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Can hear a very faint signal, but too deep in the noise floor to make out any copy.

Strong signal with man talking about face masks and viruses.
Man in ominous tone saying They're everywhere!"
Repeating at0145. "I see masked people."
Parody song about mask mandates: We will mock you.
0148: Take This Mask and Shove It
0150: Wasting My Day Away in Coronaville
Some upward drift in frequency.  Copy a bit iffy but parody song to Bohemian Rhapsody.
0200: Sounds of Sirens to Sounds of Silence.
(Audio sounds a bit over driven. )
SSTV at 0204 with Damn Skippy.text then back into We Will Mock You.
Off at 0206.

0128 signal cutting through the noise but copy difficult.
Songs by Chuck Berry and Paul Anka.

Ball Smacker IS at 0054 coming in strong and taking out WDOG.
YL giving station ID at 0059 with crashing bowling pins six.
Hearing "Give Me All Your Lovin'" ~ 0103.

At 0132 faint noisy signal with woman signing.
Rolling Stones at 0042 with some signal improvement.
Hearing some brief CW underneath.  Not sure if possible ID or another stan.
Howling dog ID at 0050.

Good signal into eastern Nebraska tonight 2 0115.
SSTV at 0127 but did not get good copy.
SSTVs at 0133 with Damn Shippy and Stewie from Family Guy then back into Elvis-themed music
SSTV of Brian from Family Guy at 0138 into CW and s/off.

Station  ID at 0058 into song "Light My Fire" by the Doors.
Some heavy duty ute QRM at the moment.
Noisy here into eastern Nebraska.
Music by Meatloaf amidst loud/persistent ute.
Station ID and contact info at 0122.
Station completely swamped by noise and ute QRM at 0128.  Maybe better luck if they do a replay later tonight.

Noisy but sounded like song "Open Up Your Heart." (Guessing at title.)
Station ID @ 0108 into piece by Smashmouth.
Someone else tuning up now @ 0110.  OM OP saying "This is just a test...." and then gone.

Weak signal under stormy conditions.
Possible ID by Male voice ~0000 then back into rock music.

Fair signal despite approaching storms.
Numerous SSTVs.  Rush @ 2335.

Fair signal. OM anncr with station ID  at0053 into country-western  song.
Signal too deep in noise floor at 0115 to discern any  copy at the moment.

Weak signal into eastern  Nebraska  @ 0028 under noisy conditions.
Hearing female group at present but can't quite make out the song.Gone by 0035?

Just tuned in @ 0015 with a Beatles tune.  Fair signal here in eastern Nebraska.
By 0025 signal deeply fading; but above noise floor.
Station ID at 0042.  Still difficult copy.
At 0048 sounds like someone else tuning up on frequency obliterating WILD here.

Caught closing moments of broadcast.  Station ID by female followed by CW ID into SSTV.
S/off  @ 0207.

Hearing song "Burn It Down" at  0150 with lots of noise.
Hearing speech at 0155 talking about revolution:
"The revolution will not be televised" (GIL  SCOTT-HERON)
Repeat of  song "Burn It Down"  - Linkin Park
Signal cutting through the static.  Copy a bit difficult.
Off ~ 0219.

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