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MW Loggings / Re: WWRK 970 16 Nov 2019 0705 utc
« on: November 19, 2019, 0443 UTC »
Yes, thanks. Seems to be a reliable signal here

Huh? / Waffle House
« on: November 18, 2019, 2019 UTC »
My Dad likes going there, we get a table by the door..Keep scrolling  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=waffle+house+arrests&t=h_&ia=web

MW Loggings / WWRK 970 khz 0600 UTC 18 Nov 2019
« on: November 18, 2019, 0609 UTC »
WWRK , Darlington SC  with id Slogan " the Rock and Rock FM" at 0600 UT into Guns n Roses / knocking on Heaven's Door, followed by ACDC /tnt and Pearl Jam
FM translators apparently in Florence and the 970khz in Darlington stated as such top of the hour
Very nice audio at times.  3k night

0435 UT     Tater Patch has a great signal and excellent audio with only some minor fades indoors on a portable .Playing Boston / long time
0452 Red Hot Chilli / snow
0455 U2/ one.

Sounds excellent , thankyou Tater Patch

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0005 UTC 17 Nov 2019
« on: November 17, 2019, 0008 UTC »
0021Calvin Boze/ waiting and drinking
0024 Fred Crawford/ you gotta wait
0027 Ruth Brown/ i'll wait for you
0029 Fats Domino/wait and see
0030 The Kinks/ tired of waiting for you
0032 Velvet Underground/ waiting for the man.  Nearly gone here now
0037 Jimi Hendrix Experience / wait until tomorrow
0040 Neil Young/ I've been waiting for you
0042 The Grass Roots/ wait a million years
0045 Robin Trower/ i cant wait much longer
0050 Ro!ling Stones/ time waits for no one
0056 Bob Marley / waiting in vain
0100 Tom Petty/ the waiting
0104 Eric Clapton/ she's waiting
0111 John Mayer/ waiting for the world to change

2318 Lonnie Barron / teenage queen
2325, Good Rockin Tonight / faboulos Cure

Fading and lightening qrn from storm in NC

General Radio Discussion / Re: Play me some Jones
« on: November 16, 2019, 1638 UTC »
I left my amp on this morning!" and sweating it until lunch when he could fly out of there, get home, turn it off and get back to the office.

That they (tube equipment) will suddenly burst into flames and burn down the house is a kind of funny mythology as far as i can tell.  If thats what they were paranoid about.
Never heard of a radio or amp actually flaming  .  A capacitor might short , but they will just pop and thats it.  Chances of anything going wrong suddenly with something that modern probably very low

I have a little piece of crap Philco chassis that stays on for days or sometimes just 12 -14 hours a day, just to see if anything happens.  One original 12BE6 failed last year that by the looks of the plastic cabinet i threw away - had 1000s of hrs before my experiment , other than that no drama.

MW Loggings / WFBL 1390 khz 0245 UTC
« on: November 15, 2019, 0302 UTC »
 Simulcast of WSEN FM and tricky to track down since the FM frequencies were given but along with " The Dinosaur "
WFBL is listed as a simulcast in WSEN wikipedia page

Around 245 UT,  playing Huey Lewis and the News,KC and the Sunshine Band, Eagles / new kid in town et al.
YL host Jennifer Wilde and numerous ads pointing out the number of frequencies theyre on

Fading otherwise good    Syracuse NY 5k

General Radio Discussion / Re: Play me some Jones
« on: November 14, 2019, 0151 UTC »
Sounds good , youre right about the the key points and also any further theory. Just seemed in line with other weird around here recently , trying to figure out if its just me or what.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Play me some Jones
« on: November 13, 2019, 1712 UTC »
Thanks for the postulates so far...  790 here is WNIS , i must be in the beam you can hear it on a broken radio.  I will never post dx on 790  8).  The reception was on the internal MW ferrite and telescopic retracted. I'm positive it was WWCR , the standard id clip they use. I can rule out any part 15 relay in my neighborhood - i get questions about " the wire in your yard " and when i answer you can tell by their faces they still dont understand.

 Ive never heard any of the Jones affiliates at night even .  The video and reception was mid afternoon.
Another thing i noticed was  the audio seemed crispy and not really stable , and also very high hand capacity near the telescopic up to 3 inches away not normally noticed , but makes sense -a skywave  that the telescopic is better at.  It definitely was confined to 750-760 and tunable. Mathematically near a divisor of 12160 , but maybe a coincidence

i too believe it was a strong possibility of a fault in the radio but by the time i heard the id it was nearly gone. this radio was a store sound system for a couple of years 18 hrs a day without any hiccups.
It seems though it would take an unusually strong signal for this condition, however.

General Radio Discussion / Play me some Jones
« on: November 11, 2019, 2241 UTC »
While I was taking a break from the usual post weekend home repair  :(  here at the shelter, listening to WMBG 740 in Williamsburg due to WJOI is no longer a pleasant listen because they blew the tower " rather than it fall down".
I moved the tune of the Panasonic only up a little because I noticed some spatter.  It's Jones talking about power pills you need to take on the empire and protect and purge you of the heavy metals. This radio has no shortwave capability
Wow , I didn't know he was on AM.   Then call letters WWCR.
It ran for about 5 mins and drastically increased with my hand near the telescopic.
I managed to get a cell phone vid .
I've heard shortwave come blasting through on a crystal set that lacked any ability to reject strong sigs and just blew through the magnetic fields in the coils.
But the Panasonics are high quality radios that would permit no such thing. 
When it faded a religious station came up , ( WBMD?) confirmed it was 750 kHz ish.
12160 KHZ  divided by 16 is 760
A nearby DX 380 could not hear it but I managed to put WWCR at 750 - 760ish based on the 750 religious station match and readout of the DX 380

So ..?


MW Loggings / Re: CZFM TORONTO 740 AM......
« on: November 11, 2019, 0438 UTC »
0400 UT  11 Nov      Conspiracy Show .  .Tonight's first half featured " reversals" - where they take audio clips of politicians or others and run them backwards . Some of the clips were from the " Canadian groping scandal " and when reversed , new and different words - supposedly what they really meant.

Strong local like reception on the Panasonic Rf 951

Excellent signal with nice fidelity
1500 Cannonball Adderley/ something else


MW Loggings / WEEU 830 khz 2215 UTC 9 Nov 2019
« on: November 09, 2019, 2315 UTC »
At 2215 UT , a program dedicated to Led Zeppelin .  Numerous LZ tunes and voice clips from members.
Ads for Berks county and locations in Reading Pa.
Good copy at times battling 2 others.
 Panasonic 951

Shortwave Pirate / Re: ERG Radio 6790 USB 2223 UTC 9 Nov 2019
« on: November 09, 2019, 2303 UTC »
Good signal with on!y minor fades

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