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Weak but noisy signal in eastern Nebraska @ 2320.

Barely audible tonight.  Weak signal deep in noise floor.

Strong signal at 0101 with Jethro Tull but slightly muddy audio here.
Looking at earlier posts, am guessing this is QRM Radio.
SSTV at 0110 then s/off possibly as  OM saying "CDO."

Came on right after Wolverine with Tom Petty singing "Free Fallin'."
Very nice signal tonight.
Enjoying the show tonight.
Good selection of songs and great audio.
Thanks, WDDR.

Fair but noisy at 0023 with BeeGees "Stayin' Alive."

Good signal at 0005 with song "Blue Skies."

Sounds like Pink Floyd at 2355.
Signal sounds a little muddy here.
Signal improving with more Pin Floyd:
"Coming Back to Life" and "Hey, You."
SSTV around 0054 but kept dropping signal so no joy on decoding.

Picked up at 2320 with music into SSTV.  Too much noise to good copy on either.
2 SSTVs  at 2333 into theme from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."
Sounds similar to time tips but lost signal before 0000 UTC.  Not sure if s/off.

Weak S4 signal amid noisy conditions into eastern Nebraska.
Can hear music at 2335.
SSTV at 2350 but unable to copy into more rock guitar music.

Weak S4 signal amid noisy conditions into eastern Nebraska.
Can hear music at 2335.

Faint music heard in eastern Nebraska at 1330.

SSTV at 0203 but only partial copy.
Do not know if signal or conditions but sounds slightly distorted at times.
Techno version of we Will Rock You after SSTV.
0238 Fleetwood Mac doing Rhiannon.

018 Blacktop Mojo with cover of Dream On.
DirecStraits: Sultans of Swing
Nice signal tonight.
At 0307 hearing music mixing in with SSTV.
QRM off air?
At 0315 Male voice: QRM.  (Running QRP? ) Life's too short.
First time time I have heard spoken ID.

Right after Wolverine Radio went off air with good signal at 0120.
Pieces by Peter Gabriel and the Beatles with ID in between.
Beatles night at WTF World Wide with solid S8 signal into eastern Nebraska.

Song It's My Lucky Day  at 0003.
Good signal.Great selection of music with "Day' featured in the title.
Thanks for the show,

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