfire Interval
Ballsmacker Radio
02.00 Tears On My Pillow
02.03 Carry On Wayward Son Kansas Ballsmacker ID Given
02.08 You Dropped A Bomb On Me The Gap Band
02.13 Don'tOn The Corner CCR
Carry On Fun
Lets Hang On Frankie Valli and The Four seasons
Propogation terrible
Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:54 Nights on Broadway The BeeGees DISCO SUCKS
02:58 Keep On Loving You REO Speedwagon An REO is a older brand name for a fire engine
03: 02 I Don't Want to go on with you Elton John
03:06 The Beat Goes On Sonny and Cher
Ballsmacker ID
03:10 Dancing on the Ceiling Lionel Ritchie formerly of The Commodores
03:14 Love on the Rocks Neil Diamond
Ballsmacker Radio ID
03:18 Your Kiss is On My List Hall and Oates
Ballsmacker ID
03:26 Turn it on Again Genesis

ALE Military Broadcast Callout Digital signal

Loosing your signal.....
Living On tbe Edge Aerosmith
Ballsmacker Radio ID
Sail On Lionel Ritchie
Girl on Fire Alicia Keys...,REALLY????
Ballsmacker Rafio ID
03:42 Take On Me A HA
03:45 Take A Chance On Me ABBA
Ballsmacker Radio ID
03:49 Hanging On A heart Attack Device
Ballsmacker.net ID
03:53 Roll On The Highway BTO
SSTV Image
Proton Addy Given
Wildfire Interval

Thanks for Shoa...except Alicia Keys

I need you Tonight ZZ Top
If you Think You Need Some Lovin Pomplimoose
Ballsmacker Radio Id
Anytime You need a Friend Mariah Carey....Ugggggghhhhhhhh gag me with a spoon!

Its even worse....Taylor Swift......Just shoot me!
Ballsmacker ID

I Need To Know Marc Anthony.....ugggggghhhhh
You Needed Me Anne Murray
Ballsmacker.net ID
All You Need Is Love The Beatles
Just What You Needed The Cars
SSTV Image
Proton Addy Given
Wildfire Interval
Off The Air

Thanks for the show!

Wildfire Interval
Good Evening Ham Samiches
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:00 Madman Across the Water Reginald Dwight...From the Madman Across the Water Album
01:06 Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer Nate King Cole
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:08 Crazy Seal
01:13 Crazy The Morrison of Van

How about There Coming to Take Me Away Napolian XIV?
How about Shine on You Crazy Diamond Pink Floyd?
All The Madmen David Bowie?
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen?
The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum Fun Boys Three?
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne?
Brain Damage The Pink Floyd?
Time Warp Richard Obrien (Madness takes its toll)
I Go Crazy Paul Davis?
Purple Haze Hendrix?

01:17 Crazy About Her Rod Stewart
01:21 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
Proton Mail Addy given for Reception Report
01:24 Crazy on You Canadian Rock Group hear featuring the Wilson Sisters
01:28 Crazy The late Patsy Cline Patsy Died in a tragic Car Crash...Buried in her hometown of Winchester, Virginia next to Umps Funeral Home Patsy Married a Dick...Her husbands last name was Dick
Ballsmacker ID
01:31 Our House Madness Also a CSNY song
01:34 Crazy Love Poco
01:37 Love Her Madly The Doors featuring the late Jimmy Morrison...Song from La Woman Album. One of the Doors last albums....Cut version
01:40 Crazy Train Ozzy formerly with The Sabbath
01:45 Let's Go Prince
01:50 Crazy Granis Barkley
01:53 Psycho Killer The Talking Heads
01:57 Crazy Ice House
Ballsmacker ID
02:00 Message in Our Music Mary J. Blige
02:05 Still Crazy After All These Years Paul Simon
Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:08 Mad World Tears for Fears
02:12 Crazy Aerosmith
Ballsmacker ID
02:15 Miss you Luke Crazy Natilie Cole
02:19 She Drives Me Crazy Fine Young Cannibals
Proton Addy Given for Reception Report
02:24 Lunatic Fringe Red Rider
02:27 Mad About You Belinda Carlisle
02:31 I Go Crazy The late Paul Davis
02:34 Crazy For You Madonna from Detroit
Ballsmacker ID
02:38 Where is My Mind Pixies
02:42 Virtual Insanity Jamarioqual
Ballsmacker.net ID
10:46 Shine On Pink Floyd...Tribute to the late Sid Barrett RIP Sid was the victim of drug induced mental illness. He was the Crazy Diamond Shine on from Wish You Were Here Album. One of the Floyds biggest masterpieces RIP Rick Wright! wish You Were Here was follow up album to Darkside of the Moon
David Gilmour on Guitar. Roger Waters with lyrics about his former bandmate
Shine On had several parts to the album
An unexpected visit from Sid during production blown the minds of the band members for his appearance change. Brought some to tears. Lesson! Stay away from LSD
Ballsmacker ID
Back to Shine On The Floyd Sid Barrett delve into Psychedelic music in mid to late 60s. The Floyd in clubs like the UFO. David Gilmour became a replacement for Sid, however the Floyd once had all five in the band at once. Shine On will take you thier! Sit back in a dark room, smokr a blunt and go go go!!!!! RIP Sid
SSTv Image
Wildfire Interval

Ballsmacker you out did yourself tonight! Bravo!

SIO 222 Barely readable

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