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Can hear there is a station but far too noisy to make out anything.
Tried to decode SSTV signal ~ 0130 but noise made it impossible to get clean capture.

Piano IS at 0058 followed by statio ID at 0100'
"Fool for the City" came on right after.  Fair signal but noisy conditions in eastern Nebraska.
Songs with "City" in the title.
Unfortunately show completely obscured in the noise here by 0130.

Little late to tonight's show. 
Flute music Sounds of Silence @ 0000 into Simon and Garfunkel signing same.
Little bit of talk by OP into another S&G tune, The Boxer @ 0008.
Music sounded OK but had a little trouble clearly hearing the OP.
Off air at 0014.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 2303 UTC 12 Sep 2021
« on: September 12, 2021, 2338 UTC »
@2335 man talking about some person but not sure who it is.  It may be a past black musician.
Just mentioned someone named Willie.
Bling Willie Johnson?
Think program is about Blind Willie McTell.
SSTV @ 0000 & 0004 .
0005: Spirit in the Sky
Not sure if Outhouse Radio came on right after program abt McTell.
Outhouse Radio voice ID At 0009.

At 0220 faint in eastern Nebraska.

Fair signal into Omaha.
Extended station ID at 0200 into Wall of Voodoo performing "Mexican Radio "

Picked up strong and long SSTV  transmission ~0300 but would not decode then into instrumental  heavy rock.

At 0109 coming in with good signal.
Station ID at 0110 and contact info in C-Quam AM stereo
Music by AC/DC and Alan Parsons Project.

Sign on caught by surprise at 0002 Nov 01.
Missed contact info by female voice.
Good signal but do not recognize music.
 Song Ruby, Ruby?  with banjo accompaniment.
ID  at 0018 by female voice but did copy contact info, if given.
Back into folk tune after ID.
Station mired in noise at 0027 and unable to further copy.
Enjoyed what I was able to catch.l
Able to catch faint music at 0106.
Still going strong at 0138 with a cover of Sounds of Silence.
SSTV at 0141 with image of cartoon moose with station name underneath.
Too much noise to capture other SSTVs at 0144, 0146, 0147.

Can hear music but signal deep in noise floor.
Hearing a number of stations but few getting much out of the static,

Can hear music but barely above the noise floor.
Catching lots of stations tonight but few so far have been easily copied.

Alan Maxwell's distinctive narrative voice barely cutting through the electro-magnetic mush at my location.  No discernible copy.
Signal improving but suffering from deep fades.
Much better reception now at 0055 and can now follow the storyline.
Sounds like pirate Jesus.

At 2311 signal only  fair at the moment; hampered by nosy background. 
Hope conditions  improve later in  the evening.

Weak signal at 2200.  Tough copy.
Riders on the storm at 2200?

Good strong signal into eastern Nebraska at 2154 with oldsyle Halloween music.
Songs I've been able to identify include Got the Jitters by Don Redman and his Orchestra,
Dem Dry Bones by Professor clamps, and
I'm Count Dracula by Count Dracula.
SSTV  at2227 into s/off but not set up to receive.
Thanks for the show.

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