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Thin Lizzy tonight.
JAILBREAK by Thin Lizzy.  Strong signal.
Emerald, Southbound, and Rosalie as of 0142.
SSTV at 0202 then off.
Thanks for show whomever you were.

Same anncr heard a few minutes ago on 6955 but playing a different song.  This one about pirate radio.
Strong signal.
0102:Frreedom of Expression-Vanishing Point by JB Pickers according to Shazam.
SSTV around 0108 followed a few songs into earlier announcement directed to free radio citizens.
Off air again ~0118.
Still  have no idea who this is.

Not sure if same station earlier on this frequency but sounds like PeeWee Herman singing about wanting to be  a DJ on the radio.
Strong signal.
SSTV  with picture of boy and girl with long (Ren and Stimpt) ~0046 then off air.

Repeated time pops into Male anncr talking about survival skills for free citizens against...?
Repeating time pops at 0029 into SSTV .
Music after SSTV followed by time pops then off at 0035?

Weak signal at 0023.  Possibly hearing The Who.

Weak signal at 0020 in heavy static. Need SSB to cut down
Can barely make out some singing at 0021.

Aethereal space music.  Signal a bit difficult due to noise.
Still going strong on 6933 at 0315. 
Still no ID heard but I am very relaxed.
SSTV image at 0328 but not set up to decode.  Back into music after transmiission.     

Fair signal with ID at 0014. Romantic song after ID but do not recognize  it.

Picked up around 0048 but difficult  copy through heavy static.

ID at 0057 into music by Tom Petty.
Fair signal under nosy conditions.

Strong signal at 0043 with "Bridge of Sighs" by Robin Trower.

Fair signal.  SSTV @ 0341 but unable to copy.

Can hear music @ 0150 but very difficult copy through heavy static.

Caught this moments before it went off air with what sounded like some sort  of IS with bells and chimes.

Not sure if same station but hearing music at 9145 with song "Don't Call Us."
Difficult copy inder noisy conditions.
Still the One by Orleans.
Don't Us That by The BayJacks
Can't KeepbA Good Man Down by Grinder Switch
To Love. Somebody by The BeeGees
Peaceful, Easy Feeling byThe Eagles

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