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S3 -s4 with the background noise.

0040 - telephone Brad  caller unhappy with customer service

0045 - The Ghost of Tom Joad - Rage Against The Machine

0049 - ID (yl) "69-30 WJD"

0050 -  Another unsatisfied Women wanting her money back..

Thanks for the Show

I also have the FM on so I can stream as well  Here is the link

Nothing here at all..  I'm listening to the show via Stream..  Thanks for the show Comrades..

It was raining when I went on the air..   A few Strategically placed lightning bolts took us right off the air...   Going to try 6965 next time... Going back to 6150 Khz on Sundays..   Make that 6930 Khz

Nothing Here

S7 to S9  with some static  

0125 UTC "Wolverine Radio"
0125 UTC Rascals "People Got To Be Free"
0140 UTC Traffic   "Freedom Rider"      down to an S3
0143 UTC Edgar Winter Group  "Free Ride"

Strong S7 into our Clandestine location....   Greetings Comrades Enjoying your broadcast. Thanks for the show

Kids, Sweater Weather, Midnight City, Pumped Up Kicks    Nice...

Comrades,  May I request some Tame Impala

Thank You Comrades,   Solid S9   Great show tonight.

Still have a good copy but down to S7   with Joy Division

Comrade Dick Weed..    Been listening for an hour..  A solid signal S5 to S9  received at our clandestine location

Thanks for the show.


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