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Not sure if same station at 2325.  Heard Born to Run into Station ID but could not copy.
Various sound effects afterwards: lion's. A bleating sheep. looney Tunes theme, someone saying "everyone go home," and others.

Theme "Things,"  Lots of songs with Thing in title
Signal fair due to noisy conditions.

At 0043 song cutting through the static into SSTV.  No clean copy on image.
Lots of music but noise prevents it being ID'd.
Sounds like long album cuts.
0114 sounded like Money by Pink Floyd.
Playing extrnded Pink Floyd tracks?

Song Never Say Never a 0103.  Not sure of group.
Fair signal.
SSTV at 0108 into Thompson Twins with Hold Me Now. (No joy on SSTV image.)
Riders on the storm by The Doors at0133.
No luck so far decoding SSTVs.

OK signal into the Great Plains despite passing storms.
Better Than You by Metallica around 0238.
Listening off and on throughout the night.
Storms left area and signal coming strong and clear.
Around 0400 music by King Missle and Rush.
Time to call it the night around 0430.
Thanks for the show, DJ Redhat.

OM singer faint and deep in noise at 2330.
At 2332 fanfare intonpseuso-PSA about what free radio citizens should do in face of FCC action.
Repeat of Damn Skippy/Outhouse Radio broadcast from a few days ago?
SSTV  at 2335 but too noisy to copy.
Another SSTV at 2349 but far too noisy to copy.

At 0310 hearing song Please stay, Diana into Walk Away.
Tough signal on the Tecsun 660.
Getting more readable signal on 6932 USB.
SSTV at 0318 but too noisy to copy.
Hearing Stand by Me into another SSTV.
Gone at 0320.

At 0132 have the good Captain  with fair signal under noisy conditions.
Cannot ID tunes being broadcast.
Tough copy at my location.
May have some Robin Trower followed by some Ike and Tina Turner.
Taj Mahal with Mr. Pitiful ~ 0152.
More musc by Ike Turner and Taj Mahal.
Lost in noise by 0208.
Thanks for the show!

0059 with piano IS.  So far a decent signal tonight.
ID  at 0101.
Songs by Lizzo,, ZZ Ward, Little Big Town, Dixie Chicks, and BRKNRBTZ.
Thank you Shazam.

Only hear freebanders on 6925.4 in LSB  at 2344.

At 0101 hearing music through heavy static.
It's Nice to be Nice by Colleen Green at 0103.
Completely  overwhelmed  by static at 0106.

Picked up at 0310 with jazz music.
Decent signal.
ID  as Dr. Thunder?
Signal blown out here by weird QRN at . 0320.
Station barely heard underneath it.
QRN dissipated  and Dr, Thunder returns  as Sycko Radio with music by Kim Mitchell and Joe Walsh.

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits at 0225.
Good signal despite moderate noise.
Nice selection of Dire Straits tunes tonight.
Thanks WTF.

0225 with Dire Straits playing "Sultans of Swing."
Decent signal with moderate noise level.

No joy on the Great Plains even when tuned to exact frequency.
Far too much noise at my location.

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