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on 6925 approx.   direct
2353 music, not easy, (2357 DJ ?), music, to be clarified
it was a mess, 0003 still a mess, but without music

on 5780.0
0751 crooner    0859 music         (off all afternoon)
2059 music, 2100 time pips, 2101 ID, "Lili Marlene" in E+G (must be M.Dietrich),
2115 first fading, 2118 full ID, etc..., 2133 Edith Piaf "Non je ne regrette rien"
2155 fading down

on 4860.0-
1913 C&W twice, 1917 polka, polka... (also yodl at 1928)
1942 OFF

on 4700.0
1825 music, IDs after 2 records,
1845 : 1.2 kW from 8 transistors, into an inverted V dipole, more music, 1851

on 5140.0
0753 music, etc... day long (but weak on middle of day)
1628 good signal, pleasant oldies,, 1632 ID ,"The tiger" jazz, etc... 1656
well heard around 2000 - 2200,
2250 fading down

on 6290.0
1656 music, 1657 ID+phone nr, "Radar love", strong

1815 Johnny Cash "Ring of fire"
1855 J.M. Jarre, then nat. anthem, 1857 OFF

on 6260.0++
1534 pop in D, (1536 ' --- korte golf', 1537 '...pirate radio') remaining of song
lost by 1540

edit : tentative (repeat)

on 6305.1--
1531 jingle, ID, ID+@, music, weak
repeat of R&R programme, announcements no copy, 1608

on 5790.0
1522 W singer and DJ in D, 1523 Johnny Cash, 1525 plug for www.offshoreradio.de,
1526 more about nord zee, about Mi Amigo, jingles, ads or plugs in D, music, 1529
etc...  1820 DJ in D, '3 1 9' stamp

(1852 gone)

it was 6275.05
and the music you listed was merlin 100% merlin  also short test on 6239 country music
Well, I don't know what happened here. I had 14 minutes to check the frequency,
and usually it takes more than a few seconds to get the decimals of a weak signal.
I disagree with the decimals of all the kiwi SDR I checked so far. The only SDR I'm in accordance 100% of the time up to 0.01 stable, is the Twente SDR when in SAM.
I also check with the Taldom SW signals from time to time: never the least difference when those SW signals are in the right mode (I can't check really when they transmit only short pulses).

6239 : I found a signal on 6239 approx just going off at 0927 utc.

on 6205.0
0753 music, several checks : music, sometimes heard talking, 1206
1221 music, 1228 W DJ, music, 1235 quick ID by prob. Mandy, Elvis Presley, C&W,
1240 M DJ, more music, signal fading up and down slowly (every few minutes),
1245 DJ, ID, next song
heard all afternoon, and still at 2106
(but at 2340 only a trace here)

on 6305.1--
1210 very weak, noisy, stormy, music, 1217 R&R

(1313 no signal)

not 6270 6275 was a test radio merlin
I think I was listening on 6270.15 : that's what I wrote on my paper notepad.
Maybe I wandered in my mind? (but not on the RX: I was on the same channel for about 14 minutes). Can you confirm the details ? (and the Xtal frequency?)

on 6295.0--
1015 extra weak, music barely heard
1019 "Vamos a la playa"  :(
1036 trace, 1048 trace, 1049 extra weak: some music, ut. on L-side
1210 trace, 1313 trace, 1318 extra weak music, fading up to very weak
edit : ID thanks to FOX (see below)
edit : this topic was initially a reply (but after 2 hours off the air, and Unid at 0809)
1330 ID R.Ronalisa, v.good afternoon, 1331 music, DJ, signal up and down,
1338 "The final countdown", 1342 next

on 6949.8
1002 trace, audio just guessed
1005  lost, that's the day !

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