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Billy Bob Radio 6955 USB S2-S3 in NY

2349: SKit ? OM chasing a pig with it squealing ? Hard to make out
2355: The Hicks ft. Uncle Bob Hicks & Billy Bob Hicks "Spoont Toony"
2356: Billy Bob Radio I.D. by OM into The Hicks ft. Uncle Bobs Hicks & BillyBob Hicks "The Fuck & Suck Song"
0000: Another I.D. into Hank Williams & Hank Williams Jr. "If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Dixie"
0006: Hank Williams & Hank Williams Jr. "A Country Boy Can Survive"
0008: David Allan Coe "If That Ain't Country"
0019: Bottleneck "Dirt Road Soldier"
0021: Off the air

UNID 6925 USB S5 in NY

2345: Video game sound effect of shooting ? Possibly in regard to the 6872 AM broadcast
2351: Chicago "25 Or 6 To 4" with shooting sound effects in the background
0001: The Blues Brothers "Sweet Home Chicago" with shooting sound effects in the background
0009: Frank Sinatra "Monologue (Live At The Sands Hotel & Casino)" with shooting sound effects in the background
0011: Frank Sinatra "My Kind Of Town"
0013: Off the air

WDDR 6960 USB S2-S5 in NY

0122: The B-52’s “Channel Z”
0137: James Taylor “Mexico”

UNID 6930 USB S2-S3 in NY

0203: OM talking
0204: Polvo "Dream Residue/Work
0209: OM talking but hard to make out what he is saying, may have said KNOR ? or VOR ? or maybe I am hearing things

UNID 6940 USB S3-S4 in NY

0200: Rock song and as soon as I tried to shazam it the station went off the air
0205: Back on with a guitar riff

80's Forever Radio 6935 USB S5 in NY

0145: Simple Minds "East At Easter"
0146: Soft Cell "Forever The Same"
0151: 80's Forever Radio - Next Stop 1988 ! into Beatnik Beatch "Harlem"
0155: The Fixx "Cameras In Paris"
0158: Fun Boy Three "The Tunnel Of Love"
0201: Another I.D. into Chemistry Set "Beneath The Plow"
0209: The The "August & September"
0211: The Cult "Spirit Walker"
0215: Heroes Del Silencio "La Carta"
0218: 80's Forever Radio I.D. into The Holidaymakers "Cincinnati"

Big thanks to WPBR (Black Panther Radio) for the relay of WBLZ (W-BALLZ) and the nice eQSL from the broadcast this morning (7/4)

QSLs Received / Black Panther Radio eQSL
« on: July 04, 2020, 1541 UTC »
Received a nice eQSL from last nights July 4th broadcast. Thanks BPR !

UNID 6925 USB S3-S6 in NY

0214: On the air with instrumental music that sounds like it’s from Jurassic Park

Radio Nova 6935 USB S1-S5 in NY

0145: OM talking about fireworks and mentioning their colors
0150: Art Kassell Orchestra “Yah-ta-ta, Yah-ta-ta”
0153: OM “We Will Accept Nothing Less The Full Victory” then talks off Allied Forces
0155: Charlie Spivak And His Orchestra “Serenade In Blue” (Peaking S5 now)
0203: CW I.D., then voice Radio Nova I.D. into SSTV
0205: Off the air (thanks for the 2nd show)

Addiction Radio Relay via Mix Radio International 6880 USB S7-S9 in NY

0050: Music (shazam isn’t hitting on the dances song)

Black Power Radio 6930 USB S3-S4 in NY

0036: Nina Simone “Mississippi Goddam”
0145: Black Panther Radio I.D. into SSTV
0150: Off the air

Slap Yo Bitch Radio 6925 USB S3-S6 in NY with terrible UTE on frequency as well

0052: OM talking then music
0056: OM talking again but can’t make out what he is saying into YoungBoy Never Broke Again “Make No Sense”
0102: 2 Chainz Feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo “Good Drank”
0104: Drake “Nonstop”
0109: Rich Homie Quan “Probation”
0113: Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert “Bad And Boujee”
0118: OM with I.D. Mastro ? Radio ?
0123: Slap Yo Bitch Radio I.D. (Got it that time) into Lil Baby & 42 Dugg “We Paid”
0127: Future ft. Drake “Life Is Good”

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/i-Bg2aYWHCM

UNID 6950 USB S2-S3 in NY

0212: Weak instrumental guitar music
0214: Off the air

III % 6925 USB S3-S6 in NY

0041: Tool “Culling Voices”
0050: OM talking, said something about Pirate F.B.I. ? then mentioned Barack Obama.
0052: OM talking about Trump and Biden
0054: OM mentioned the NSA
0057: UTE Killing the frequency unfortunately

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