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Celtic Music Radio 6955 USB @ 0145 MAR 05
Brief IS into possible Celtic-like music. Signal deep in noise floor and copy a bit rough.
At 0206 signal is slowly improving with another nice vocal piece..
Finally caught clear ID @ 0212 but not sure if station gave contact info.
Really good stuff; too bad conditions preclude full enjoyment of the broadast.
Thanks for the show.
Thanks guys for station ID.  Copy still difficult at the moment.

QSLs Received / Moonlight Radio E-QSL
« on: February 28, 2016, 1511 UTC »
Many thanks, Moonlight Radio, for the beautiful E-QSL from your February 21st broadcast.

UNID 6925;1v AM @ 2245 FEB 27
Can hear faint signal with  signing.  
QRM from SS ops on LSB not helping.
Signal improving slightly.
Head East? @ 2308.
Losing QRM battle with LSB ops.

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 on 6955 USB @ 0040 FEB 27
« on: February 27, 2016, 0042 UTC »
XLR8 on 6955 USB @ 0040 FEB 27
Man now singing on 6955. Don't recognize song.
"Fireball" by Sun Dial? @ 0051.
You were right, Markokpik, it's XLR8.

Clear ID @ 0054.

"Cinderella" @ 0057.
0111: Kim Fowley - Animal Man
Still sounding good with very good audio @ 0136.

Decent signal here tonight and some great tunes.
Thanks, XLR8!
Any chance, XLR8,  you may make a playlist available?

UNID 6935 USB @ 2345 FEB 25
Soft rock into love ballad by OM singer in EE/SS?
Fair signal, No ID yet heard.

2351: "Cuban Pete"
2355: ID? (mention of speech by Churchill, May 1945)
2356: "She Drives Me Crazy"
2358: Doors - "Break On Through"
After a few Rolling Stones/Doors songs into Crosby, Stills, and Nash @ 0008.
After "Push It" "This Is How We Do It" aired ~ 0019.
Still no ID and signal is becoming enveloped by noise.
ID @ 0022 into s/off.

QSLs Received / Black Cat Radio (El Gato Radio)
« on: February 25, 2016, 0236 UTC »
Many thanks BCR for the cool QSL.
Welcome back!

UNID on 6930 USB @ 0129 FEB 24
Playing rock music I can't quite ID.'

Somewhat faint signal.
ID @ 0131 but unable to cleanly copy: "You're listening to '?" Radio."
ID/contact info @ 0134 but unable to distinctly hear under current conditions,
Clear ID @ 0145 as "Black Cat Radio."  
Unable to catch e-mail info.
Lost signal @ 0146.

oly1959, thanks for e-mail address.

UNID on 6945 USB @ 2330 FEB 22
Good signal despite strong het.
Country songs by women singers.
Assuming Moonlight Radio but have not heard an ID yet.
Moonlight Radio ID and contact info @ 2345.
Reports to: moonlightradio1@gmail.com

Change of musical styles after ID.  Now playing more atmospheric piece.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6925 USB @ 2135 FEB 22
« on: February 22, 2016, 2141 UTC »
UNID on 6925 USB @ 2135 FEB 22
Sounded like a short clip from "King of the Hill" followed by short silence.  A few moments later  sounded like a musical busy phone signal.  Now @ 2139 two women talking.
Missed possible ID; it's a little noisy here and copy a bit rough.
AT 2155, after apparent s/off, another phone call in progress.
Sounds like a broadcast playing phone calls of people being intimidated by IRS scammers to pay fraudulent fines.

My reception is not the best, but is the woman yanking this guy's chain?
I don't know whether to laugh because this guy's attempt to get money from this woman is going nowhere or the woman is too scared to follow instructions to this guy's satisfaction. (I keep hearing an occasional laugh in the background.)

At the end of the broadcast the woman commented if she saved or stopped someone else from falling prey to a scammer, she had done her job.  Well done!

Now hearing long CW message (not set up to copy.)
SSTV @ 2330 (Caught me by surprise) but got partial copy as AMPHETAMINE RADIO.

Pancho Villa on 6950 USB @ 0457 FEB 21
Huge signal with station ID in English and Spanish.
Pancho now speaking and discussing Donald Trump with another OM @ 0502.
Also heard from Sarah Palin, Glenn Hauser, Jay Smilkstein, PeeWee Herman, Jonah Hill(?) and I think that was Jack Nicholson doing the opening intro.
Apparently off air @ 0512.
After station went off air, SS ops came on a few moments after on USB, not usual LSB.

(KULP, Voice of Pancho Villa)

UNDERCOVER RADIO on 6925 USB @ 0257 FEB 21
Station ID @ 0301 then back into music.
Checked back @ 0321 and nothing.

Sent an e-mail to Dr. Benway after the broadcast and he said:

"...It was a relay. An old show I never play anymore about a mad man with weapons of mass destruction. - Benway"

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6965 USB @ 0038 FEB 21
« on: February 21, 2016, 0046 UTC »
UNID on 6965 USB @ 0038 FEB 21
Very noisy conditions here but can hear somebody there.  Possible ID @ 0042 but unable to copy.
The whole band is quite noisy here tonight.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6930 USB @ 0152 FEB 19
« on: February 19, 2016, 0154 UTC »
UNID on 6930 USB @ 0152 FEB 19
Very faint music deep in the noise floor.

LIQUID RADIO ON 6925 AM @ 2333
Bass thumping music with fair copy.
Signal subject to some deep fades and almost lost in noise floor.
Also noted there may be another signal underneath.
No trace of another possible signal @ 2340.

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