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UNID 6950.5 AM S3-S4 in NY

0033: Music
0039: Lynyrd Skynyrd "The Ballad Of Curtis Loew"
0042: Little Feat. "Willin'"
0045: The Outlaws "Riders In The Sky (Ghost)"
0051: Blackfoot "Train, Train"
0054: Another I.D. into The Charlie Daniels Band "Simple Man"
0058: Grateful Dead "Ripple"
0102: Another I.D. into The Rolling Stones "Tumbling Dice"

UNID 6930 USB S3-S4 in NY

0002: SSTV
0004: Off the air
0007: Another SSTV
0009: Off the air
0018: Another SSTV
0019: Lynyrd Skynyrd "Free Bird"
0030: SSTV
0032: Off the air

Yeah Man Radio 6925 AM S2-S3 in NY

2340: Jan Hammer "Oh, Yeah ?"
2342: Yeah Man with a Yeah Man Radio 6-9-2-5 I.D.
2343: Hank Mobley "Bouncing With Bud"
2357: Yeah Man back on the mic, said someone requested Sun Ra into Hank Mobley "Minor Disturbance"
0016: Off the air

UNID 6926 USB S1-S2 in NY

2313: Weak music
2325: SSTV
2326: Off the air

UNID 6933 USB S3-S4 in NY

2240: Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"
2245: Movie clips
2248: Off the air

Wolverine Radio 6950 USB S3-S4 in NY

0030: Bix Beiderbecke "Blue River"
0032: Frank Trumbauer "Blue River"
0142: SSTV

UNID 6925 AM S3-S4 in NY

0002: Jimi Hendrix Experience "Purple Haze"
0004: Yeah Man on the mic into The Kinks "Till The End Of The Day"
0007: The Byrds "All I Really Want To Do"
0009: Yeah Man with a shout out to HFU posters including Brian D. ;)

Worldwide Basement Radio 6865 USB S5-S6 in NY

2355: Aldo Nova "Fantasy"
2356: Simple Minds "All The Things She Said"
0001: Lisa Loeb "Stay (I Missed You)"
0006: Manfred Mann's Earth Band "For You"
0015: Mike + The Mechanics "Silent Running"
0021: Thompson Twins "Hold Me Now"
0025: OM talking and gave Worldwide ? Radio I.D. (missed middle word) into Three Dog Night "Out In The Country"
0028: Another I.D., just can't make out the middle word into Lionel Richie "All Night Long (All Night)"
0033: Worldwide Basement Radio I.D. (Got it 100% that time) into Prince "Controversy"
0037: The Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm" (great track)
0040: OM with a WWBR World Wide Basement Radio I.D. into Huey Lewis & The News "Jacob's Ladder"

Radio Free Whatever 4185 USB S5-S6 in NY

2318: Teddy Augusta "Cali"
2319: Hymne Sovietique
2321: DJ Dickweed on the mic with an I.D. Has been busy working
2322: Two People "Dream Steppin'"

Cannabis 41 KNBS Relay 6925 USB S3-S4 in NY

2231: KNBS I.D. and talk about decriminalizing marihuana
2238: The Move "I Can Hear The Grass Grow"
2241: Cannabis 41 KNBS I.D. into Supertramp "The Logical Song"
2248: The Tubes "Mr. Hate"
2257: Another I.D. and mission statement, Battle Creek,MI mail drop given
2259:This is KNBS Shortwave several times
2300: Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer"
2307: Saga "On The Loose"

Radio 48 6925 USB S3-S4 in NY

2047: Randy Travis "It's Just A Matter Of Time"
2051: The Kinks "Around The Dial"
2055: Rush "The Spirit Of Radio"
2101: Steelheart "I'll Never Let You Go"
2106: Randy Travis "King Of The Road"
2111: Jimi Hendrix "All Along The Watchtower"
2116: Rush "The Spirit Of Radio" (again)

UNID 6930 USB S3-S4 in NY

2233: Some portion of a song on a loop ? Part of it says “Let’s Get It On”
2238: Imagine Dragons “Thunder”
2242: OM talking into Nine Inch Nails “Closer”
2245: Several Sycko Radio I.D.’s over the song
2248: White Zombie “Astrocreep”
2250: Several I.D.’s over the song
2252: Sycko announcing Metallica “Seek & Destroy” (Love the Metallica brother, how about “Master Of Puppets” ?)
2300: Sycko playing Metallica “Master Of Puppets” for PirateSWL (thanks brother)

Video clip of broadcast (sorry for static): https://youtu.be/rQz3pUvgyow

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6950.7 AM S5-S7 in NY

0048: War “Cisco Kid”
0051: Your Listening To Captain Morgan Shortwave I.D. into The Fray “Mahna Mahna”
0053: Carl Douglas “Kung Fu Fighting”

Radio 48 5056 from 6930 USB S5-S6 in NY

0104: Distorted transmission saying Merry Christmas ?
0111: James Gang “Funk #49”
0115: The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”
0116: OM talking over the song but couldn’t make out what was being said ?
0117: OM with Radio ? I.D. several times but just couldn’t pull it out into “I Shot The Sheriff”
0119: Clear Radio 48 I.D. over the song (got
it that time)
0124: Ohio Players “Fire”
0127: Off the air

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